How to Get Rid of Nasty Hairs – Permanent Nose Hair Removal

how to remove nose hair permanently at home

There are some things in Nature that are important despite being pretty obnoxious. Snakes might bite us, but they also do a pretty good job at keeping the rodent population in check. Long, rainy days may depress us, but without them we wouldn’t have anything to eat. And so it goes with nose hair. Permanent nose hair removal is a great option to help people get rid of unsightly nose hair once and for all.

Nose hair is pretty disgusting, especially when it starts to curl around outside our nostrils and mingle with our mustache hairs. It can be embarrassing to be trying to give a presentation and realize that your audience, instead of listening to you, is spellbound by your nose hairs.  Read my reviews on my top picks of nose hair trimmers here.

Many men who deal with excessive nose hair growth have considered permanent removal of nose hair. In this short article we will look at the pros and cons of this approach as well as discuss the options that are available.

Is It a Good Idea to Get Rid of All the Hair Inside My Nose?

Nose hair is the first line of defense of our immune system. Every time we breath we are inhaling millions of germs, contaminants, pollutants and other potentially harmful pathogens to our bodies. Our nose hair traps large amounts of these dangerous pathogens before they make their way into our body.

Unfortunately, nose hair can sometimes overstep its boundaries and get a little too proactive in its defensive role. For men who deal with nose hairs that seem to grow by the inch, a “one and done” solution may be appealing and permanent nose hair removal for men is often billed as a simple, pragmatic solution.

But before considering eliminating all your nose hair, you should probably check with your doctor regarding the potentially negative effects to your immune system. If you have a weak immune system or work in an area where you are exposed to lots of bacteria or other contaminants, then removing all of your nose hairs is like an army bombing its own soldiers fighting on the front line.

Who Should Consider Removing Your Nose Hair Permanently?

This approach should be considered only as a last option. If you have tried your luck with trimmers, scissors, and nose hair wax and still cannot seem to control your over anxious nose hairs, then you may very well want to discuss with a doctor a permanent option.

Furthermore, this option is only for men who don’t work in areas where exposure to contaminants or bacteria are a part of the job description. If you are a nurse working in the ER, you will want to keep those nose hairs where they belong.

Laser Hair Removal Inside Nose?

First things first: you need to know that sticking a laser into your nose is a dangerous proposition. Most lasers that are used for hair removal (think bikini areas for women) have large surface lasers that cannot be used to access the inside of the nostril which is a pretty small area.

Some specialty plastic surgeons have special devices that can be connected to a laser so as to more safely access the inner nose area, but they are few and far between and you’ll most likely pay a pretty penny for that service. Nose laser hair removal really only an option for folks who have tried every other option without having success.

Nose hair electrolysis is another option similar to laser removal. Though effective, this option can also be risky and invasive and isn’t cheap.

Creams for Permanent Nose Hair Removal

Recently, a number of depilatory creams that can be used for permanent nasal hair removal have hit the market. While significantly safer and less invasive (and costly) than laser treatment, these creams are made from strong chemicals and can cause unforeseen allergic reactions. It is best to try using a small amount of the cream on external skin before sticking it up your nose.

The Final Verdict on Permanently Getting Rid of Your Nose Hair

Your nose is an orifice leading directly to the inside of your body, and mother nature had a purpose in putting nose hair as a barrier between the outside world and the delicate inner working of the human body. While permanent removal might be seen as a sure fire way to do away with an obnoxious and unsightly part of our appearance, but it should only be considered as a last resort. Learning how to get rid of nose hair permanently is something that a lot of men are working on presently.

Before booking an appointment with your doctor, try investing in a quality nose hair trimmer. Waxing your nose hairs will usually remove the hair for up to 8 weeks at a time thus making it another alternative worth considering. Remember not to give up on your goal of mastering how to remove nose hair permanently.


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