How To Use An Electric Razor On Legs (Guide for Guys)

As guys, we have a lot of hair to manage and take care of. Between head hair, facial hair, leg hair, back hair, chest hair, pubic hair, etc. - it seems to never end! There’s a general understanding of how to handle most hair on our bodies, but when it comes to leg hair, there seems to be a bit of a grey area. Take a glance online, and guys are wondering how to use an electric razor on legs, how to use a dry one, and if they should even shave at all.

It’s time to talk.

Leg hair is one of those things that’s simply unavoidable if you’re a man. Even if you don’t have a ton of it, chances are there’s still enough there that you may want to consider doing something about it.

Even the mere thought of shaving leg hair causes some guys to get mentally checked out, but this is a conversation worth having.

So, with that said, let’s dive right into it.

What Most Guys Are Doing When It Comes To Leg Hair


If you’re considering shaving your legs or ever have in the past, you’ve also probably wondered whether or not your thoughts lined up with what’s going on through other guys’ minds.

The fine folks over at Men’s Health polled a few hundred men on Facebook, posing the question of whether or not their readers and fans shaved their legs.


299 people (51.6%) voted for, “That’s weird. I would never touch my leg hair.”, 192 people (33.1%) voted for, “I don’t shave clean, but I do use a trimmer to cut it down.”, while the remaining 89 people (15.3%) voted for, “It’s not weird. I shave my legs frequently.”.

So, just where does that put us?

Although these results are far from conclusive, it does give some decent insight into what other guys are doing. Most men still seem to be under the impression that shaving or even trimming leg hair is out of the question, but a fair amount of guys do report to at least perform some sort of leg hair maintenance so that it doesn’t get too out of control.

It’s not all that surprising that the people who voted for completely shaving their legs was the lowest-polling answer, but we are surprised that the numbers were as high as they were for this option.

Although you do technically fall into the minority of guys if you shave or trim your hair (at least according to this one poll), this is not a bad thing by any means. Leg hair maintenance is still a fairly new idea in the men’s grooming world, and as time goes on, we expect that more and more guys will adopt some form of shaving or trimming for their own leg hair.


The Argument For Electric Razors Over Manual Ones


Should you be of the mindset that you’d like to keep your leg hair under control, you’ll need the proper tools to make this happen. You’ve probably thought about picking up a manual razor like the one your wife probably has, but here’s why you should consider picking up an electric one.

Although manual shavers do provide for a closer shave, an electric option is more convenient and helps to avoid potential nicks and cuts that are very easy to come across when using a manual shaver for cleaning up those legs of yours.

You can purchase an all-new electric razor for the purpose of working on your legs, but if you already have a well-equipped body groomer, feel free to use that as well.

Dry Shaving Legs With an Electric Razor

If you have a waterproof electric razor, you can choose to shave either wet or dry. Some people think that shaving wet is the only way to go, but this is not the case. The only real difference between dry shaving and wet shaving is that you can shave in the shower for some added cleanup convenience, but this is honestly about all that separates the two.


No matter if you choose to shave wet or dry, you’ll need to make sure that your legs are properly prepared so that you don’t irritate or damage your skin.

In order to get your legs prepped, you’ll want to mix warm water and a gentle soap together and then wash your legs with it. Rinse your legs off once you’ve done this for a couple minutes, and then dry off.


From here, you can start shaving!

Take your shaver and work with it in an upward motion moving from the ankle and up to the thigh. You’ll want to use circular movements, and feel free to go back over any parts of your leg that need another pass.

After getting the desired hair off of your legs, either rinse your skin off again or simply wipe off your legs with a clean towel. Throw on some lotion to help repair any skin you may have damaged during the process, and that’s all she wrote.


Can You Use Shaving Cream With an Electric Razor?

Another question that we’ve stumbled upon a few times when dealing with this subject is, “Can you use shaving cream with an electric razor?”.

You might think that you’ll need the extra lubrication to keep your legs from getting irritated, but simply put, this is an unnecessary step that you do not need to take. Most electric razors have plenty of features and power so you can get a great shave or trim without the need for any shaving cream, so don’t feel like you need to bother with this.


Final Thoughts

Knowing how to use an electric razor on legs will make your life a lot easier should you choose to shave or trim your own, and hopefully this guide made understanding this whole process a bit easier. Shaving or trimming your legs can be a great way to keep them more comfortable and free, but if you aren’t quite comfortable with this whole process, don’t feel like you’ve got to make this jump. As always, stick with what you’re comfortable with doing to your body.


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