Should You Shave Before Or After A Shower (5 Ways To Know)

Shaving. It’s something that all of us men have to do in order to maintain that clear and sophisticated look, but even so, it can often seem like a pain to do so. Shaving is a relatively quick process for most guys, but trying to figure out where to squeeze it into your busy schedule can often prove to be a bit of a challenge.

In addition to deciding whether you should brush your teeth or comb your hair before tackling your facial hair with your trusty razor, there’s something more important you’ll ask yourself - should I shave in the shower?

For years, every man has tackled the concept of shower shaving. Some believe that shaving in the shower is the only way to go, while others are convinced that shaving before or after is how it should be done.

If you’re stuck somewhere in the middle and can’t decide which route is for you, I’m here to settle this conundrum once and for all.

Shaving Before You Hop In The Shower

For a lot of men out there, shaving before getting in the shower is the way to go. This is an arguably less popular option and considered to be the least effective way by a lot of individuals, but there are still some aspects of it that prove to be quite convenient and compelling.

It’s Super Fast

If you decide to shave while in the shower, you have to take that whole thing into account - the shower. Showers don’t take too long for most guys, but it’s still an extra step in the shaving process that can quickly eat away at your time if you’re already running late or are on a tight schedule.

shave before or after shower

This isn’t an issue at all when showering before or without a shower.

Rather than having to turn on your shower, get some warm water going, hop in, get your face soaked, etc., shaving before a shower simply requires you to grab a washcloth, soak it in a bit of water, and then dab your face with it. After that, you’re ready to shave!

This is something that you simply don’t get while shaving after a shower, and in all honesty, it’s a lot more practical for certain situations. Shaving after a nice shower certainly has its pros, but if you don’t have extra time for the said shower, the speed that this route offers is a big advantage.

The Power of Electric Shavers

We live in a world of quickly advancing technology, and the world of men’s grooming is one that hasn’t idled while new tech is being invented and tinkered with. While not quite as advanced or cutting-edge as something like the computer or space exploration industry, the advancement of new gadgets has brought some big benefits to shaving.

The most notable - electric shavers.

Electric shavers on their own aren’t all that new, but they’ve gotten insanely good over the years. These types of shavers are best used with either dry hair or with a small amount of natural oil, but this isn’t something that you can use after getting out of a shower where your entire face has been soaked.

Some men will swear up and down to using a traditional razor, but a lot of guys are quickly switching over to the electric side of things. Electric shavers have been said to deliver a better overall shave, and depending on who you are, you might find that you agree with this!

Easier Cleanup

Another factor that I like to bring up to people who are debating whether to shave before or after a shower is that of cleanup. If you shave right after you get out of a shower, you’re going to have to manually clean off any excess hairs by hand.

If you choose to shave before hopping in the shower, you can get this accomplished must faster by jumping in the shower after shaving. It just makes sense, and it’s a really nice convenience.

Shaving After A Nice, Hot Shower

On the other hand, there are plenty of advantages to shaving after you get out the shower!

You’ll Get A Much Closer Shave

Even though most of you reading this likely don’t take too lengthy of showers, your face doesn’t need a ton of time under the water in order to get properly soaked before a good shave.

Just a few minutes in a warm/hot shower will create steam that will force the pores on your face to open up and relax. When this happens, you’re able to get a considerably closer shave than doing so prior to a shower. There’s just nothing else like it, and this is almost reason enough for most guys to wait to save their shave to after they’re done showering.

Reduce Irritation On Your Skin

In addition to providing you with a closer and more precise shave, choosing to do this after you get out of the shower will also help to reduce the amount of irritation that your face is met with while shaving.

A lot of guys, myself included, are faced with skin that’s easily irritated while shaving. This can prove to be extremely annoying at times, but it can be easily avoided by choosing to wait and shave once you’re done showering.

This may seem like a pain at first if you’re used to shaving before a shower, but the reduction in irritation you’ll be met with is well worth the extra time to wait and shave after a steamy few minutes in your shower.

Should You Shave Before Or After A Shower?

Ultimately, the decision to shower before or after a shower is up to what you’re looking to get out of your shave. If you’re someone who wants the closest possible cut and has sensitive skin, shaving after a shower is the clear way to go. However, doing so beforehand will allow you to make use of electric shavers and save a bit of time. Think about what’s most important for you, and then the decision should be quite simple.


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