How To Use Hair Clay Properly (5 Steps To Work It Right)

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These days, hair products can seem like they’re a dime a dozen. There’s hair gel, hair mouse, hair pomade, and so much more. All of these hair products work well for certain situations and settings, and by popular request, today we’ll be focusing on that of hair clay. More specifically, how to use hair clay properly.

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Hair clay is one of the most popular staying products around, and while it has a lot of great uses and functions, it would appear that a lot of guys don’t know how to properly use the stuff. Hair clay might seem like an easy product to use, and while it is, there are a few things to know if you really want to get the best results possible.

If you’ve tried using hair clay every day and have been less than impressed with the results that you’re seeing, this is a guide for you. Here’s everything you need to know (and probably don’t already) in order to use hair clay to its fullest potential.

Hair Clay — What Exactly is It?

To understand how to use hair clay, you first need to know exactly what the stuff is. Hair clay is a type of hair styling product that usually provides a medium hold and matte finish to your hair. Thanks to this combo, hair clay is often used by guys that want to make their hair look relaxed and loose. Better yet, hair clay is a great tool to use if you want to be able to readjust your hair at any point throughout the day after you’ve initially applied it.

In most hair clays, the main ingredient that makes everything work is bentonite. Bentonite is a 100% natural ingredient that typically gets created through the weathering of volcanic ash, and when used in hair products, bentonite can help to make hair follicles both look and feel thicker.

This is a huge plus, as thicker hair means better volume and easier workability when styling it.

And, along with making your hair look the exact way you want it, the use of bentonite in hair clay also allows the stuff to repair any hair that’s damaged and needs fixing — not to mention its ability to prevent your scalp from getting dryer than necessary.

There’s a lot more to hair clay than meets the eye, and it’s important to know just everything it’s capable of.

How to Use Hair Clay Wax

Now that we know what hair clay is and what it can be used for, it’s time to take the next step and actually start using the stuff. As mentioned above, the process of using hair clay really isn’t all that difficult. However, there are a few small tidbits of info here and there than can help to ensure you get the best use possible out of it.

Step 1

First thing’s first, you’ll want to get your hair prepared for the clay itself. This can be done by first making sure that your hair is clean and doesn’t have any other residues lying about in it. Using a pre-styling product is always recommended to ensure your hair is in the best place possible to start working with it, and if you aren’t currently using one, we recommend picking one up.

From here, take a hair dryer and then blow your hair in the general direction that you’ll be staying it towards. This will get your hair used to the direction that it needs to go when you start working with the clay, and it can save a lot of unnecessary frustration in the later steps.

Step 2

Once you’ve got your scalp and hair properly prepared, take a very small amount of clay and put it on your fingertip. A small amount of clay goes a very long way, so it’s important to not overdo things here.

A pea-sized amount is just about all you need, and while you can certainly add more clay later on if you feel that more is going to be necessary, adding too much right from the get-go only creates more problems than good.

Step 3

After you’ve got the clay, you’ll need to warm it up. You can do this by rubbing it throughout your palms and then rubbing both of your palms together. Once you do this for a while, you shouldn’t be able to see any clumps of clay anywhere in your hands. If you do, keep rubbing. If you don’t, move on to step 4.

Step 4

Now it’s time to actually start styling your hair! Woohoo!

If you want to push your hair back, you’ll want to first start doing so by coating the very top of your hair and then working both of your hands throughout your hair — starting at the root and then going to the tip.

This process will help to work added volume throughout your hair, and once you have the definition and style that you’re after, you can stop.

Step 5

With your hair styled to your liking, you can add some optional finishing touches to ensure that your current style stays with you all day long.

Spraying your entire head with hairspray will help keep everything in place no matter what kind of activities you end up getting into, but if you’d rather stay away from the stuff, you can also take some more clay and rub it onto the surface of your hair.

Doing this will snatch up any flyaway hairs, and since clay can be reworked as much as you want, there’s no limit as to how much you can and can’t restyle and reshape the look that you want to go with.

Final Thoughts

Hair clay is one of our favorite tools around for working with hair, and along with there being a lot of hair clay hairstyles to mess with, the whole process of using it is one of the best around. Hair clay is a very forgiving styling product, and this makes it a great choice for experts and beginners alike. As long as you have some patience and take things with a level-head, it won’t take you any time at all to learn how to use hair clay properly.


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