Our Best Mustache Grooming and Growing Tips

mustache grooming tips

Mustaches are no longer simply the preferred facial hair of your creepy great uncle; nor are they remnants of a bygone era only to be seen in the black and white pictures of history books. The stache is back and more and more modern men are finding good reasons to let the hair on their upper lip grow a little longer. From goatees with a full, bushy mustache to the stand alone handlebar stache, the mustache offers a range of styles that can be fit to your specific face type, image and personality.

Growing a great mustache, as with any facial hair, is much harder than simply letting it go for a few months and seeing what results. That will probably get you confused with folks on the sex offender list, and no one wants that. To get a mustache that is stylish, sexy and fashionable according to modern standards, you’ll have to become an expert on mustache grooming. In this brief article we will take a look at beard and mustache grooming techniques as well as offer some hints as to the best mustache grooming tools on the market.

The first step to growing a great looking mustache is actually growing one out. This can take several weeks to several months depending on how fast your facial hair grows and must be done right to get your mustache trained to grow in the right direction. Facial hair grows at different speeds and in different directions, so from the beginning you’ll want to use a beard trimmer to keep your mustache growing the same length.

After about a month when you feel that your mustache hairs are long enough you can start to use a quality pair of mustache scissors to keep those wild long hairs in check. At this time you’ll also want to start using a mustache comb and some wax. The comb will help to shape your mustache to the style you are aiming for while the wax helps to train your mustache hairs in the direction you want them to grow. Wax will also keep the mustache from looking fluffy, so unless you want a full, feathery walrus style mustache, a good investment would be some quality mustache wax (see my recommendation on Amazon).

As you are growing out your mustache, you’ll also want to keep it clean. If you’ve never had hair on the upper part of your lip, your skin may not know how to react. Drying and chafing are two common problems that first time stache growers deal with. We humans are kind of snake like and our skin changes completely every couple of weeks. Normally the dead skin cells just flake off, but when a thick mustache is in the way, those dead skin cells may build up and give a dandruff type of look in your stache. Not a stylish look to say the least.

Using face scrubs and a shampoo and conditioner mix will help to get rid of those dead skin cells as well as keep your mustache hair clean and conditioned.  The face scrub that I recommend by Rugged and Dapper is available on Amazon. If your new to facial hair, you may have problems with pieces of food getting stuck in your mustache and daily cleaning will help get rid of any crumbs that are left over from lunch. 

Once your mustache is to the desired length for your chosen style, you’ll want to comb it daily to maintain the look. Mustache hairs can be particularly rebellious and it may take many months until your stache stays put on its own. Using wax once in a while is a great way to add definition to your mustache. If you have a basic style mustache, a little wax to flip up the ends of your stache for a special occasion can add a little flair to your image. Simply put a little bit of extra wax in between your finger tips and rub your mustache hair between the two fingers with the wax on them like you´re snapping your fingers. You can experiment with any number of unique and extreme looks with the help of just a little mustache wax.

Mustache Grooming

Unless you’re growing a Fu Manchu down to your shoulders, you’ll need to keep your mustache trimmed in order to keep it from getting out of hand. A good pair of mustache scissors is the best tool for this job. When trimming, always make sure to cut when dry because wet facial hair will hang longer. Nothing is worse to find that once your stache is dry you took too much off of one side leaving your face looking somewhat asymmetrical.

Many men combine a good looking mustache with a full face of stubble. To do this, keep your mustache long but blend it into your stubble beard by using a beard trimmer set to number two or three. Just make sure not to nick your mustache with the trimmer.

Mustache grooming isn’t a tough science to learn, but you do have to take the time every morning to train your mustache to do what you want it to do. Once you are an expert mustache groomer, you can check out different styles of mustaches and find the style that best matches up with the shape of your face.

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