How to Trim Your Eyebrows for Men to Get the Perfect Shape

A Guide to Eyebrow Trimming

If straight and bushy does not go well with the image you are trying to portray, it might be time to learn how to trim your eyebrow hair. Most men agonize at the thought of spending too much time with a pair of tweezers in front of a mirror, but eyebrow trimming doesn’t have to be a difficult part of your grooming routine.

There are dozens of eyebrow trimmers manufactured for men who want to keep their naturally occurring uni-brow in check but who don’t want to have to go through the painfully detailed process of plucking hair by hair.

In this brief article we will give a complete tutorial on the best ways to trim eyebrows quickly and efficiently while not sacrificing on style and quality.

What is Your Goal?

Most men don’t want eyebrows that are thin and daintily arched. Rather, eyebrow trimming for men focuses mostly on simply taking some of the weight out of the brow in order to better accentuate parts of your face.

Though some men may consider trimming eyebrows to be “metrosexual” or feminine, the right type of eyebrow trim can actually highlight more masculine facial features thus heightening the macho look you crave. Bushy isn’t always virile.

How to Begin

Start with a quick comb. Eyebrow hair tends to grow in different directions and the individual hairs often grow at disparate lengths. Many eyebrow, nose hair and ear hair trimmers come with an accessory comb made especially for combing eyebrows. If you don’t have one, an old toothbrush works fine as well.

Brush the hairs all in the same direction so you can see just how long the eyebrow hairs actually are (you may be surprised). Then, brush them upwards and use a pair of scissors with a short blade to cut off a little at a time. Mustache scissors work great for this. Just like a barber cutting your hair, try to take off as little as you can each time and rework your eyebrows to see how they look until you get the desired length.

What to Do with the Uni-brow?

If you have a healthy dose of hair growing right in the middle of your eyes, you will need to invest in a quality eyebrow trimmer to keep the hair at bay. Depending on how fast your eyebrow hair grows, you may need to trim this area up at least once a week.

If you only have a couple of stragglers making up the uni-brow, you can borrow a pair of tweezers and ask a female friend to show you how to pluck them. It will be painful, but the good news is that it will be a while before they grow back.

Time to Style

Like we mentioned earlier, most men won’t have to worry about excessive styling with pretty arches and pointed ends to our eyebrows. Nonetheless, once you got your eyebrows down to a manageable length and gotten rid of the uni-brow, it may be a good idea to use a battery powered eyebrow trimmer to tidy up any areas that seem to be out of place.

Eyebrow hair has a mind of its own, and once you’ve cut them down, you may find a thick patch of hair growing separate from the main part of the brow line. These stray hairs can be removed completely, however don’t get too excited as it’s a good idea to leave the strays that are closest to the actual brow line. This will ensure that you maintain that natural, semi-thick masculine arch.

What to do with Excessively Thick Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are thicker than they are tall, then you probably look like Bert from the old Sesame Street children’s show. The only way to correct this is to do some serious trimming. The trick is to trim enough of your eyebrow hair to form a natural arch that still maintains a masculine amount of thickness. Too much and you might end up looking like a makeup model.

Begin by trimming on the bottom part of the brow line and aim to cut off a millimeter or two. Whatever you trim off on the bottom side, try to trim the same amount on the top. To obtain a natural looking arch, you will need to trim a little more in the middle part of the bottom brow line.

The verdict:

With a little bit of practice, getting your eyebrows styled can be done quickly and efficiently. You will learn to identify which hairs grow more quickly than others and how to maintain a natural looking arch. Learning the ins and outs of how to trim eyebrow hair will help you maintain the balance between a well-groomed yet masculine looking appearance.



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