How To Get Rid Of Moobs In a Week (With These 4 Steps)

As a man (or any person for that matter), it’s important to take care of your body and health as regularly as you possibly can. All men of different ages are subject to certain types of ailments and diseases, and one such imperfection is that of man boobs (also referred to as moobs). Man boobs can afflict a man of any age, and if you have or know someone who struggles with this, we’re going to teach you in this guide how to get rid of moobs in a week.

The technical term for moobs is gynecomastia, and it’s something that affects more than 200,000 men each and every year. However, are you aware of how to know if you have gynecomastia?

If you notice that your breast/chest area shows signs of swelling and becomes very tender to the touch, you likely have gynecomastia. It’s a very inconvenient and sometimes painful condition, and we’re going to be showing you 4 ways to get rid of it within a week.

1. Get rid of the junk food

Even though we all know it’s bad for us, it can often times be so incredibly difficult to resist stopping by the local McDonald’s or Wendy’s for a quick bite to eat. Munching on a warm burger and fries after a long day at work can be extremely relaxing and calming, but taking in a lot of junk food over the years can have a detrimental effect on your health — more specifically, it can be a large culprit in the production of man boobs.

We see lots of guys asking how to get rid of moobs without weights, and while you certainly should implement a bit of physical activity without your lifestyle if you want to to really tackle your gynecomastia problem head-on, limiting the amount of junk food you eat is a great place to start.

As you know, fast/junk food is loaded with a ton more calories than what you’ll find in natural and whole foods. These extra calories add up over the years, and having an excess amount of them causes for obesity and gynecomastia — often at the same time.

Instead of being a regular at McDonald’s, try adding healthier foods to your diet — such as fish, red meats, vegetables and fruits. Plus, along with limiting how often you visit your favorite fast food restaurant, also limit how much soda, alcohol, and beer you consume.

2. Start eating lots and lots of eggs

Gynecomastia is caused due to a lack of testosterone (male hormones) and/or an increase of estrogen (female hormones) in men. Balancing out your hormones is one of the most effective ways to get rid of your moobs problem once and for all, and one way to ramp up the amount of testosterone in your body is by eating eggs.

how to tighten chest for men

Recent studies have shown that eggs are a fantastic tool for producing more natural testosterone in your body, and although testosterone is technically made up out of cholesterol, these studies have also shown that the cholesterol that is made from eggs is a dietary form of cholesterol and doesn’t increase bad LDL that you don’t want to have in your body.

3. Hit the gym!

If you’re willing to lift some weights and really want to know how to tighten your chest for men, going to the gym and working out there is a great place to break a sweat and start growing muscle mass throughout your body.

While you could just hit up your local gym and start doing your regular old routine you’ve been doing for years now, the best way to get the results that you want is by following a weight training program.

The type of program that you follow will vary quite a bit depending on which gym you’re going to and which exact program you’re working with, but scientific tests and studies have proven that testosterone is released throughout the body while lifting weights between 3-4 sets with each set consisting of 6 to 12 reps.

You can choose to lift weights in a number of different ways to train and workout different areas of your body, but if you want to tackle moobs at their core, training your upper back will help create for a straighter posture and reduce the likeliness of man boobs occurring.

4. There’s always time for a little mo’ cardio

Cardio (more properly referred to as cardiovascular exercise) consists of running, biking, jogging, etc. These sort of activities are a very different way to exercise than by lifting weights, but they’re just as important to incorporate into your life.

If you can find between 30 and 60 minutes every single day to incorporate some cardiovascular exercise into your workout routine, you’ll not only increase your overall fitness levels, but you’ll also help reduce the possibility for chest fat to exist within your body.

Cardio is all about keeping your body moving for prolonged periods of time, and there are multiple ways to approach cardio workouts that make it very approachable even for newcomers. Running or jogging is definitely the most common and popular form of cardio, but if you prefer riding a bike, walking on a treadmill, or using the elliptical machine, these are all really great ways of burning fat as well.

Additionally, don’t feel that you have to start out by running miles upon miles in one single setting. It’s great if you can eventually work your way up to running multiple miles at a time, but there’s no shame is starting out by only walking a mile or so. While you definitely want to push your body, you never want to put yourself in danger either.

This can be a somewhat difficult tightrope to walk on at times, but you should become familiar with it after a few workout sessions as you learn what your body is and isn’t physically capable of.

Final Thoughts

Man boobs are not a fun condition to live with, but by closely following all of the tips provided in this guide, it’s very possible to learn how to get rid of moobs in a week. The amount of time that it takes for your moobs to completely disappear will differ depending on your body and how serious your personal gynecomastia case is, but with enough practice and discipline, you should start noticing results in no time at all.

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