How to Shape Eyebrows with Tweezers

how to shape eyebrows with pencil

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If you are tired of paying a lot of money to have a stranger to shape your eyebrows for you, or you just are in a hurry and needs to get the job done quickly, relax. We are going to help you to learn how to shape eyebrows with tweezers.

The first time, using tweezers to shape your eyebrows can be a little scaring. The good news is that with a little practice you can do it yourself.

With this simple method, you can get perfectly shaped eyebrows. Think about all the money you are going to save in a year.

Tweezers are just the simplest, cheapest, most efficient way to shape your eyebrows perfectly. They do it just as well as the more expansive methods, without you needing to spend hundreds of dollars.

Now, you do need to use sharp tweezers and have some materials to help you make the process faster. You are going to need tweezers, obviously, eyebrow pencils, and a mirror. Not that complicated, right?

Tweezers shape your eyebrows to improve your features, and for that reason, it is a crucial skill to learn. Be it at home or on a trip, you may, at some point, need to know how to shape them.

Now, if you do it slowly and with a lot of patience, if it is your first time, you cannot possibly get it wrong. So, as we established that tweezers are the best way to shape your eyebrows, here are the steps you need to take.

Establish The Shape

While many tutorials on how to shape eyebrows with tweezers, many forget the amount of pre-planning that goes into it. Before you even begin you have to establish the shape you want. If you start with no direction, you are going to end nowhere. It is easy to get excited and think that you do not need to do some thinking before you begin, but it is. Pre-visualizing the shape that you so desire is the best way to not make mistakes.

Once you have a vision and a choice of what you want, it is time to get your pencil. The eyebrow pencil will help you to draw a line, shaping the form that you want.

Be careful with this one. The shape you draw with the pencil will guide through the rest of the process. So, if you get this one right, you are half-way there.

Now, if you get it wrong, well, you are not in a good direction. So, it is interesting to take a look online to decide what exact shape you want. Then draw the line from the beginning to the end of your eyebrow, and you will be ready to start plucking.

Make an Endpoint to Finish it Strong

It may sound weird that you have to decide about the end before you begin, finish but you do. Where you are going to end will influence the shape. So, you have to know where you are going to stop the plucking before you get there.

This way you direct the tweezer better. The shape you decided earlier is what is going to dictate where the endpoint will be. The end point is important because when it comes to the style, you have to finish strong to enhance your looks and features.

Once you are certain about what the end point is going to be, you can start plucking both the beginning and the end, except for the middle.

Thickness & Curves

The thickness and curves of your eyebrows will dictate its style. So, of course, they are a very important part of the whole process. This is where you have more saying about the shape you want. This is because you cannot do just any shape without taking into consideration the natural shape of your eyebrows.

So, follow the eyebrow pencil line to shape the curves and the thickness. The thickness will depend on your hair color and how thick your natural hair is. Darker hair colors go better with a fade optical illusion, while the lighter hair color goes better with thicker shapes.

The curves are determined by your natural shape and the shape you chose. The secret to getting it right is to follow the pencil line. Still, remember to respect the natural shape of your eyebrows.

Pull Properly

If you pull properly, the experience will be much better. It will also be smoother. So, to pluck the hair the right way there are a few tips to be considered.

You can use ice to let the area numb and alleviate redness. It is like when you get your ears pierced. After a few minutes plucking your eyebrows, the area can begin itching, hurting, and turning red. So, what you can do is use ice to reduce the touch sensation of your skin.

Finally, you stretch the area, so when you pluck your eyebrow the hair comes out easily, and you do not feel as much pain. If you do this, you will not feel much pain and will also avoid ingrown hair.

Do Not Forget The Arch

Do this one carefully. This is the easiest part to get it wrong, and also, the hardest one to fix it. To make a perfect arch, start plucking your hair above the pencil line. Where you are going to start plucking will depend on the shape you picked.

Once you do that, be careful to not pluck too much hair. If you do that, your eyebrow will get the wrong fade effect. When you finish, take a look in the mirror to make sure that everything is perfect. Just tide things up if needed.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the best way to shape your eyebrows with a tweezer, go get busy. Perfectly shaped eyebrows have the power to change your whole face. You are not only going to feel more empowered but also better with the rest of your looks.

Just remember to use a few tricks to avoid redness and pain while doing it and afterward. Also, do not forget to comment below and share this article on all your social media accounts.


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