How to Tell if a Cashier is Flirting with You (5 Easy Signs)

how to tell if a male cashier is flirting with you
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If you’ve ever been at the grocery store in the presence of a very kind, attractive, male cashier, the thought has probably crossed your mind—is he flirting with me?

In most public settings, flirting is easy to pick out, because it involves small talk, gestures, and general kindness, but when it comes to cashiers or other people in the service industry, the equation is complicated slightly.

You probably wonder, Is he being nice to me because he likes me or because I’m the customer? How can I be sure?

It’s not easy, but there are a few telltale signs you should be able to pick up on that will indicate the motives behind his behavior. Here’s how to tell if a cashier is flirting with you. Click here to see a program on ‘understanding men’ that I recommend.

1. He Comments on Your Appearance

This one is a dead giveaway. Admittedly, most cashiers will not be this forward when trying to flirt with you, but if he says something like, “You have really nice eyes,” or, “That dress looks so good on you,” you can probably bet that he’s flirting.

If he simply tells you to have a nice day or asks you how you’re doing, he is most likely just being nice.

Most cashiers are required by their bosses to be polite and cordial towards customers, so if he simply asks “icebreaker” type questions, he might not be into you. But if he compliments your looks, you can probably safely assume that he’s flirting.

2. You catch Him Staring at You

If you suspect your cashier of flirting, a simple test can help to confirm or refute your suspicions. Try turning your gaze towards something that isn’t him for a few seconds, such as your groceries, your cart (if you’re still unloading groceries), or your purse.

Make it convincing by actually doing something productive, such as pulling your billfold out of your purse or lifting additional groceries from your cart.

Then, without warning, turn to look at the cashier. If he’s staring at you intently, or if he quickly averts his gaze, there’s a good chance he’s interested in you, especially if other signs of flirting are also present.

3. He Remembers Things About You

This one only applies if you frequent the store where he works and has run into him at the checkout counter more than once. Maybe he’s never commented on your appearance, but he’s always asking you about your life and remembers your answers the next time he sees you.

This is a sign that he’s truly listening and cares about what you have to say, and it’s probably also a sign that he’s been making an effort to get to know you and wants to impress you by showing you how good a listener he is.

If the conversations never get past the, “How are you?” phase, he’s probably not into you, but if he’s continuously building on things you’ve previously told him, there’s a decent chance he’s flirting.

4. He Treats You Differently than Other Customers

A key sign that someone is flirting with you is that his behavior towards you is different than his typical behavior. This is also a good way to ascertain which of his behaviors are obligatory cashier behaviors and which are flirting behaviors.

For instance, maybe he asks the customer in front of you how her day is going, but when you get up to the register, his face lights up and he begins trying to make you laugh.

Maybe the customer in front of you is all checked out within under a minute, but with you, he seems to stall the checkout process in the hopes of getting to speak with you longer. Examining his behaviors towards you and others and comparing them is a good way to figure out his intentions.

5. He Tries to Show Off

It could be something as simple as scanning items quickly and fluently in an attempt to demonstrate that he’s proficient at his job, or it could be something subtler like an adjustment of his tie in an attempt to act smooth.

Watch for signs that he’s showing off because one of men’s favorite ways to flirt with girls is to attempt to impress them. Even more obvious is if he prompts you to compliment him, such as by teasingly asking, “Have any of the other cashiers ever put your items in bags that quickly?”

Final Thoughts

There you go—five hints for how to know if a cashier is flirting with you. If none of these signs are there, you should probably accept the fact that he’s not into you. Don’t push it, because you might make him feel uncomfortable.

However, if he continuously shows you the hints listed above, there’s a good chance he is attempting to hit on you, and, if you’re interested, you should flirt back.

Ask him about himself, smile at him, and show excitement the next time you see him. These are all signs that he will hopefully pick up on and decide if he wants to make the next step and ask you out.

Of course, he could be completely oblivious to your hints, so don’t be afraid to make the first move—the worst that could happen is him declining your offer.

That is not to say that this list is foolproof. Every guy is different, and not all of them are completely predictable, which means that even if you pick up on the hints this article provides, there’s still a small chance he’s not interested and is simply an overly friendly guy.

Likewise, if he does not do any of the things listed, he could still potentially like you—maybe he’s just a little shy. Whatever the case may be, it can’t hurt to know how to tell if a cashier is flirting with you.

Whether or not you take the advice on this list to heart is up to you, but we can safely assure you that in the majority of cases, these criteria is an accurate determiner of whether or not he’s flirting. However, use your best judgment and trust your instincts and you should be good to go. Also, check out a program on ‘understanding men’ that I recommend by clicking here.

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