How to Use Mustache Wax to Whip Your Stache Into Shape

More and more men in today’s world are deciding to try for the bolder and daring look of a thick and stylish mustache. The bushiness of a full mustache can offer a unique look that can be styled any number of ways. From the walrus, to the Imperial to the Fu Manchu, thick and long mustache styles will allow you to experiment with ways in which your facial hair can be styled to your own liking.

However, without proper care and maintenance, your mustache can become more of a headache than anything else. Mustaches that are left to grow freely often become messy and unordered. As they grow closer and closer to your mouth, bits of food are sure to find a nice hiding place in the thick mustache only to be discovered with disdain by your girlfriend later that evening.

Mustache wax or mustache trainer (they are the same thing) is a vital part of keeping up a great looking mustache. Learning how to apply mustache wax is a fundamental part of any mustached mans grooming regime and is essential if you want your mustache to be attractive and well kept up. In this brief article we will give some basic instructions on how to wax a mustache to keep your stache looking great and under control.

Mustache wax will allow you to control and style your mustache, but not all waxes are created equal. There are dozens of products on the market today to fit different consumer preferences. You can find mustache waxes that come tinted or with fragrances, as well as waxes that are made from organic and petrochemical free ingredients for the more conscientious consumer. Waxes also come in different holding strengths ranging from a light hold to extra strong. The strength of your mustache wax will depend on the coarseness of your hair, the length of your mustache and the unruliness of your facial hair in general.

The most traditional types of waxes are a mixture of petroleum jelly or mineral oil and beeswax. In recent years with consumer worries related to the long term health effects of exposure to petrochemicals, other waxes with more natural ingredients have been released. Traditional waxes had a very soft texture and offered a light to medium hold. Some people have complained that these traditional waxes caused clogged pores and acne breakouts, however.

Once you’ve picked the mustache wax to suit your own needs, you’ll need to know how to use mustache wax. First things first, you’ll want your mustache wax to be malleable. If you have stored it in a cold area, take a hair dryer and lightly warm it up (though don’t turn it into liquid form) to make it soft and manageable. With your fingernail, scrape of a piece of wax from the tube or tin where the mustache wax was packaged and roll it into a pea-sized ball. Flatten the wax between your two fingers and rub it until it warms up to become manageable for application.

Start from the center of your mustache and work outwards towards the tips when you begin to work the wax into your mustache. Do one side of your mustache first instead of trying to do both sides at the same time. Using a thin comb, move the wax evenly throughout your entire mustache. A small children’s toothbrush also works well for this step.

Once your mustache is evenly coated in wax, it is time to start molding and shaping. But beware; if a part of your mustache isn’t coated with wax, then it may not withstand the style or shape you want thus creating an unsymmetrical look that isn’t very appealing.

How to Use Mustache Wax

If you are trying for a more elaborate and daring type of mustache style, you may need to apply more wax than if you are simply trying to keep your mustache away from your moth for eating. For example, if you are applying wax for a handlebar mustache, you´ll probably need to use more wax than if you were only trying to grow a simple Chevron style mustache.

Your mustache may appear greasy after applying wax, but it will soon dry and hold firm. If you find flakes in your mustache, that is a sign of a cheap mustache wax and you’ll want to consider changing brands. Organic brands of mustache wax offer a great hold as well as conditioning and strengthening the mustache hairs. Over time, your mustache hairs will become trained to follow the style you give them and less mustache wax may be needed.

Mustache wax can build up over time if you don’t take care to wash it out after each days use. Using soap to wash out your mustache wax can damage the hair of your mustache. Liquid, oil-based mustache wax removers and mustache conditioners are products on the market today that can help you keep mustache wax from building up while not damaging the great look you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Whatever style mustache you want to create, an indispensable product you’ll need is a quality mustache wax. Now that you know how to choose and use your wax, your mustache will undoubtedly be looking great.



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