Is Someone More Handsome When He Is Bald

Going bald is always a reason for anxiety for a lot of men. There’s just too much going on with the feeling of uncertainty of how people will look at you. Everyone wants to feel that they’re good looking, and baldness could mean the opposite.

Especially when it happens a little too early, going bald can be one of the hardest things men go through regarding their looks. Still, it can be the best thing that happens to you. You can end up finding out a new version of yourself.

So, is someone more handsome when he is bald? The answer depends from person to person, but it can be. Someone could look more handsome bald. The result will depend on their head shape, grooming, and confidence. Studies found that bald men are seen as more confident and physically stronger than their hairy friends.

Think about it, being bald or having hair isn’t the only factor that makes someone handsome. The truth is that there are a lot of things that play a role. For example, if you’re shy and not confident in yourself, you probably won’t be seen as handsome.

Now, when it comes to the factors that are directly related to looks and not personality, the shape of your head can have a huge influence on how well baldness looks on you.

So, if you want to make sure that you look more handsome and your overall best while bald, continue reading. We’ll explore together every single factor that will make you look fine with your new look.

The Shape of Your Head Is Everything

The shape of your head is the biggest factor that determines how well you’re going to look bald. If your head has a pointy shape, baldness won’t look good on you. It makes your head similar to an egg shape, which makes it even more noticeable due to the lack of hair.

Now, if your head is a little too wide, it won’t look good either. If your head is too big for an average adult male, the baldness will only accentuate those features. No matter what you do, it will continue to get all the attention.

If your head has an average size, with a not too pointy top but also not a too wide one, baldness might look great for you. The whole thing is that you have to see it for yourself to be sure since hair masquerades those flaws.

Try to find a famous person that is bald and that has a similar head shape to yours. Then, you can have a better idea of how well or bad you’re going to look bald. The truth is that the chances of you being able to pull it off are high. Most head shapes look good bald.

Do You Have Some Hair Left?

Depending on how much hair you have left, being bald might not make you more handsome. To avoid the opposite effect, shave your hair to the point when there’s no hair left. This is the best solution for this.

Famous people like Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Williams denied their baldness for some time. They tried to hide and minimize it with the bit of hair that was still left. The result was terrible.

They ended up with uncool looks that made clear what they were up to. The problem is that it not only does not look good but it also makes you look not confident.

That’s why trying to do this, it’s not worth it. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is the best way to look your best and exhale confidence.

So, if you still have some hair left, stop avoiding the inevitable and embrace your baldness. Shave that hair and be bald. This will make you look more confident and more handsome immediately. I recommend the HeadBlade Moto Skull Shaving Razor (click for pricing on Amazon).

Confidence Makes Bald Men More Handsome

Confidence makes any men more handsome. Actually, confidence makes anyone more attractive. There’s something about it that makes people feel attracted to you. So, going bald can make a confident statement in your favor.

When you go bald with pride, you show everyone how confident you are. This makes you more handsome immediately. Obviously, going bald alone can make you more handsome depending to whom you’re asking and the shape of your head. Still, confidence is the invisible factor.

If you’re still unsure about going bald for good, don’t be it. As long as you exhale confidence, you’ll look more handsome to anyone. It’s all about how you feel inside than external factors like your lack of hair.

Just think about it all the celebrities that are bald and that people find attractive and the ones that also are but people think they’re ugly. Usually, it’s way more about their confidence than their baldness.

Your Grooming Helps

So, if you still have hair, it’s important that you keep your grooming in check. This means that you shouldn’t leave that grey area that shows that hair is about to grow. Shave your hair, and then, continue the grooming every day.

Now, it’s more than just shaving every single day to make your head clean of hair. You have to worry about your scalp getting too shiny. There’s a balance between getting free of hair and shining more than a diamond.

So, here’s what you should do. Shave your head every morning, then apply specific products to bald heads to maintain the right level of moisture. You want to look well-groomed without looking like a crystal ball.

If you continue to do your grooming the right way, every day, you will look more handsome than ever. Going bald is all about maintaining a level of confidence and self-care to make sure you’re flawless.

Age Does Play a Role

When it comes to statistics, being bald after 60 is more handsome than at an early age. This is due to older women being more comfortable with it than younger ones. Still, you don’t need t take this into consideration.

Actors like Jason Statham went bald before their 40s, so there’s no rule that says that only more mature guys can pull it off. So, what you should focus is on confidently going bald and keeping your grooming game at its best.

Also, make sure to go completely bald. Holding onto the last hair that you have will only make you look bad. It’s unattractive and makes you look older than you have to. The best advice is to proudly shave everything.  I suggest that you use Bee Bald Post-shave healing balm (link to Amazon) to ensure that your scalp retains a good level of moisture.

The good news is that public perception is changing. It’s like when having grey hair was a bad thing. Now, everyone is doing. There are guys that even dye their hair grey even though they still have their natural color.

Level of Fitness Isn’t Everything but It Helps

When people think about unattractive bald guys, they usually think of men out of shape. The combination is what made some people think of bald men as a bad thing. As someone that they don’t feel attracted to.

Now, to a lot of other people, a bald guy is really handsome. They think of men with a great, fit body that exhales confidence. As you can see, the secret is in you being the second guy.

So, it’s not just about grooming or the shape of your head. It’s not even about your confidence level only. Being fit will help women see you as more handsome while going bald. It’s all about combining all these factors together to make something great.

You know the drill. Exercise more and eat healthier. This isn’t about having a six-pack, but showing people that you care about your body and your health. This helps people perceive you as successful and responsible, which are great qualities.

Beauty Is Indeed in The Eye of The Beholder

Everything that you read above matters, but at the end of the day, it depends on whom you’re asking. Will the general opinion over how handsome someone is, increase if all these steps are followed? Yes, but it all depends on who is judging.

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are women who don’t find bald men attractive and there are those who do. If the discussion is about someone specific, it’s hard to tell. Now, if it’s about popular opinion, then all this will make you more handsome.

The truth is that things are easier for men than women when it comes to social expectations of beauty. If you’re well-groomed, fit, and confident you’ll be considered handsome by 99% of people.

Related Questions:

How to make bald look good?

To pull being bald off in great style, you must have confidence, the right grooming habits, and the right head shape. If you do those three things above all else, you’ll look good bald immediately.

Do women date bald guys?

Yes, many do. There are many women that not only date bald guy, but they’re also more attracted to them. It’s all about having the right attitude and making sure that your bald head looks great. Once you do that, you’ll meet many interesting ladies.

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