How to Make your Beard Soft and Straight

how to make your beard softer

So you have a problem: your girlfriend or wife loves the way your beard looks but shies away from you when you go in for the morning kiss. She complains about the roughness of the beard and how prickly it can be. She does not want you to get rid of the beard, but at the same time, a good night kiss that doesn't make her feel like she's sleeping with a porcupine would be nice. What to do?

Women love men with beards. Studies have shown that women equate bearded men with virility, strength and masculinity. Perhaps there is something in our genetics where the grizzled, tough look of the beard reminds women of primitive man who would go out and hunt for the family provisions. But in today's, more modern world, women also look for a man who can be sensitive and caring. Luckily, beards can portray both of those images, and with a little bit of time and dedication, you can get a beard that looks tough but feels soft.

How to Make Your Beard Soft

If you’ve ever wondered how to make my beard soft, then you have probably received a complaint or two from a woman friend. Luckily, there are a number of ways to get your beard feeling soft without forsaking the manly look.

Beard Oil

Two of the most important products on the market that can help you respond to the question of how to soften your beard are beard oil and beard balm. Beard oil is a mixture of a carrier oil, usually jojoba or argon oil, and different essential oils. The carrier oils mix with the natural oils that your beard produces in order to soften the hair follicles and allow for the beard hair itself to soften. I recommend the Honest Amish beard oil that is available on Amazon.

The essential oils are added either for added vitamins to help the skin beneath your beard or for different scents or aromas. Many men aren't big on having their beard smell like a flower bouquet in which case you can find a variety of unscented beard oils as well. Beard oils mix well with natural oils your beard produces and won't leave your beard shiny, but will soften it up quite a bit.

Beard Balm

Some men prefer to use a beard balm instead of, or in addition to, beard oil. Beard balm incorporates a few more ingredients including beeswax and different types of natural butters to go along with the same types of oils used in beard oils. The beeswax is added to give more of a hold to your beard, though not like hair gel or anything like that. If you're going for the handle bar moustache or any other serious molding, you'll need a beard wax. I great beard wax/balm is offered by Honest Amish (available on Amazon).

The butters in beard balm (like shea butter or cocoa butter) help you to work the mixture throughout your beard and also offer added moisture to complement the oils. Since your face can get dry under your beard, using beard oil and/or beard balm not only helps keep your beard soft, but it can also keep your face moist and stop it from cracking and flaking. There's nothing worse than a beard speckled with “beardruff”, the beard equivalent of dandruff.

how to make your beard soft

Beard Combs and Conditioners

Another essential tool to keeping your beard soft is using a beard comb or a beard brush. Facial hair can have a mind of its own and characteristically grows in many directions. However, just like an annoying cowlick, beard hair can be trained to grow in a certain direction. A beard comb is like a regular comb but with tines or teeth that are usually farther apart than a regular hair comb. I recommend the Hunter Jack beard comb that you purchase on Amazon.

Most of the prickliness that is associated with beards comes from beard hairs that stubbornly go in all directions. Combing your beard downwards once or twice a day, and especially after putting on beard oil or beard balm is, a great way to give your beard a softer feel. If your whole beard is growing in one direction, it will give it a softer feel.

Lastly, a beard conditioner that is used while you're showering can also help take the extra roughness out of your beard. Just like hair conditioner, it will leave your beard feeling smoother and more manageable. Using beard scissors to trim your beard instead of a shaver can also help to maintain the softness of your beard since using a shaver will almost always push the hairs in the opposite direction that you're training them to grow.

Some Final Words

If you've ever wondered how to make your beard soft, take hope in the fact that with a little dedication and a few extra minutes spent in front of the bathroom mirror each morning, you can have a beard that is soft to the touch but rough in appearance. You'll be able to enjoy the admiration of your wife or girlfriend while at the same time be able to enjoy those morning kisses.


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