How to Get Rid of Protein Farts (Act fast. Don’t pass gas.)

how to stop protein farts

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Midday, hours after your morning protein shake, your gut starts rumbling. You get up from the office chair, and head for the bathroom.

You select a stall, filled with an intestinal storm, and try to work things out. As you return to work at your desk, you are visited by a co-worker who has a question for you.

No problem. As you lean in helpfully, you appear relaxed, but a toxic brew is let out again.

The secret shame egging on your discomfort has a name. Protein farts. They leave you running to the bathroom in hopes this will be the last, conspicuous visit.

All the time, you squeeze and squeeze. But, there is no stopping the pressure which is knocking at the door. Can the professional and public embarrassment of noxious protein farts be avoided?

Protein farts seem like an ordinary fact of life for the protein enthusiast—but they do not have to be. Bodybuilders and men everywhere who want an uninterrupted workout or day at the office may not be sure how to get rid of protein farts.

Here, there are a couple of simple, cardinal rules for avoiding a gas attack.

Protein Farts Explained

Particularly pungent protein farts form from high protein consumption and low water or fiber intake. As you supplement protein, your body struggles to digest it and can only slowly break it down.

As protein breaks down in normal digestion, nitrogen is secreted. More protein means more nitrogen. More nitrogen means more internal pressure. More pressure means a greater need to let one go.

Protein also builds up over the course of your new protein regimen, clogging your colon and digestive tract. As time passes, the protein grows bacterial cultures that turn rancid as they sit inside and age.

You may have tried many ways to rid yourself of terrible protein farts. In this list, we cover some easy remedies to get rid of protein farts while still getting that protein-based power.

Your Options: How to Get Rid of Protein Farts

Now that you know the science behind the foul plague of protein farts, you will see why Stubble Patrol has chosen these 8 steps for how to get rid of protein farts. Try them one at a time or all at once.

Change Protein Powders

The first method is to cut the problem at the source. Check if your protein supplement is isolated or concentrate. Know that protein concentrate contains more lactose.

Lactose is a common ingredient that many bowels will not tolerate. Switching to isolate protein may help the problem because it contains less lactose, and you may be having protein farts because you are lactose-intolerant.

Drink Protein Slowly

The second method for banishing protein farts has to do with the air you are ingesting. When you chug, you often ingest excess air which your body turns into room-clearing nitrogen. Rather than downing your workout shake, take your time.

Moderate Protein Intake

Let us not go overboard with a high protein intake all at once. If you are trying to stack on muscle by consuming massive protein for your current body weight, start at a lower gram count. Allow your body to adjust to digesting new, high protein levels. You may find that your gut stops punishing you with painful gas.

Increase Water Intake

An extra glass of water will not solve anything. Only by purposefully consuming more water than you think you need will you clear your clogged colon and digestive tract.

Try adding liters of water to your diet and making sure you are hydrated before you take in more protein mixes, bars, or supplements. If you are not getting enough water, your body may be struggling to keep up with your protein needs.

Boost Fiber Intake

While you are thinking about helping your digestion, add a regular dose of fiber-rich cereal, cottage cheese, or vegetables. High-fiber foods could assist a water increase in clearing out a colon backed-up with protein. Once your colon is clear of blockages, the sheer stink of your protein farts will subside.

Add Probiotics

Adding a gut-friendly form of bacteria that maintain your overall health could limit the effects of rank-making bacteria. Unfriendly bacteria feeding on your protein intake will have to battle for dominance with probiotics like yogurt, kefir, and supplements. As you fill yourself with helpful bacteria, gas-inducing bacteria will struggle to ruin your workout.

Introduce Garlic and Ginger

Spicing things up with savory garlic and crisp ginger can help rid you of chronic bloating and lethal flatulence. Both garlic and ginger will naturally ease your digestive process. Working more efficiently and quickly, digestion is less likely to produce excess gas.

Reduce Carbs

Complex carbohydrates like beans, cheese, and onions should be avoided if you have a high protein intake because they are affected by blockages in the gut. As protein hinders your bowels, carbohydrates begin to grow nasty bacteria that fester before it is released.

Too many carbs and too little water, fiber, and probiotics can make matters much worse and more prone to reeking gas.

Final Thoughts

If you have sour protein farts, do not live under the threat of a pressing need to let yourself go. Do not surrender yourself to the workout-killing embarrassment of bad gas. Do not become a victim of your blocked digestive system. Your problem of protein farts can be helped with a little water, fiber, and probiotics.

If those do not return your colon back to high efficiency, try switching to an isolated protein, reducing your carbohydrate intake, and introducing gas-busting garlic or ginger. Whether you are looking for relief or know someone that does, there is a solution on this list for you.


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