How To Shave Your Head With A Safety Razor (Best 2017 Guide)

Men’s hairstyles change drastically as time goes on. Frosted tips were once huge, and now they’re a thing of the past. The iconic mullet used to be the best resemblance of a work and play attitude, but those are now rarer than they’ve ever been before. However, the shaved head is one look that’s yet to go out of style — and likely won’t any time soon. If you’ve been thinking about shaving your own head, this is how to shave your head with a safety razor.

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There are a number of different razors and other grooming tools that you can use to shave your head, but for a number of reasons, we prefer using a safety/straight razor over everything else. Straight razors are affordable, functional, and just get the job done when it comes to shaving heads better than any other tool out there.


If you’re serious about cutting off your locks and rocking that clean shaven look, here’s what you need to know.

Before You Start Shaving, Cover Your Head in Priming Oil

The idea of shaving your head with a straight razor is rather exciting, but even so, you need to refrain from jumping right into things if you want to get the best results possible. Simply taking a razor to your head might get hair off of you the fastest, but you’ll end up looking like something straight out of a horror movie.

In order to avoid this, you’ll want to first lather your head with priming oil.

Also sometimes referred to as pre-shave oil, priming oil helps to protect your scalp from the blade of your razor so that you don’t have to deal with any annoying skin irritation or razor burn.


Your scalp is a fairly sensitive part of your body, and as such, any scraping of your blade directly against your scalp will create for a lot of unwanted pain and bleeding.

There are a lot of great priming oils to choose from, and once you’ve found one that fits your budget and wish list, pick it up, apply some to your head, and you’ll be ready to move on to the next step.

Pick Up a Badger Brush

Badger brushes are rather common for shaving your facial hair, but did you know that they also serve a great purpose for shaving your head?

When you use a badger badger when shaving or trimming your facial hair, it helps to create a rich, thick lather of shaving cream that preps your hair better than what you’d be able to do by just using your hands.

Badger brushes work in a very similar manner when shaving your head, so this makes it a no-brainer as to why you’ll want to pick one up if you don’t already own one of these marvelous tools.

The lather that’s created from a badger brush will allow your straight razor too effortlessly glide across your head, and it even creates for somewhat of a cushion while simultaneously lifting hairs from your head so that you can cut them off.

This is a step you’ll want to take after you’ve primed your head with priming oil, and although this might seem like overkill to some of you reading this, you can never over-protect your head when it comes to shaving your scalp.

Stand In Front of a Mirror So You Can See What You’re Doing

A safety razor for head only use is a smart move to make, but on its own it won’t do you too much good.

In order to get the absolute best shave possible, you’ll want to use your safety razor in tandem with a mirror. You probably get most of the hair off your head by blindly running a straight razor across your scalp, but a mirror thrown into the mix just makes everything ten times easier.

Plus, in addition to having a better-looking cut, a mirror will also reduce your likeliness to cut yourself during the whole shaving process.

Knowing How to Use a Safety Razor For Shaving Your Head

Once you’re properly prepared and ready to start cutting, you’ll want to think about what kind of strokes you want to perform. Some guys out there say that short strokes are the way to go, whereas others swear by longer ones.

We encourage you to play around with these different methods to see what works best for you, but in our testing, we’ve found that shorter strokes are a bit more effective in the long run.


Short stokes when shaving your scalp help to keep your cuts more consistent, and even more important than this, shorter strokes will keep the pressure of your cuts similar across the board as well.

Shorter strokes will keep the pressure of each cut closer to one another than if you’re using longer ones, and this will result in both a better-looking cut and a less-irritated head.


Take. Your. Time.


Above all else, make sure that you’re being patient and taking your time when shaving your head.

Slow and steady wins the race, and in the case of head-shaving, this is absolutely true.

You can pick up more speed as time goes on and you become more familiar with the layout and shape of your head, but for those first few times, ensure that you’re going as slow as you possibly can.


Shaving as quickly as you can right off the bat will result in a worse-looking shave and a whole collection of nicks and cuts that nobody wants to deal with.

Taking it slow will keep everything looking and feeling as good as can be, and this is a point that we cannot stress enough.



Final Thoughts


Now that you’ve made it to this part of the article, you’re fully equipped to know how to shave your head with a safety razor. A nicely shaved head is one of the most handsome things around, and if you’ve been thinking about shaving your head for some time now, going the safety razor route is one of the best moves that you can make. As long as you follow the steps listed on this guide and take your time, you shouldn’t have anything at all to worry about.


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