How to Trim Nose Hair : A Complete Trimmer Guide

Nose Hair Trimming: A Complete Guide

It looks easy enough, right? Just shove that twirling, rotary blade up into your nostril and let the thing do its magic to get rid of those unsightly and embarrassing nose hairs that always pop up (or out) at the wrong moment and never go away. But the first time that blade cuts into the side of your inner nose, you will probably wish you had taken a college course in how to trim your nose hair, if there was one.

Though trimming your nose hair isn’t exactly an art, there are a few basic ins and outs that everyone should know. There is more than one way to skin a cat, and the same can be said of trimming your nose hair.

In this brief article we will give you all the information you will ever need to know about nose hair trimming. We will look at the different techniques that are available to you as well as a few basic instructions to help you avoid the bad nose haircut.

Avoid Cuts at All Cost

Nose hairs are actually part of your body’s immune system. That trap dust, bacteria and other potentially dangerous pathogens that could get you sick. Inside your nose extreme small and fine hairs called cilia that you don’t want to cut, and the longer and thicker hairs that do make their way out your nostrils.

These thicker hairs are the ones that help to traps the bigger stuff coming into your nose, and though important, there is no reason to have them visibly protruding from your nose. Inside the nose, however, the cilia are connected to a very delicate and thin skin that is easily damaged. Even a slight scratch could cause an open cut inside your nose that could then lead to infections from all the bacteria that make your way into your body through your nose.

The best way to avoid cuts is to go slow, and also to choose the right tool for your nasal grooming needs.

Choose the Right Tool

Nose Hair Scissors

If you don’t trust putting sharp, motorized, spinning blades into one of your body’s orifices, then learning how to trim nose hair with scissors is probably the best choice for you. There may be a bit of a learning curve with nose hair scissors, but they will allow you to have full control over the blade inside your nose. Never use nail scissors as they have sharper ends that cut puncture the inside of your nose.

Nose hair scissors, in comparison, have rounded ends thus limiting the chance of injury. It does take longer to trim your nose hairs and you may not be able to go as deep as with a motorized, rotary, blade, but they get the job done.

Manual Nose Hair Trimmers

There are a few manual nose hair trimmers on the market today. These don’t resemble scissors, but rather look more like a small, surgical instrument that is rounded on the end. To use these trimmers, you simply put the rounded end into your nose and clip down. The risk of cutting yourself is almost nil since the blades are encased within the circular enclosure.

Nonetheless, to trim your nose hairs with a manual trimmer, you may have to turn the trimmer to various angles to get those hard to reach hairs.

Motorized Rotary Blade Trimmers

These are the most commonly recognized trimmers out there and do a pretty good job as long as you find a make and model that comes with a decently powerful motor and sharp blades. Some of the cheaper models have blades that dull pretty quickly thus leading to a painful pulling (instead of cutting) of the nose hairs.


If this sounds painful, it is because it is. Using nose hair tweezers definitely works and you will get trim your nose hairs down to their root, but it is an extremely painful process and also leaves your body’s immune system vulnerable by taking away its first line of defense. We recommend only using tweezers for those odd angled hairs that cannot be reached by other trimming methods.

Nose Hair Waxing

Waxing may sound like something only women do for their legs and bikini areas, but believe it or not, you can also wax your nose hairs. While this method will keep your nose hair under control for longer period of time, like tweezers, it is also a pretty painful method.

Nose hair waxing is also kind of expensive and it is probably best to have it done at a professional salon. This option, then, is only for people who take their nose hair grooming very seriously.


Nose hair trimming isn’t rocket science, but you do need to consider which tool and method is best for you. After a few weeks of practice, trimming your nose hair will become just another part of the morning routine that you can do almost absent mindedly.



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