Basic Beard Types and How to Trim a Long Goatee (Get Rid of the Goat Scruff Look!)

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Often times, men grow a goatee to basically improve their appearance or to simply back up for their lack of hair on the head. Goatee simply refers to having a beard short on sides and long on the chin. Whichever way, growing a long goatee is a good way of enhancing your appearance. A goatee can help to create a good look if you have a very low cut or very short hair.

However, men usually raise some questions when It comes to the growing of a long goatee that will typically fit their face shape and appearance. In this article, we will attempt to answer 2 major questions which are:

  1. How to grow a long goatee
  2. How to fade your beard

In order to better understand this concept, let us take a look at some other frequently-asked questions and attempt to answer them.

A)    How Does a Goatee Look Like?

A goatee is a beard growing on your chin. However, in the case of a goatee, the beard is allowed to grow longer to look like that of a matured goat.

B)    How Long Does It Take to Grow a Goatee?

Growing a goatee does not have any specific time duration. The rate at which your goatee develops largely depends on how quickly your facial hair grows and other factors. Some men grow a goatee faster than other men. Moreover, growing a long goatee also depends on how long you plan to keep your beard. Leaving your goatee for a very long time will definitely result in a much longer goatee.

C)     How Will I Know If a Goatee Suits Me or Not?

Keeping a long goatee does no harm. At least, you can easily shave it off if it doesn’t fit you. Yet, whether a goatee will suit you or not depends largely on the amount of hair on your head, the color of your goatee, and the shape of your face and head. A goatee can suit your friend but may not fit you. In fact, this case is very common and natural!

D)    What Considerations Are There for Goatee Grooming?

Whether you decide to keep your goatee long or short, you definitely need to properly groom and maintain it. You can use a beard groomer, electric shaver or even manually with a razor. However, you should make sure you don’t shave off too much of it as it could change the overall fitness and look of your face.

E)    What About Some Goatee Maintenance Tips?

Maintaining a long goatee is very simple. Wash and rinse off your goatee just as you do to your hair. Additionally, you can make use of shampoo and conditioner to keep your goatee clean and soft. This also helps to minimize the chances of having an itchy goatee.

How to Trim a Long Goatee in 7 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Comb it out

Set your hairs in one direction by combing. Make sure no part of the goatee is left untouched, including the mustache and bottom.

Step 2: Use Clippers for a Perfect Cut

There are several tools you can use to trim your goatee. However, if you want to get an even haircut length, make use of a clipper for the trimming. Set the clipper to the settings that suit your goatee length.

Step 3: Fade the Cheeks and Neck

In order to gate a beard short on sides and long on chin, gradually use lower clipper settings as you move towards the check and neck.

Step 4: Properly Trim the Mustache

First, comb the hairs to the side and then clip on the needed settings. Next, comb down the lip and loose the guard in order to trim other particles that hang over onto the lip.

Step 5: Detail the Trimming with Scissors

Perfect the entire trimming process with scissors. Use scissors to clean up strays in order to get a more natural finish.

Step 6: Comb and Dust the Goatee

After you are through with the trimming, comb the goatee once again and dust the remains. This will uncover some other particles that were not initially captured in the normal trimming if any.

Step 7: Apply a Beard Oil or Moisturizer

After the whole process is completed, apply beard oil or moisturizer in order to beautify the hair. Also, add some disinfectants in order to protect some areas that might have been accidentally injured during the process of trimming.

Extra Tips for Trimming a Long Goatee

  1. Trim your goatee when it is dry. This will give you a better sense of how it will look
  2. Get a good pair of hair clippers. Usually, a huge investment in the best clipper for trimming a goatee is always worth it. They are more durable and will last longer.
  3. Be sure of the guard to use. Do not make the mistake of assuming that all guards are the same. Just like clothing, everything has a measurement and dimension. Always start with the highest guard before moving to lower ones till you eventually arrive at the perfect one.
  4. Stretch the skin when trimming the underside. The neck skin can settle on each other, leaving you with an uneven cut. Hence, make sure you are grazing on a smooth, plain surface.

What Beard Style Should I Have?

Growing and maintaining beards is one of the popular fashion styles for men. Although not all men love to grow and keep beards, those who do are usually faced with the question of which beard style to choose. There are several styles to choose from when it comes to the growing of a goatee. However, the style to choose largely depends on personal choice. You need to consider your face shape before making your choice.

Everybody has a very unique and distinct face type. Hence, face factors, such as shape, length, and others must be considered before selecting your beard style. You also need to consider the shape of other parts of the head, such as the mouth, nose, jawline, and other contours.

Therefore, in order to keep things straight, we will consider the basic face shapes and the beard types that go with them. The major face shapes include the round, oval, square, short, long, and small face shape. Again, you need to understand the category your face shape falls into before going for a beard style.

Know Your Basic Face Shapes

Large or Small?

Generally, you need to choose a beard style that corresponds to your face shape when selecting a beard style. Having a large beard on a small face will likely look wrong and out of point. Small-face men should consider small detailed beards if you really want a fitting beard style.

If you are the type with a large head, then you need to consider s style somewhat different. Growing a little beard will make you look younger than in the actual sense.

Round or Square?

Men with round faces are better with a beard short on sides and long on the chin. More specifically, a beard longer at the chin and level with the chin on the sides will give a physical appearance of a longer face. One recommended style is the classic goatee.

If you have a square face, you may want to fade the beard a bit on the edges and apply the converse principle to round edge. The aim is to achieve a beard thicker on the sides and shorter at the chin.

Long Face

If you have a long face, you should consider reversing the principle explained for the round face. Crave a thick-sided beard and this will give your face a thicker appearance. If you are a type that grows hair on the check, a thicker side growth can be adopted.

Oval shape

Out of all the face shapes, an oval-shaped face is great to experiment with. If you have this type of face, then you are ready to explore as many styles as you want.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a goatee length depends largely on your face shape and other components such as the rate of hair growth in your body.  Hence, a better understanding of your face shape will give you a clue on how to trim a long


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