5 Top Tips : How to Trim a Beard with Scissors

In today's technologically advanced world, it sometimes seems like we've got a gadget for everything. From dishwashers to hair dryers and everything in between, us human beings hardly do anything with our own hands anymore. Self-driving cars are only a few years away, and I wouldn't even be surprised to see electric toenail clippers hit the market one day.

Despite the comforts that these gadgets bring to our lives when learning how to trim a long beard with scissors, they also take away some of the art that came with people doing things by themselves. It wasn't too long ago that a trip to the barber would include a fresh cut and shave from a barber armed with nothing but a comb, a spray bottle and a sharp pair of scissors. Men with beards would have their beard trimmed in the same way. Specialized beard trimming scissors have only surfaced over the last few decades.

With hundreds of electric razors and beard trimmers on the market today, few people go the route of learning to trim their own beards with scissors. However, men have been trimming their beards with scissors (or at least with sharp stones) since prehistoric times, and it's not that difficult of an art to master.

In this short article, we'll throw out some ideas about why you should learn to trim your own beard with scissors as well as give you some pointers about how to get the job done well without completing massacring a beard that might have taken you months to grow out. Beard trimming with scissors is not rocket science, but there are steps to follow.

Why Trim your Beard with Scissors?

Trimming your beard with scissors offers you a lot more control over your beard than does an electric shaver or beard trimmer. With electric shavers, it's easy to nick off more than what you were aiming for while scissors and a comb allow you the luxury of trimming at your own pace. In addition, electric shavers may only offer you certain lengths, trimming a beard with scissors provides more options. What happens to the man who wants his beard at 5/8 of an inch when the shaver doesn't offer than option?

Another benefit of learning how to trim a beard with scissors is that you can more easily taper off the edges of the beard so that they blend well with the clean-shaven parts of your face. With electric shavers, this can be a difficult task and the result is often a long beard that contrasts awkwardly and abruptly with the clean-shaven cheekbones or neckline.

Our Tips : How to Trim a Beard with Scissors

1. Trimming facial hair with scissors isn't a difficult task to learn. The first step in mastering how to trim your beard with scissors, and this is common sense, is to wash your beard and make sure it's completely dry. Trying to cut your beard while it is wet could cause an uneven cut. Since the majority of beards are made up of curly hairs, they can appear deceptively long when wet.

2. Once your beard is cleaned and dried, you'll need the right tools to get the job done right. A beard comb is a comb with wider teeth and less sharp points and it makes trimming your beard with scissors a lot easier. This helps the teeth of the comb get into the beard while not hurting your sensitive face skin with the sharp points of a regular comb. A pair of extra sharp barber scissors that are actual beard scissors will also be needed.

3. To prepare your beard before actually cutting it, comb all the hairs downwards in the direction they naturally fall. This will leave the beard looking nicely groomed and ordered. Then take the comb and do the opposite. Comb the beard hair upwards against its natural growth pattern. This will leave your beard looking fluffy and help you identify any extra-long hairs that stand out right away.

4. Pull the comb through the puffed out beard hair and cut the hair sticking through comb. Make sure you're cutting the same amount of hair each time by getting the same amount of hair to protrude through the comb before cutting it. While you're learning to cut your beard with scissors, it is best to cut off small amounts of hair instead of trying to do it all at once.

how to trim a beard with scissors

5. Once you've done both sides of your face, comb the beard back down to check for any outliers and to see if you're happy with the length. You can always go back and cut more hair off if you want a shorter look. To finish, wash your beard and apply some beard oil to get it shaped as you'd like it.

Windup Stubble Patrol Style - Trim Beard with Scissors Tactic

It's as simple as that: a comb, some scissors and a little bit of practice and you'll have a fantastic looking beard styled with your own hands. Once you've become proficient, you can even begin to add new styles and play with different lengths and designs.





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