How To Trim a Stubble Beard

how to shave stubble without getting razor burn

The permanent five o’clock shadow look is making a comeback as more and more men are deciding to use stubble beards. Recent studies have shown that many women find men with stubble beards attractive as it highlights their masculinity.

However, beware; growing a stubble beard is not as simple as just stopping your morning shave routine for a day or two. Since facial hair won´t grow evenly across the face, you´ll need to find the right electric shaver and learn the best ways to trim a stubble beard unless you want patches of long growth mixed in with shorter growth.

In this short article we´ll take a look at the different stubble shapes that can be grown as well as leaving you our recommendations for finding the best electric shavers. We´ll also give you a tip or two on how to trim a stubble beard that will give you that mature, self-confident look that is the signature look of a bearded man.

Why Grow a Stubble Beard?

In today´s world, you can look well groomed even without the completely clean-shaven look. Stubble beards are no longer synonymous just with rugged cowboys but are also donned by everyone from office professionals, to college professors to Hollywood stars.

A stubble beard might be a good idea for you if you and your face don´t react well to regular shaving or if you´re just fed up with the blandness of the clean-shaven look. It can add character and charm that a clean-shaven face can´t do. In addition, if you´re not in a position to grow a full beard but still want some sort of texture on your face, the stubble beard is a great place to start. I recommend that you read my reviews on the top stubble trimmers by clicking here

If you don´t have the genes to grow a beard evenly and you are trying to learn how to trim your beard to stubble, don´t even think about trying for the stubble beard look. The patchy, uneven looks of people who simply can´t grow out a full beard doesn´t combine well with the stubble beard look. In addition, if you´re not dedicated enough to devote time to maintaining your stubble beard, it can easily get out of control.

How to Trim Stubble For Cool Stubble Shapes

Since stubble beards don´t have a predetermined length, you can choose if you want yours a little bit longer or little bit shorter depending on the look you´re going for. The longer, grizzled look versus the sleek and well-trimmed style and anywhere in between can be adapted to the stubble beard look.

Generally, a stubble beard between 3-5 mm is the best way to mimic that five-o´clock shadow look. The best way to get started growing your stubble beard is to let your beard grow for a day or two to get it slightly longer than what you want. For some men, that may take only a couple of hours, for others it maybe 2-3 days. Once you´ve got the hair on your face, it´s time to learn how to trim it.

How to Shave Stubble : Do Electric Shavers Leave Stubble?

Electric shavers are the best tool out there for how to trim a stubble beard. It´s important that you choose a shaver that has an adjustable length to help you get your desired look. There are razors that leave stubble, but you also may have to go over areas that grow thicker a few times in order to achieve consistency in length.

how to trim a stubble beard

For the best look that will make you look both polished but rustic at the same time, keep the beard below your cheekbones and above your Adam’s apple. Any hair that grows outside those areas should be shaved off, and an electric shaver with adjustable settings is the easiest way to get that done. In addition, if you do choose to use a shaving cream for trimming stubble, it´s best to use oil instead of a cream since it will give you better visibility and make sure you get a nice even look.

Always shave in the direction of the hair growth and be careful not to shave it too close to the skin. Many men prefer a more natural look for their stubble beards. Excessive shaping of your stubble beard can look forced and artificial while just keeping the natural growth trimmed evenly can allow for a more genuine and effortless type of look.

Stubble Patrol Makes Some Deductions

Taking care of your stubble beard will be a bit more work than having a full-grown beard, but it´s well worth the effort. Finding the right electric shaver and dedicating the time to keep the beard well kept up is the secret to having the perfect stubble beard.

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