Should Guys Wear Thong Underwear?

If you have ever seen a women’s thong and envied the freedom that it provides them, then there is a pretty good chance that you have wondered about trying one on yourself. Why wouldn’t you? After all, it’s the perfect balance of comfort, style and, utility.

But should guys wear thong underwear? Yes, they should. Whether you are asking this from a masculinity or utility point of view, the answer is definitely yes. It provides better comfort and securely holds your jewels in place as well.

You may have wondered how this style spilled over to men, anyway. Or you might have thought about the social acceptance of men wearing a thong. Well, if you are looking forward to trying one on for yourself, then we have good news for you. Read on to find out why men should wear thong underwear.

The Thong Benefit

The thong is to jockstraps what jockstraps are to thongs. Get it? They’re both made the same way and serve just about the same purpose when worn by men. I suggest that you check out my reviews on the best underwear to prevent chafing if you have every had a chafing problem, click here to view my post.

Thongs are generally considered to be very comfortable to wear. They turn up the sexiness level to an 11 and can also make you feel open and free. If you are the type that enjoys the feeling of going commando, then thongs are the next best thing to providing that same feeling while also partially covering you.

Although they won’t provide much protection from the cold, as you may understand, they are still great to wear even during the winter season as well if you are clothed properly. If you think about it, who really wears underwear thinking that it would provide warmth, anyway?

The key to successfully pulling off the thong look is to first think of them like regular underwear. The more emphasis you put on them being special, the more likely you are to pick out and notice the small details in them which may make you feel insecure about your decision to wear them.

Trust us, thongs are a great addition to the typical men wardrobe which gives them a chance to break away from tradition and sort of break the mold. You will feel looser and much nimbler than if you wear normal underwear.

If you are the type that wears skin tight jeans but hates the silhouette of the underwear that it shows over, then the thong underwear is for you. You will find that it goes surprisingly well over almost all occasions. Whether it’s for a party, the dance floor, or a casual night out. Thong underwear will surely add to the experience.

If you have a fit body type and are a regular gym goer, then trust us when we tell you that you will look great showing off in your thong. Male thongs provide a level of sexiness that normal male underwear just won’t offer. You will notice the difference right after you try them on!

It’s also a great way to break the ice in the bedroom. You will appear more comfortable in your own skin and confident if you show up wearing a thong in the bedroom, rather than regular underwear. It’s not just the tangible benefits that thongs provide but also the statement that it makes for men.

Wearing a thong can also be symbolic. It may show that you are unconventional and may hint to others of you being open to experimentation, new experiences, being comfortable in your skin and being just plain broad-minded in general. It will only add to your personality and make you appear even more attractive in your circle.

If you think you will have trouble selling the idea to your friends and getting their acceptance, then think again. Thongs for men have gained a lot of popularity and social acceptance over the years. Men have become increasingly aware of them and are actually opting to have them as part of their underwear collection.

The Right Thong for Men

Now that you are ready to expand your underwear drawer, it’s time for you to find the right thong.

There are a lot of different factors to consider and different manufacturers provide a different “feel” for the thong. Some use a different combination of materials to construct thongs while others might experiment with different seam styles for better comfort. Whichever the case, there are just a few things you need to keep in mind before going out to buy your own pair of thong underwear.

When looking for thongs for men you need to keep 3 things in mind.

  • Size
  • Color
  • Style

For the size, we recommend that you buy your usual size of underwear for thongs. Male thongs are specially designed to accommodate the male genitalia but getting the right size can offer you long-lasting comfort. So, get the same size of thongs that you would for your usual undergarments but if you want to start off loose then go for it!

If you wear a large size regular underwear, then you should opt for a large size thong as well. Getting a smaller size will only make you feel uncomfortable and you will find yourself constantly adjusting the underwear out in public as you would for regular small size underwear.

A word of warning, though. Getting too large a size will defeat the purpose of the thong altogether and will also make you feel uncomfortable as it will feel too loose for your liking and of course, it won’t look good under your clothes either.

Color is also an important part of finding the right thong for you. You need to first figure out what you need the thong for. For example, if you are getting it for a party, then you can go with the regular solid colors. But if you are getting it for the bedroom, you can really get deep and experiment with the colors. Pick darker shades as they will add sophistication to your look and will also look neat.

Don’t go with bright colors as they may be a hit or miss with some people. If you are getting the thong to show off to someone special, then we recommend getting a darker color or something that fits your personality best. You can also opt for your significant others’ favorite color too!

Style is extremely important. Normally, thongs come in different shapes and sizes to adjust for the different tastes and palettes of people. You can get one that is the regular shape of a thong or you can get a party or bedroom wear that is specially designed to show off your junk.

Whichever style you choose, make sure you don’t go overboard with it as thongs can be overwhelming for some. It should be introduced in a very subtle and sophisticated manner in order to gain full acceptance as your new fashion item.

If you want the classic style, we recommend Jockey’s Seam-Free Thong for Men (Click to view on Amazon). This style is classy and sophisticated and the perfect way to expand your underwear collection. You can easily show off in this style as well as it offers both comfort and all the right features that a thong should have.

If you want to dive deeper and try out something truly different, we recommend the MuscleMate Premium Men’s Thong Underwear (Amazon). This style is also easy to pull off and can also be considered a classic as it very strongly resembles a regular thong. It’s built to provide comfort and style!

Related Questions

Are thongs only for the young? It’s more a question of whether you can pull it off or not. Thongs can be worn by adults of all ages so long as they can pull it off. Although you will find more young people advocating thongs than the aged, if it suits you, then you should definitely wear them.

Can thongs be worn under my regular clothes? Yes, thongs can be worn under virtually any type of clothing. The key is to treat it as normal underwear. If you can wear your regular underwear under everything, then thongs will replace them just fine.

Do thongs provide a greater feeling of being free and loose? Thongs are specially designed to make you feel loose and free. The minimum coverage that it provides actually boosts the feeling of lightness down there. You will feel much looser wearing a thong rather than regular underwear.

Can thongs aid during my workouts? Indeed, they can. Male thongs are designed to resemble jockstraps and can provide the same function as well. You can wear them during your workouts at the gym and even for cycling. It will keep your genitals in place and also provide more protection.

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