Most Comfortable Pumps for Work (5 Functional Pairs)

There’s no way around it, one of the toughest things about work is finding shoes that will keep you feeling light and nimble throughout the day. It’s a manageable task until you need to wear heels on the job. That’s when you need to get really creative and find the most comfortable pumps for work.

Most Comfortable Heels According to Oprah: The Tips

When it comes to finding the most comfortable pumps for work, a good source to go to for information is Oprah. No, seriously! Think about it, she herself works in heels every day, and if there’s one person who knows a lot about taking care of yourself and your comfort, it’s Oprah.

To help women like you, who are looking to find comfortable heels to wear to work, Oprah has compiled some tips:

  • Sizes are not universal.
  • Stay away from heavy heels.
  • Think flexible shoe fabric.
  • Walk on clouds with cushioning.
  • Don’t choose heels that are too high.
  • Choose thick soles over thin ones for long work days.
  • A high-cut style will prevent cutting and chafing.
  • Consider laces, straps, ties for flexibility and added comfort.

What did you think of those tips? Simple, but helpful, right? Easy things to keep in mind during your search.


Choosing Comfortable Heels for Standing All Day

With Oprah’s tips in mind, you want to make sure that you consider everything that pertains to your life in relation to your work shoes. You need to find a marriage between ultimate comfort and practicality.

Here are some things to focus on:

  • Size: remember, all brands size differently. Check out size charts and believe what they say, even if the size varies from your usual choice.
  • Style: depending on your place of work, you will need to follow certain guidelines when it comes to your work pumps.
  • Color: unless you’re planning on creating a whole shoe wardrobe (good for you, if you are!), you will want to choose heels in a color that will match with most of your work clothes.
  • Price: budget matters, but don’t worry, you will be able to find the shoes you need within your price range. Just set it from the beginning to save yourself time and energy.

These little features play a big role in the outcome when it comes to the comfort, functionality, and success of your work shoes, so take some time to consider them.


5 Most Comfortable Designer Heels

Now for the fun part! Here are your 5 best options for comfortable work pumps:

1. LifeStride Women’s Parigi Pump 

The value of having a classic pump should never be underestimated, and LifeStride gives you just that in combination with all-day comfort. These affordable pumps come in a variety of colors (for your collection) and are designed with Soft System technology inside. That means you’ll forget you’re walking in heels all day!

The mid-height heel is about 2.5 inches, keeping things manageable, yet classy. The rounded-toe of this shoe will fit well with any work clothes, and you’ll be able to dress it up when needed and tone it down on more relaxed days.

2. Predictions Comfort Plus Women’s Karmen Pump 

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Another total classic, the Predictions Comfort Plus Karmen Pump will be a staple, not only for your work attire but for your leisure wear, as well. Crafted with a 3-inch heel, the shoe looks elegant but is reasonable for long hours. As you place your feet inside these pumps, you will be met with memory foam insoles and your feet will thank you!

These pumps are affordable and available in a collection of super attractive colors. After a day of walking around in these, you’re likely to come back for another pair!

3. Naturalizer Women’s Michelle Dress Pump 

To find the right nude heel to add to your work collection, check out Naturalizer Women’s Dress Pumps. These heels are designed to be lightweight, breathable, and flexible. The cushioning will keep your feet comfortable throughout the day, and the balance between the heel and toe will provide a smoother wearing experience, overall.

With the 3-inch heels, you will look very well put together, without struggling to carry yourself. The N5 comfort technology and the range of available colors make these pumps a solid option for your work wardrobe.

4. Anne Klein Women’s Expert Dress Pump 

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There’s no need to go completely classic with the look of your pumps, sometimes comfort needs to take a front seat, as it does with these Anna Klein Dress Pumps. The pointed toe gives them an edgy look, which is countered by the open back with a strap for ultimate flexibility and customizable fit.

The iFlex technology and shorter heel, 1.75 inches, make these pumps the ideal option for a professional, yet laid back work environment.

5. Bella Vita Women’s Wow Pump 

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To add a little spunk to your workday while remaining appropriately dressed, choose Bella Vita Women’s Wow Pumps. With a pointed toe and tonal stitching, these pumps make the statement that you’ve got a lot to contribute. Designed to be worn during long days, the heel is mid-height at 2.5 inches for practicality.

Take your pick of the many striking color patterns, and just wait for the office compliments to start rolling in!


Final Thoughts

Getting dressed for work doesn’t have to end in dread, as you put your pumps on. After all, you likely spend a lot of time at your workplace, so you should be as comfortable as possible. Don’t settle for subpar heels. Take your time and find the perfect combination of practicality and personality!


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