Is Beard Oil Worth It? (4 Reasons We Say Yes)

We’ve spent a good deal of time discussing different beard cleansers, moisturizers, and more here on Stubble Patrol. However, among all of these beard grooming-related items, something that we frequently discuss the most is that of beard oil. Beard oil is one of the most popular tools around when it comes to keeping your facial hair smooth, healthy and refreshed, but at the end of the day, is beard oil worth it?

This is a question that we’ve been seeing a lot more often recently. Despite all of the claims that companies make about their beard oil products, some guys just aren’t convinced that this stuff actually works.

We completely understand your hesitation here, and we want to do something to fix it.

After reviewing countless oils for facial hair, we have a pretty solid understanding of how exactly these products work and in which areas they’re the strongest. If you’re sitting here and currently debating whether or not you should bother spending any money on some oil for your set of facial hair, we suggest you continue on.

1. Not all beard oil is made the same

After doing just a quick search on Google or Amazon, you’ll be very well aware of the fact that there are a lot of different beard oils to choose from. What once used to be a fairly small market has turned into one of the most competitive and booming men’s grooming niches around.

Every which way you look, there’s someone new offering a fresh and unique take on the whole beard oil game. This can be great at first if you want to try out a lot of different products to see what works best for you, but on that same note, having so many different oils to choose from can absolutely make your shopping experience a bit more challenging.

What we’re trying to get at here is the fact that not all beard oil is created equally.

When shopping for beard oils, you’ll come across two main camps — one that uses a select handful of natural ingredients, and one that packs its oil to the brim with a whole barrage of chemicals and components that you probably couldn’t pronounce even if you wanted to.

Obviously, you’ll want to stick with the former of those two sides.

With beard oil that’s made out of all natural ingredients, the two biggest components are carrier oil and essential oils. Carrier oil is what makes up the majority of the actual oil, and it essentially helps provide your beard with rich nutrients that it doesn’t receive on its own.

As for essential oils, these come from a wide array of different plants, roots, and more that can be found throughout this vast and wonderful planet of ours. Essential oils are great tools not only for helping your beard appear shiny and healthy, but also for clearing away any acne that may be present around your face as well.

If you’ve even spent time looking up beard oil before and after photos where there’s a big difference between the two, it’s likely that the person in the photo used a beard oil with natural, pure ingredients.

2. Does beard oil help beard growth?

On the discussion of beard oil, the question of “does beard growth oil work?” is one that pops up the most frequently. Guys everywhere want to know whether or not they’ll be able to grow longer and richer beards after applying oil to their face, and rightfully so!

Beard Oil

Being able to help your face produce a more impressive and healthy beard is something that all guys should strive for, and in short, yes — beard oil does help with beard growth.

When we say that, don’t expect to be able to grow a substantially larger amount of facial hair than what you’re kicking out right now. While beard growth oil does help to promote fuller and better growth throughout your face, it probably won’t be as drastic or sudden as a change as you might be anticipating.

3. Beard oil helps to cure dandruff

Let’s say that you’ve already got a fairly long beard that you’ve been growing for some time. As the days pass and your beard becomes thicker and longer, you’ll likely start to notice that your beard will begin to acquire some dandruff.

It can be easy to freak out over this at first if you’ve never encountered it before, but try not to. It’s perfectly normal to find dandruff with longer beards, and this is because beards that are particularly heavy aren’t able to produce the necessary amounts of sebum oil that’s required to help keep it hydrated.

Beard oil is filled with loads and loads of essential nutrients that provide your beard with the oils and tools it needs to keep everything moisturized and healthy, and as a result of this, you can kiss that pesky dandruff goodbye!

As great as beard oil is in these regards, however, it’s still critical that you stay up to date with your regular cleaning habits — such as washing your beard, trimming it from time to time, etc. Beard oil on its own isn’t enough for keeping your beard clean and healthy, but when used with other habits and techniques, it’s a powerhouse that’s near impossible to stop.

4. It simply feels amazing

Whenever trying to tackle the whole “Is beard oil worth it” debate, a point that we often find ourselves coming back to is this —

Beard oil straight up feels fantastic.

It can take a lot of time and dedicate to grow a truly powerful beard, and after spending all of that time growing it, you’d probably want to help keep it in as good of shape as possible.

Beard oil is fairly simple and inexpensive product, but the amount of things it can do for you is out of this world. Along with hydrating your beard and helping to promote natural beard growth, it also smells amazing and keeps your beard feeling incredibly soft and smooth.

Not all guys consider beard oil to be a necessity, but as more men try it out and see firsthand what it can do, that’s something that’s quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Final Thoughts

As you can clearly see, we’re rather big fans of beard oil. We gush about it from time to time in our reviews of different beard oil products, but now you hopefully have a better understanding as to just why it is that we do that. If you’ve never given beard oil a try, change that right now. Check out one of our numerous beard oil reviews, pick something out, and start wearing your facial hair to its fullest potential possible.


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