How To Shave Your Back Alone (3 Ways That Truly Work)

Manscaping is one of those things that isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, but something that really does need to get accomplished every once in a while. Shaving your back, legs, chest, and more can often be time-consuming and tedious, but if you want to look and feel your best, it’s something that you simply can’t ignore. Out of all these, shaving your back is easily the most difficult. If you’re on your own, figuring out how to shave your back alone is a real problem.

Trying to reach around to your back and shave it in a manner that doesn’t look all patchy and gross is an issue that manscapers everywhere have been combating for some time now. However, as many questions as there are for this dilemma, there doesn’t seem to be a really good answer for figuring out the best way to remove back hair by yourself.

That is, of course, until today.

We’ve done our homework and research and come up with 3 tips that you can start using today in order to start shaving your back hair by yourself with no problems at all.

1. Take a step in front of the mirror

As with any part of your body, it’s important to have a clear view of your back when it comes time to shave it. This is much easier said than done, and while getting an up close and personal look at your back is certainly more challenging than something such as your chest, it’s still very possible to do so.

In order to do this, all you need is a mirror that gives you a clear and solid view of the area of your back you’re going to be shaving. The larger the mirror the better, and before you get started, make sure that you wipe it down so your view isn’t obstructed by any smudges or whatnot.

Having at least one large mirror is required, but if you can possibly get your hands on two larger mirrors, your vision will be even better. Plus, if you really need to clean up a specific section, combining this with a handheld mirror as well will give you maximum vision of your behind.

In addition to making the whole process of shaving your back much safer and more efficient, using mirrors during this will also make it much easier to determine just when you’ve actually finished shaving. This is something that can be quite difficult to determine if you don’t have a clear view of your back, and having one will make a big difference in how much time you spend fiddling with a razor back there.

2. Using a razor extender for your back

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you already own a quality razor that you use when it comes time to manscape. Even if the razor does a fantastic job at removing hair in a fast and comfortable manner, it’s still probably quite difficult to actually reach your back with it with all of the stretching and moving you need to do in order to try and remove hair back there.

One solution that a lot of guys turn to is that of a razor extender. A razor extender is a product that holds onto your razor and gives you a much longer handle so that you don’t have as much trouble reaching towards your back and shaving it.

There are a lot of different extenders to choose from, and while there are a lot of high quality options to choose from, there’s also a quite a bit of crap that you’ll need to sift through as well.

Take some time to research everything that’s on the market, see what will work best for you and the razor that you own, and make your decision from there.

3. Get a body groomer that’s designed for shaving backs

Razor extenders are great options if you’re looking to not spend a lot of cash. However, if you’ve got pockets or a wallet that’s a bit deeper and will allow you to be more adventurous with your money, try picking up and using a body groomer that’s designed specifically for use with your back.

Body Groomer

There are a lot of different products on the market that do this now, and they can make a huge difference with the way that you think about shaving your back. These back-specific body groomers often feature longer handles that are flexible for working with every area of your behind, and you’ll also find blades and other tools that will help you get the most out of your shave too.

Not all guys will like the idea of having yet another grooming tool to keep track of, but we personally feel that this is a hassle worth living with in many cases. Razor extenders are nice, but they can only go so far if you want to get as clean and close of a shave as possible.

They’ll do for a lot of guys, but if you want to take your back shaving to the next level, a grooming tool that’s made for that kind of work is absolutely worth the investment.

Will shaving back hair grow back faster?

When talking about back shaving, something that we often get asked is whether or not doing so will cause the hair to start growing back thicker. We understand the worry surrounding this dilemma, but rest assured that shaving your back will not make the hair grow back thicker.

Why does this misconception pop up so often?

When you shave your back hair, the hair that grows back does have a tendency to look and appear thicker than it did before you shaved. This is because when you shave your back hair, you’re shaving off the tips of the actual hair follicles. The ends of the hair then become blunt, and when hair starts to grow back, it gives off the appearance that it’s doing so in a thicker manner.

So, when you shave your back, don’t be afraid if it looks like the hair is now thicker than it was before. It’s really nothing more than a sight-gag, and after shaving for a few times, that longer and thicker appearance will vanish before your very eyes.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve made it to the end of the article, you hopefully won’t ever have to ask the question of “How to shave your back alone” ever again! The three tips we mentioned today are extremely easy to follow and implement into your regular grooming routine, and with a little bit of practice and patience, your back will be looking better than it ever has!


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