How to Wax Nose Hair for Men – Our Best Waxing Tips

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Waxing Your Nose Hair

The only time most men speak of waxing is when they are discussing how to best detail a new sports car they just bought. Waxing your body hair is considered to be another burden that women have to deal with, while us men can simply let our leg hair grow however it likes. But for men who deal with excessively fast growing and long nose hair, waxing may very well be an option worth considering.

If scissors and nose hair trimmers aren’t keeping under control your wild growing nose hair, waxing is an option that will do away with nose hair for the long run. I recommend Nad's nose wax for men (click here to see this wax on Amazon).

In this brief article we will look at how to wax nose hair as well offer some hints on who is a candidate for this unique way to get rid of your nose hair.

Doesn’t it Hurt?

Well, yes. Any type of waxing isn’t exactly soothing and comfortable, but rather something we do to deal with hair growth that is hard to control otherwise. The good news is that if done correctly, you won’t have to wax your nose hairs very often. Removing nasal hairs with wax usually lasts for 3-9 weeks thus making it an option for men who don’t have the discipline to trim those nose hairs a couple times per week.

Furthermore, waxing takes away the possibility of cutting the sensitive skin on the inside of your nose that comes with using both automatic and manual trimmers.

How Long Should the Nose Hair Be For Nose Hair Waxing?

For waxing to be effective, you need to have nose hairs that are at least ¼ of an inch long. Any hair that is coming out of your nostril has probably already surpassed that benchmark. Don’t try to wax your nose hair that is still inside your nostril and never trim your nose hairs before waxing them. The shorter the nose hairs, the less effective the waxing procedure will be.

Types of Wax

how to wax nose hairs

There are two main types of nose hair wax that you can use for waxing your nose hair, hard wax and soft wax. Soft wax can be applied directly to the inside of your nose for nostril waxing without any prior treatment to the wax and then promptly removed with a muslin strip.

Hard wax needs to be warmed first either by a double bath on the stove top or in a microwave. This is one method on how to wax nose hair with soft wax : once it is softened, it is applied inside the nose and left to harden up. The applicator stick is left inside the nose while the wax hardens and then swiftly removed taking with it the majority of your nasal hair.

Both methods remove nasal hairs from the root thus giving a longer lasting fix than trimming. The pain is generally nothing more than a quick tinge of pain that subsides quickly. The worst part for many people is seeing a cue tip filled with your nasal hairs.

Who Should and Shouldn’t Wax Their Nose Hair?

Men whose nasal hair grows quickly and thickly are the best candidates for waxing their nose hair. It may be cumbersome to have to trim your nose hair on a daily basis, and wax removal will cover you for at least a month if not more.

If, however, you are susceptible to nosebleeds, you may not want to wax your nose hair as it increases the possibility of a nose bleed. Furthermore, people who have a compromised immune system probably shouldn’t wax their nose hairs either. Waxing your nose hair will not remove all of your nose hair as the microscopic cilia will remain.

Nonetheless, there will be a noticeable lack of hair inside your nostril. This first line of defense against bacteria entering the body is especially important for people with an already weakened immune system.

Can I Wax My Own Nose Hairs?

It is probably a good idea to go to a salon the first time so that they you can see firsthand how to safely and effectively remove your nose hair with wax. Once you have learned, you can purchase wax and applicator sticks and avoid the embarrassing trip to your girlfriend´s salon to get your nose hair removed.

Nose Hair Wax Removal: An Option That Is Not for Everyone

Not everyone should run out and book an appointment at your local salon to remove your nose hair. This option isn’t necessary for men who only periodically have to bring out the nose hair trimmer or scissors. Nose hair removal wax isn’t cheap, thus making this option costlier than simply purchasing a trimmer online. However, if you are fed up with having to trim your nose hairs several times a week, then waxing may very well be the option for you.

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