Get the Recon Haircut: The Manliest Haircut of All Time

 low regulation haircut

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The military regulation haircut is easily the most masculine haircut you can get. Short, cropped, ready to deal with anything, a recon haircut says a lot about your personality and your style. Whether or not you have ever served, this look will let anyone passing you know that you mean business and that business is serious.

Military Men

Some guys have actually served in the armed forces, and they now feel most comfortable with this haircut. It is easy to care for, easy to style (you don’t have to do anything really, just wash and go), and it is incredibly appealing to romantic partners. Depending on how long you’ve been in the military, it can become a habit to always have your hair off your neck, shorn close to the scalp, and not flowing around your face.

Marine haircut regulations merely state that a man’s hair may not be longer than 3 inches. While in the military, many men will opt to shave extremely close to the scalp, or just shave off hair altogether. Again, when you have to worry about taking on enemy fire or crawling through ditches of mud and filth, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair.

Furthermore, military men have to remember that they wear headgear. You cannot expect to have long flowing locks a la Fabio and slam a helmet down on your head that fits the actual shape of your skull. It would be impossible to manage all your gear with hair that gets in the way.

Hair can also get extremely distracting. A major purpose of military training is to maintain uniformity. People in the military need to be able to lock in step, close ranks and follow orders quickly. Understandably, not much room exists for individuality. When you go to war, when you stand alongside your brothers and sisters in uniform, you are not concerned with identity politics.


Like anything else on earth, however, often what is standard, practical practice in one area of life becomes a hot trend in another. Many civilians who have never served in the military a day in their lives prefer a crew cut.

Military haircut styles are not just practical, they are sexy. Women and men alike are attracted to a strong male presence, and the military haircut says nothing if not strong male. The look is a classic modern day warrior look. Battle ready and battle weary are both attractive in their own masculine way.


As such, we see men across the world now sporting the short haircut with the clean look – T-Shirt, jeans, nice shoes. It is a simple, minimalistic look for a simple guy. The man with a recon haircut looks unencumbered. He can get up and go anywhere; he isn’t going to spend forty-five minutes applying product just so (this is another actual regulation, by the way. No product).

The beauty of this simple style is just that. It is simple. You will find yourself with extra time throughout the day, you will enjoy the freedom from worry about your style, and people will take you seriously. It is an effortless approach to your hair, and to life.

Who knows, it may lead to simplifying even more aspects of your life.

But What About the Metro?

So here’s the really cool thing: even our metro guys can love this haircut. The joy of the military regulation cut is that it does allow for some individuality and style if you want it to. Again, there are always going to be the guys who go straight for the shave or the super close crop. But three inches actually give you a lot to play with.

Remember when Ricky Martin had that really close faux hawk? You could absolutely pull that off with a military haircut. Cristiano Ronaldo had a similar style at one point. Just because you mean business, doesn’t mean you can’t also add a little product and spray on a little Axe Body Spray while you’re at it.

The glory of any trend is that it can be twisted and manipulated to fit the man or the place.

Big City Little City

Location is always something you want to take into consideration. If you are out in a rural area reading this on your laptop while you gaze out at the cows every so often, you will likely want to keep your look straight military. You may be going for that good old boy look. Do it. It’s hot.

But, if you are sipping a cappuccino from your high rise apartment and glancing over the Wall Street Journal before a meeting right after having read this article, you can adjust your recon haircut accordingly. This man will want a relaxed, retired military haircut. Maybe you’ll grow it out one extra inch on the top for a bit more faux in your hawk.

The Semi Recon

And of course, there is always the middle road. One added a bonus to this haircut is that hair does tend to grow faster when it is cut short. The long and short of it is that hair stops growing when it is cut less because no matter how much comes out of your scalp, your ends will continue to split and break off.

With this crew cut, you can pick and choose your style as the weeks go by. Perhaps it is summer time, and you are going for super simplistic military man. Then, as fall approaches, you decide to relax into the cool days by growing your hair out just a tad longer, knowing you will probably head back to the closer crop as spring wraps around again.

To Cut or Not To Cut

If you already have short hair, you have nothing to lose by trying this lookout. It can literally make any man look like a man’s man. Height, weight, ethnicity all work with this style. In the end, you perhaps have much to gain.


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