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Finding the right aftershave can be a difficult task. There are so many options available and it takes a lot of time and energy to try and determine which ones will be effective, while also leaving a pleasant smell throughout your day. Lucky Tiger Aftershave is a brand that you can rely on if you’re looking for healthy skin and an enjoyable end to your shaving experience.

Made in the United States, Lucky Tiger Aftershave is always formulated without alcohol and with natural and organic ingredients for quality skincare. All of Lucky Tiger’s items are formulated with the purpose of taking the best care of your skin, gently, while still leaving you with a masculine scent and feeling.

Once you try Lucky Tiger, you will see how high quality and useful it is. You might never choose a different aftershave after this one.

Our Rating

After doing thorough research into Lucky Tiger brand and its different products, our overall rating of their aftershave is 4 out of 5 stars. This rating is based on the quality and effectiveness of products from the line. Customers have spoken and expressed what things they do and don’t like about Lucky Tiger, and while some are very well founded others tend to be slightly biased. This is seen in the situation in which the customer compares their want of something different or not being up to their “standards”.


We’ve given Lucky Tiger 4 out of 5 stars because as a brand and varying products, they are about as good as it gets, but nothing is perfect. There are subjective things about the experience of using Lucky Tiger that keep it from reaching 5 out of 5 stars.

Lucky Tiger offers a lot of pros to its consumers. The best thing about their products is the ingredients that are used. In the standard formula, the ingredients used include:

  • Aloe Vera: to refresh skin and help with soothing.
  • Calendula: repairs and rejuvenates skin, while cooling.
  • Chamomile: calms your skin and relieves it of any environmental stresses.
  • Borage Oil: keeps skin hydrated.

All of these natural ingredients combine to provide the best quality skin care that you could ask for following your shaving routine. Another pro of Lucky Tiger is that it leaves a bright and citrus-based scent on your skin. If you shave early in the morning to get your day started, this may really help you wake up all the way.

If you find that you aren’t such a huge fan of the scent, there is really no need to worry because it will fade after a short time, as long as you haven’t applied a very large amount. A pro for all consumers and potential users is that Lucky Tiger is a very affordable and reasonably priced brand. The quality you get is far higher than what you pay for.

Since Lucky Tiger is always alcohol-free, you have no reason to worry about leaving your skin irritated or dried out when you use the aftershave.

When it comes to the cons of Lucky Tiger, this is where subjectivity comes in. for example, one of the biggest cons could be the scent. Not everyone will appreciate the bright and strong scent that is left as a result of the aftershave’s use. If you have extremely sensitive skin, the scent may actually cause irritation, which wouldn’t allow continued use.

Another thing to consider, in terms of cons, before using Lucky Tiger, is that if you have particularly dry skin, it may be a bad choice for you during the winter. Some consumers have found that it leaves their skin dry, which is a problem that is exacerbated by cold weather.

Overall, Lucky Tiger seems to offer more pros than cons to the majority of potential and current users.

Lucky Tiger Products

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Lucky Tiger is best known for their aftershaves, but they produce other great products as well.

If you are interested in trying Lucky Tiger aftershave, this is the product to invest in:

  • Lucky Tiger After Shave and Face Tonic, 8 Ounce: this is Lucky Tiger’s signature aftershave which includes all of the ingredients we discussed above. The price is extremely affordable, especially considering you don’t need to use much after shaving. You can apply this aftershave by splashing it on with your hands or go for a more refined method using cotton. Free of parabens, this aftershave is very unlikely to irritate any skin type, but it’s best to test some on a small patch, first. The bottle comes in is plastic to prevent accidental breaking.

There are other popular products, including Lucky Tiger aspen aftershave. This product has gained a great following because it provides quality skin care with the combination of leaving an especially masculine scent with use.

If you prefer to follow up your shaving process with a thicker cream, then you might be interested in the Lucky Tiger Vanishing Cream. Made with mint and menthol, it calms and reduces bumps from shaving, leaving your skin feeling cool and soft.

Lucky Tiger also works with you during your shave, if you want, with their liquid cream shave. While soothing ingredients including chamomile, Calendula, and olive oil, your shaving experience will be gentle while effective.

Beyond shaving uses, Lucky Tiger also cares about your overall skin care and gives you the option of keeping your face hydrated with their face moisturizer. Its ingredients include Shea butter and green tea, which are known for their softening and hydrating properties.

Lucky Tiger can keep your face covered for all of its daily needs.

Final Thoughts

When you choose Lucky Tiger, you pick a brand that is reliable and trusted due to its high-quality products. The effectiveness you read about will be proven to you when you try out their products for yourself.


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