How To Straighten Beard Hair (Our 3 Most Effective Tips)

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Growing a long, full beard is no easy feat. While some guys might be able to pull something like this off with total and complete ease, most men often have to work at this and be dedicated to growing facial hair for some time before seeing big results.

No matter the pace at which your facial hair grows, however, every man out there should be well aware and properly informed about how to straighten their beard. An out of control and wild beard looks good on no one, and as such, you need to be serious about learning how to make your beard straight.

You might think that straightening beard hair is as simple as quickly running a comb through it, and while a comb/brush certainly has its place when it comes to the whole process of straightening your beard hair, there’s a bit more to it than just that.

Getting a straight beard isn’t rocket science, but if you really want to have the straightest and cleanest beard around, you’ll want to stick around for my top 3 tips on how to your straighten beard hair.

Tip 1 — Using A Brush As Your Primary Beard Straightener

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, using a brush or a comb is a very viable and practical option when it comes to straightening your untamed facial hair. However, you’ll need more than just the brush and brush alone. If you’d like to take this route when it comes to straightening your beard, you’ll need to have a comb that’s designed explicitly for being used on beards, any type of hair-dryer, and silicone cream.  The comb that I recommend is made by Viking Revolution (available on Amazon).

The best time to straighten your beard with a comb or brush is after you’re done showering, as the dampness from the water will make the whole process much easier and a lot more enjoyable.

With your beard hair being damp from a nice, hot, steamy shower, you’ll want to rub in a small amount of silicone cream into your hair. You want to use enough so that you can cover the entirety of your beard, but also be careful not to overdo it.

how to straighten beard hair

Once the cream is in place in your beard, you’ll want to take that brush of yours and comb it throughout your facial hair. While doing this, also make use of the hair-dryer so that you can style and groom your beard to your exact liking.

If you decide to take this approach, there are a couple other points that you’ll want to make sure you keep in mind. While you need a hair-dryer, make sure you don’t use it on the highest possible setting. Hot hair is quick to make your facial hair brittle, and this is the last thing that you want to deal with.

Furthermore, it’s also a good idea to add beard oil to this process. Any high-quality oil will do, and this will help keep your hair soft and healthy while making it look as good as possible at the same time.

Tip 2 — Pick Up Quality Chemicals To Control Your Facial Hair

If using a comb or brush for controlling your beard isn’t your thing, you might have looked into the use of chemicals at one point or another. There’s nothing wrong at all with using chemicals to help straighten your beard, but you want to be very careful about what exact chemicals you actually end up using.

Not all beard oils/creams are made equal, and while there are plenty of natural, organic solutions that are very beneficial to your beard’s health, there are tons of other products that can cause for lots of trouble the more you use them. The beard oil that I recommend is made by Honest Amish (available on Amazon).

When searching around for creams and oils for your beard that are safe to use, keep an eye out for ones that are made out of only natural ingredients. Any sort of preservatives or other harsh components often create for dry and broken hair/skin, and it essentially does nothing but harm your facial hair.

Argan oil, tea extract, aloe vera, and vitamin E are some of the most popular natural ingredients that you’ll find when searching around for oils and creams that can help with the whole straightening process of your beard, but if you’re still worried about selecting the wrong type of chemical, find a beard stylist in your area and have the work done by a professional in this field.

It might sound a bit silly at first to some people to have someone professional straighten your beard with chemicals, but this is one of the best ways to ensure that your beard stays as healthy as possible while also making it look fresh and clean.

Tip 3 — How To Straighten Beard Hair With A Proper Beard Straightener

Last but not least, you can use a beard straightener to, well, straighten your beard! I mentioned earlier that using a blow dryer with hot air isn’t something that you want to make frequent use of since it can cause your hair to turn brittle and dry, but there's a right and correct way to implement heat when it comes to beard grooming.

When I say beard straightener, I’m basically talking about a normal hair straightening iron.  I recommend the Andis Press Comb (available on Amazon).  You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a decent quality one, and while it can be easy to get the cheapest option that you find in the store, spending a few extra dollars will allow you to get a much more enjoyable experience when it comes time to actually use the thing.

You’ll want to pick up a hair dryer that’s on the smaller side of things as a regular one will definitely be far too large, and once you’ve got your hands on a straightener, the overall process is quite simple. Take the straightener to your beard, run it through, and you’ll have a perfectly straight beard! The results you get will last throughout the day, but once you hop in the shower, you’ll need to do it over again.

Final Thoughts

As you can now see, you’ve got options when it comes to knowing how to straighten beard hair. One of these methods isn’t necessarily better than the rest, and choosing the practice that’s best for you will ultimately come down to what you’re the most comfortable with. Take your time, try each one out, and go on living a life with a straighter and happier beard!

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