Oster Fast Feed (A Good Buy for Wet Or Dry Hair)

If you have decided to just give up and do it yourself, the Oster Fast Feed clippers are the way to go. The reviews are in, and Oster Fast Feed clippers are a big hit. Why? Sometimes you just don’t want to go to the barber. It can be a hassle.

If you don’t already have a guy you trust, you need to know what you’re going to get. You could walk in for a short trim and end up bald. You may go in for a little off the top and end up with a faux hawk you didn’t want.

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Oster Fast Feed Review

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Regardless of whether you are extremely hairy or almost hairless, these clippers are great. They are quiet, so you won’t blow out your eardrums while trimming or shaving; they are easy to use, adjusting to the shape of your skull or jawline as you go; and they come equipped with adjustable blades and combs for your length preferences.

The Oster allows you to just do it yourself. You can save money. A typical decent haircut can run you up to $30 or $40 bucks in a metropolitan area. Sure, you could go to a cheap shop, but you may have to wear a bag over your head for a couple weeks if the cut goes wrong. Or you may end up taking your own trimmers for shaving it all off yourself anyway. And if you’re not looking for the Kojak look, don’t take your chances.


Who wants a lawnmower when getting a haircut? Previous generations of clippers left you with no choice. Often, when getting a haircut or trimming your facial hair, you would be subject to the loud obnoxious hum or buzz from your clippers.

Fortunately, those days are long gone. The Oster clippers are so quiet you might have to double check to make sure they are on before beginning a trim. You can carry on a conversation or catch the baseball game on the radio while you performing your grooming regimen.

Adjustable Blades

This trimmer affords you the opportunity to shave or trim anywhere from 000 to 1. This means you can go with a completely bald look, or just a crew cut. You could also fade the sides of your hair and blend into the longer hair on top. Four guiding combs are included, which means you can go from the bare skin on the nape of your neck, seamlessly into the much longer hair on top all with the flick of your wrist.

Wet or Dry

This feature is easily one of the best. These Oster clippers will cut your hair wet or dry. This feature is essential for anyone on the go. If you are trying to multitask running a business, heading off to work, being an active family man and or managing an active social life, sometimes you don’t have time to wait for your hair to dry.

Conversely, sometimes you don’t have time to stop and wet your hair. You just want to turn on your whisper quite clippers and get the job done. You may not even need a full haircut. Perhaps you just jumped out of the shower, and you need a quick shape up around your neckline. It happens. These clippers will get the job done for you, promptly and quietly.

Easy Grip

An added bonus feature that many people don’t think to worry about is ergonomics. Oster provides an ergonomic grip on their clippers that ensures you won’t find your hand cramping after too many haircuts. You may be running a side hustle as a barber for your friends and acquaintances, and the last thing you want on a Saturday afternoon of fades and cuts is a hand cramp.

You can adjust your grip, switch hands, and even adjust the positioning of the clippers, and your hand will feel like it did before you started.


The main complaint you will have about these clippers is that they are so lightweight that the motor is not big enough. With a motor that is too small, which is what allows for the lightweight flexibility, you may not get as fast of a cut, or even as powerful, as you may be used to if you’ve used a heavier, more powerful motorized set of clippers.

If you don’t have patience with these clippers, you’ll end up frustrated and feeling like they don’t even cut the hair properly. Just remember that it isn’t the clippers, it is your expectations. Shift your perspective and what you expect (it isn’t a barber shop after all) and you won’t be disappointed.

Product Line

  1. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper
  2. Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper with Adjustable Blade + 8 piece comb set
  3. Oster Speed Line Pivot Motor Clipper
  4. Oster Limited Edition Fast Feed Hair Cut Clipper Professional Pro Salon
  5. Oster Professional Common Wealth Edition Fast Feed Clipper + T-Finisher Trimmer Haircut Kit Combo Matte Black


Final Thoughts

One important task to remember to do is care for your clippers. These are typically affordably priced, but they act like much more expensive clippers if they are maintained. You will need to open up the clippers and lubricate the inside of the machine. These clippers run on electricity, connected to a power cord, so be sure to unplug the clippers first.

Once you have disconnected the clippers from the outlet, open them up and lubricated the mechanical parts. This practice is one that will keep your clippers running well for years to come. You want to take good care of something that is taking such good care of you. And they will.

Buy these clippers and you won’t be sorry. There is no disadvantage to having a set of clippers on hand, with all the attachments needed, that are quiet and comfortable. You don’t even need to use them all the time, just in a pinch. But with the Oster Fast Feed at home, you won’t worry about getting caught off guard.



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