How To Get Rid Of Decalcification Spots On Teeth (Clean White Teeth With Ease!)

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Do you have those white spots on your teeth? They are very much likely the product of decalcification. Now, how to get rid of decalcification spots on teeth for good? Keep reading this article and find out.

Decalcification spots are one of the most annoying things that could happen to your smile. It is not good to feel self-conscious every time you smile or open your mouth.

Before you can start a treatment or anything to get rid of those spots, it is best to know what it may be causing, so you do not develop them again.

Of course, the only way to know for sure is to consult with your dentist, but this is to help you fasten the process. It is important to keep in mind that there is a difference between treating the symptom and treating the disease.

In the first case, you can get rid of the aesthetical aspect that is bothering you but only with the second one that you will make sure that you will never have the problem again. Just be sure to keep in mind that learning how to get rid of decalcification spots on teeth warrant a lot of patience and care.


The most common reasons for decalcification or white spots on your teeth is the byproduct of the lack of minerals on your teeth structure.

So, the best and most efficient way to treat it is by utilizing remineralization methods to recover the deep structures of your teeth, so you can finally get your beautiful smile back. Below are a few ways to treat the decalcification that will solve the problem for good.

Oils and Natural liquids

This is a practice that is sort of going viral recently, but it dates back to centuries ago. The advantage of using naturally extracted oils is that they give you a more natural look than most of the chemical-based products that promise to repair the tooth decay.

So, the best way to do this method of treatment is with coconut oil. I’m sure you have heard of coconut oil a dozen times. At some point, it starts to sound far-fetched that one simple and cheap product can do so much, but it is a complete truth.

So, what you do is mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil with warm water and a tea of your choosing. Then, you swill it around the mouth for around 10 to 20 minutes.

This will give enough time for the coconut oil to act in the deepest parts of your teeth structure to revitalize it. A caution though is to not wait for a miracle. The coconut oil will take some time to make a visible effect.

Green Tea

This is another great natural solution to the decalcification problem. The green tea is great for many things, not just that. When it comes to decalcification spots, it is one of the most efficient methods. That is so because the green tea contains lots of minerals, which it is why you are having decalcification spots on your teeth.

So, you begin by preparing a cup of tea for you. Then, you wait until the tea is cool enough to put it in your mouth but still warm. Now, it is time to swill it around your mouth as if you were rinsing it with green tea. Do that for one minute with each gulp then spit it out in the sink. Keep repeating until the cup is empty.

This method will mineralize your teeth faster and improve the overall health of your teeth and mouth. If you do like it, start drinking green tea as well. It is great for your health.

Mineral up Your Diet

Nothing will work if you continue to have bad eating habits. A great way to start fixing that is to eat mineral rich foods. They contain the necessary amount of minerals to help revitalize the deep structures of your teeth, giving back their health. So, start with simple foods that you already like. This is the best way to establish a habit.

You can eat fish and coconut oil, raw dairy product; meat, fish and eggs, and other types of foods. Just keep in mind that if you consume these foods with discipline, you are going to be able to get rid of decalcification spots on your teeth and also prevent them from showing up again.

Re-mineralizing Toothpaste

What you want is a solution that will make your teeth stronger, healthier and rebuild the enamel of your tooth. You can do all that without synthetic products.

The enamel of your teeth, when used up, creates those white spots. To renovate them and improve your tooth health, the best way is to use toothpaste that fastens the re-mineralizing process.

To make your own toothpaste you are going to need 3 tbsp of Xylitol, 5 tbsp of calcium powder, 2 tbsp of baking soda and 1 tbsp of Diatomaceous Earth. Then, you mix all that in a recipient. As you do that, add coconut oil and mint oil to add flavor and a more pleasant taste. When you are finished, store it in a jar.

Avoid Phytic Acid Foods

Now, we left precaution for last. It does not matter how many treatments you undertake and what habits you start to have if you do not get rid of the foods that facilitate your tooth decay.

One thing is important to point out is that you do not have to get rid of these foods forever. A little phytic acid is good for your health, but it is important to reduce their consumption while you are having this problem.

A few of the foods that contain phytic acid are rapeseed, sunflower seed kernels, seeds of soybeans, beans and a few legumes.

Final Thoughts

It is important to choose the best treatment for you and stick with it. If you try something just for a few days and stop altogether, it will be for nothing.

Tooth decalcification can be treated but the same way that the white spots did not show up in just one day, they will not disappear immediately.


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