How to Rock a Short Beard with a Long Goatee

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So you are thinking about making a daring facial hair statement. You have come to the right place, the home of the long goatees! You have tried the usual outrageous styles and none of them worked for you, but not to worry. A short beard with a long goatee is a fresh new take on the facial hair scene.

Whether you are looking to change up your style, want to wow that special someone, or just think it looks good, a long goatee beard might be the look for you. Even a long goatee with a short beard can change your appearance greatly. Basically you want to have a long goatee with some hair on your cheeks to give you that all important long goatee style. All the information you need is right here. We cover the long goatee beard styles that will amaze you. Plus, from the style options to tips on grooming and maintenance, this article has it all.

The goatee basics - just beard short on sides, long on chin?

This can be a tricky look to pull off and it is best to split it into 2 parts. It is easier to firstly grow a clearly defined goatee and then let your beard grow in a bit. This is easier, as you will not be able to accidentally cut some of the hairs from your goatee too short.

If your goatee is shaped and the hairs are longer than the beard surrounding it, then it is less likely that you will accidentally trim them, excessively. Growth and patience are important things to keep in mind when shaping a long beard, but having a short beard with a long goatee takes more finesse. It requires more attention in the form of maintenance.

For growing and shaping your goatee, let your entire beard grow out for a month or 2 and then decide on the shape of your goatee that is likely long. Do you want it large and bushy or slim and trim? Once you have a fair amount of growth, shave the rest of your beard away, leaving only your goatee.

After you have your goatee, leave it to grow for a bit longer, 2-4 weeks, making sure to shave around it every few days. Now that you have your goatee all set, it is time to move on to matching the beard to your goatee. Simply letting it grow in is the lazy man’s way of a sloppy beard.

Adding the beard

A short beard long goatee look takes time and you have to find the right beard to complement your goatee. Depending on the type of goatee you chose, you may need to adjust your style of beard. There are many ways to go and is important to get the right match, which helps avoid awkward looking facial hair.

If you are going for an all-out, over the top goatee, go with a subdued beard style. Even a bit of stubble would be a nice touch. However, if you go all out on both your beard and your goatee, it will just look like a long beard.

For a really unique look, try a long beard with a short goatee. It is a bit more difficult to maintain, but it will definitely turn heads. Simply grow your beard until it is as long as you want and then trim your chin and upper lip. Experiment with how you want your beard to look and whether you want to let it naturally grow or you want to adjust your facial hair line.  Read my reviews on beard trimmers for sensitive skin by clicking here.

Learning How to Grow a Long Goatee Has Its Benefits

short beard long goatee

Ok, so a goatee with a beard is not for you, why not try just having a goatee? Long or short, it can be a great alternative to a full on beard. It is not as bushy as a large beard and can be a life saver during hot summer months. Nobody likes a sweaty beard, so learning how to trim a long goatee to have one is a good plan..

To get a goatee, get a few days of growth in and then do not touch the hair above, below, or for 1 cm on either side of your lips. Shave everything else off and poof! You have a goatee and all you need to do now is determine how long you want it to be.

Keep your goatee classy

You need to keep your facial hair groomed and trimmed to make sure you always look good. For grooming a goatee, just wash your face with a gentle soap daily and maybe add in some beard oil and wax now and again. You will want to trim every 1-2 weeks, depending on the length you are going for.

Try different combinations of styles and even products to get the look you want. If all else fails, shave it off and try again. The worst that can happen is you end up not liking the style. Facial hair grows back and relatively quickly, be bold and explore your style.


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