How to Fold a Dress Shirt for Travel (Without Wrinkling It)

how to fold clothes for travel without wrinkles

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Traveling takes a lot of organization and prior planning, and there is usually a long list of logistics that you need to figure out when taking a trip. There are some aspects of travel that will always be stressful, but packing your clothes do not need to be one of them. knowing how to fold a dress shirt for travel can save you a lot of time and energy, that you can put towards another more urgent matter related to your travels.

Why Packing Methods Matter

While it may seem like the easiest solution to just throw all of your clothes into a big duffel bag and call it a day, the way you pack your clothes can actually influence your mood once you reach your destination.

If you don’t know how to fold a dress shirt for travel, then you are likely to find yourself facing a stressful situation when you reach your hotel and find that you need to iron your outfit for a specific event.

Talk about a way to ruin a relaxing vacation.

How to Fold Clothes for Travel Without Wrinkles

The best way to go about packing for travel is to take the extra time to load your luggage in a way that your clothes will not be wrinkled once you arrive to your destination. That means learning to fold your clothes properly.

Different clothes require different types of folding in order to ensure that they do not become wrinkly within your luggage, as you travel. Besides folding, there are a few other important tips to follow for keeping your packed clothes wrinkle-free.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Don’t Overpack: the fastest way to wrinkle your clothes when you travel is to try and stuff your luggage so full that you need to sit on your suitcase to zip it. Think about what you actually need, and protect your clothes against wrinkles by lightening up.
  • Use Plastic: there are many plastic bag type products that you can find which are made for the sole purpose of storing clothes. These bags can work wonders when it comes to traveling without wrinkling your clothes. Fold your clothes and put just a few items in each plastic storage bag.
  • Try Rolling Things: there are some types of clothing that will stay unwrinkled if you roll them to pack rather than folding them. This can also create more space in your luggage.
  • Strategic Layout: after you’ve folded everything (and hopefully put in plastic storage bags), put your empty suitcase in front of you, look at what needs to go in, and plan how you can best fit it all. Don’t just pile everything in on top of each other.

These small tips can save you a headache while preparing your luggage for travel.

The Dress Shirt

One of the hardest pieces of clothing to fold to avoid wrinkling, the dress shirt is also one of the most annoying things to iron! So listen closely to see how you can pack your dress shirt so that you won’t need to iron it upon your arrival.

Take a deep breath and perform these steps:

  1. Button your dress shirt all the way up and put it on a flat surface, the front of shirt facing down.
  2. Fold each sleeve to the middle of the back, diagonally, so that cuffs meet.
  3. Fold side seams over sleeves to the middle of the shirt, shoulders will meet under the collar.
  4. Fold in half, from the bottom up, bringing bottom edge right under the collar.
  5. Flip it over and it’s ready to be packed.

There you go, the quick process that will save you an extra ironing job.

How to Fold Dress Pants for Travel

Folding your dress pants do not have to be a task that causes you extra stress if you just know a simple, yet effective way of doing so.

Follow this easy method for dress pants that make it to your destination without wrinkles, and ready to wear:

  1. Lay your dress pants out on a flat surface in front of you. Front of dress pants should be facing up, with pant legs open.
  2. Rub out any creases or wrinkles in the pants.
  3. Fold one leg on top of the other, at the seam where the fly zipper is. Zipper should be hidden in between pant legs.
  4. Smooth out pants again.
  5. From the bottom, fold pants up about a third of the way.
  6. Fold again, so the first crease meets waist of the pants, and creates a square-like package.
  7. Smooth out one more time and put in the plastic storage bag, or in a designated place in luggage.

When you use these easy steps and fold your dress pants in thirds, they will not be wrinkled and will look as good as new when you take them out of your luggage to put on.

How to Fold a Suit for Travel

Packing a suit can feel really intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before, or never managed to do it without causing wrinkles. Just like anything, however, when done with a specific process, you will be able to produce the results you want, which are wrinkle-free ones.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Start with the suit jacket, lying on a flat surface, front side facing down.
  2. Fold one shoulder and arm sleeve diagonally back.
  3. Fold whole other side, over first arm sleeve, so that you can see the inside of the jacket, and edges meet.
  4. Fold suit in half, by putting bottom half under top half.
  5. Fold your pants in half at the seam, and lay them out horizontally in front of you.
  6. Put folded suit jacket in the middle of pants.
  7. Fold the bottom half of pants over the jacket, then top half over that, like you wrapped a present.
  8. Now your suit is ready to be packed.

Another basic sequence that will protect against wrinkling even during long travels.

Final Thoughts

Packing is somewhat of an art, but it’s one that anyone can learn just by following simple steps and practicing a little patience.


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