Should Guys Sleep Commando?

It’s a feeling like no other, and for some, once you’ve gone commando for some time, it can be pretty hard to go back to sleeping with your underwear. Some men who have tried sleeping commando have expressed that they feel much more open and comfortable down there compared to sleeping with a “caged” feeling with underwear on.

Let’s answer the question directly. Should guys sleep commando? Yes, men should sleep commando or in their “nonederwear” as it is called. It can significantly enhance the quality of sleep and can also have plenty of other mental and physical benefits as well.

These benefits work in tandem to provide you much better sleep as compared to sleeping with your underwear. Let’s discuss the benefits in detail.

Going Commando

You might have heard people talking about going commando with varying partiality. Some like it, others don’t, but we can guarantee that the people who say they don’t haven’t really tried it properly.

Going commando isn’t just about not wearing your underwear. You need to first get the basics down in order to get the most out of it. Once you have, you will find it hard to go back to your regular sleeping habit because, at the root of it, it is a habitual thing. You have been taught to sleep with underwear all your life because it was decent. We believe that wearing full pajamas is decent enough and you should sleep however way you like.

Let’s first talk about why men go commando in the first place. Imagine this: it’s been a tiring day at the office, the boss has been yelling at you for some task that you missed, and the subway ride back either doesn’t help with your mood at all. You come home, maybe have a good meal, a great bath, and you start to wind down for your bedtime. You want to untangle and feel open but you still feel this pressure down there.

Now, think about it. Would you really want to sleep in your tight underwear with a day like that? Or would you want to feel super comfortable and free for just once during your day? This is the main crux of why men prefer to sleep commando. Not wearing underwear in bed helps in easing the body and mind. You will literally feel like you took off a heavy load off of your body.

Bedtime is sacred, friends. You need to get the most out of it since that is the only time you might get to stop, rest, think, or even reflect. You have to be in the right state of mind to get the proper rest that you deserve, and sleeping open helps immensely. Night time is for unwinding and relaxing and if you feel closed and tight all day and night, then it will surely affect your body in undesired ways. You will likely continue with on the stresses of life until you have a burnout.

It’s better that you start with the small things in taking care of your mental health. This is why so many men prefer going commando. It’s good for your mental health as it gives you control over the quality of your sleep and returns some part of your sanity.

But going commando has more than just intangible benefits. While the idea is liberating and great for the mind and soul, it’s also beneficial for you physically as well. If you think about it, there is a lot that can happen when you sleep commando vs. in your underwear. The absence of artificial pressure caused by your underwear can lead to a lot of positive physical benefits.

The Effects of Going Commando

Remember how we talked about feeling caged and restricted down there when you sleep in your underwear? Well, that’s not just an abstract feeling. It’s actual pressure that is put on your genitals that causes this feeling.

Keep in mind that we aren’t suggesting that wearing underwear is a sin or that it’s a useless garment. Underwear is worn for modesty and a far greater purpose: to hold your junk in place. When you are up and about, your genitals will fling up and down with you during the day. This can cause discomfort and may also lead to unwanted pain. Hence, it is good to let loose at night and the main reason why sleeping commando is recommended for men. You won’t be doing a lot of walking around during your sleep so it’s fine to sleep without any underwear.

The underwear puts pressure around the genitals to keep them in place. It’s fine within the purpose that it fulfills, but wearing it all the time can lead to unwanted problems such as a dull pain around the ball sack and above the penis.

The heat generated from this confinement may also lead to bacterial growth and a sperm count reduction. This is no joke. Male sperm is highly sensitive to heat. This is why it is not preferred to use your laptop by placing it over your groin because the heat generated from the device can kill off sperm.

The same concept applies to your underwear. If you keep it packed all day and all night, you are likely doing more harm than good. A great way would be to go for a set of comfortable pajamas. Try these Nautica Men’s Sueded Fleece Pajama’s (Click to view on Amazon) for extra comfort. Sleeping in comfortable clothes such as a baggy shirt and loose pajamas can greatly enhance your experience when going commando. You feel a very pleasant breeze down there and you will also feel in control of your genitals.

Of course, by control, we mean that you will actually be more aware of your genitals and will be able to adjust your junk whichever way you please rather than leaving it in one place by wearing underwear. Also, sleeping in your underwear can be really bad especially when you have morning wood. Who would want to wake up with suppressed morning wood? It would be uncomfortable and it would only disrupt your sleep.

If you live with a partner, sleeping without any underwear can benefit you in many more ways than you think. It’s much more likely to get intimate with your partner at night while commando than in your underwear. This logic goes back to the mental benefits that we have been discussing in this article, as well. Not wearing underwear gives you a fresh and open feeling. You will feel like you can conquer in bed and you might also be more open to trying new things with your significant other.

The feeling from spooning your partner will also become much more enhanced and it will feel like the first time you two spooned. It’s an amazing feeling which can be achieved just by adjusting your nightwear! Speaking of adjusting your nightwear, if you really want the feeling of sleeping on a cloud then you should try out this Tony & Candice Men’s Classic Satin Pajama Set (Amazon)

With an increase in intimacy, sleeping commando will greatly enhance your sex life as well. You will be open to having sex more frequently and compulsively with your partner, resulting in a fulfilled sex life as well.

Now that you know the plethora of benefits that come with sleeping commando. All that is left is for you to try it yourself. Try asking your friends if they go commando. You might be surprised by how many actually do. We guarantee that you will feel light and free!  We would gladly go commando and so should you.

Related Questions

Is there any risk attached to sleeping commando? No, there is no documented risk attached to sleeping commando. You can sleep properly and much more comfortable if you are not wearing your underwear. You should, however, be wary of insect bites and avoid sleeping commando while camping out.

Is sleeping nude better than going commando? Not many people can successfully attempt sleeping in the nude. Some just don’t find it hygienic, while others don’t like the feeling of feeling fully vulnerable during bedtime. It’s more of a question of personal preference.

Can I go commando all day? We wouldn’t recommend it because it may cause you a lot of discomfort throughout the day and also increase the chances of genital injury. It’s important to note that in some cultures, going out in public while commando can be offensive.

Can sleeping without underwear affect my health? Sleeping without your underwear has a lot of physical and mental benefits. You will feel more open and less caged without underwear and you will also likely have a better quality of sleep.

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