Should I Wear A Padded Bra?

A padded bra is a type of bra designed such that its cups are made with padding or contain pockets for padding. The padding is meant to make your breasts appear fuller, thus enhancing their appearance. In addition to making your breasts appear fuller and larger, padded bras also make them look firmer.

So, should you wear a padded bra? You should wear a padded bra if you want to make your breast tissue appear fuller and firmer. A padded bra also comes in handy if you have small breasts and would like to make them appear larger.

That said, there are various other reasons why most people would find wearing a padded bra to be a great idea. Read on to discover this and more.

Reasons to wear a padded bra

  • Extra Volume

A little volume could be the key to taking a graceful look to another level. Although girls with small breasts seem to find it beneficial to have more volume to flaunt, those with medium or larger sized breasts are not left behind, either. Added volume is sure to give their overall look a good boost.

  • Flattering shape

One issue with non-padded bras is that irrespective of their comfort level and gorgeousness, they can only do so much to enhance the shape of your bust line. A padded bra is, however, designed with stiff exteriors that help to give a smooth definition to your breasts.

  • Concealed nipples

The pain and embarrassment of showing nipples is one issue that is of particular concern to most ladies. The foam included between the cups of padded bras serves as a great concealer for nipple show.

  • Keeps breasts intact

It is common for breasts to swing around as one moves. If you find this embarrassing, padded bras could be your answer. They are designed to hold your breasts firmly, meaning you can rest easy as breast jiggling becomes a thing of the past.

Women involved in sports understand the importance of proper support for bras. We recommend the Mirity Padded Sports Bra (click to view current pricing on Amazon).

  • Sensitive breast tissue

A good number of women tend to experience breast tissue sensitivity in the lead up to and during their monthly period as well as during pregnancy. This kind of discomfort or pain is often as a result of various hormones — such as estrogen — bringing about changes in breast tissue. For these women, padded bras are reasonably more comfortable.

  • Breast unevenness

Among women, unevenness between breasts is something normal. For instance, one breast could be larger than the other. Wearing a padded bra is an excellent way to combat this issue and compensate for the unevenness. That’s because they make the breasts appear uniformly rounded and more identical in various other aspects.

If you have asymmetrical breasts, we recommend you go for a padded bra with removable padding. That allows you to only incorporate padding for the cup of the smaller breast, thereby aiding to increase evenness.

  • Also works for women who have undergone a mastectomy

Mastectomy is a surgical procedure performed to remove one or both breasts (double mastectomy). Women who have undergone the procedure may find solace in padded bras because they are sure to provide a more rounded and lush appearance.

  • Lactation

A common side effect of breastfeeding, according to Baby Center, is occasional leakage, especially during the early stages. A few women may even experience leakage during pregnancy. This phenomenon often occurs during feedings and in the morning when the breasts have too much milk.

A padded bra —be it a nursing bra or other kinds—help to conceal wet patches, thus preventing embarrassing situations.

For Pregnant women, we recommend the Leading Lady Padded Nursing Bra (link to Amazon).

It is safe to wear padded bras

One of the most commonly peddled myths is that wearing a padded bra could be a potential cause for breast cancer. The idea was started by the book ‘Dressed to Kill’ that was released in 1995. The book’s authors Sydney Ross and Soma Grismaijer claim women who put on underwire bras for up to 12 hours a day are at a higher risk of having breast cancer compared to those who do not put on bras.

They explain that bras tend to restrict the lymph system, thus resulting in toxin build-up in the breasts. But the American Cancer Society maintains that no evidence of cancer developing from lymph nodes compression — because of wearing padded bras —exists.

The reality of the situation is that body fluids flow up and through your underarm lymph nodes, but not in the direction of the underwire. Also, there is no adequate evidence to prove that any kinds of bras can cause breast cancer.

Even if a majority of breast cancer diagnoses are of women who wear padded bras, it is likely that the cause would arise from other factors. For instance, most women who have larger breasts are also likely to be heavier. Having an excessive amount of body fat or being overweight increases the chance of developing breast cancer. A sensible explanation would be that there is an increased likelihood for big breasted women to wear padded bras and to develop breast cancer. That, however, does not necessarily mean that padded bras cause breast cancer.

In a 2014 study, researchers inquired about the long-term bra-wearing patterns of postmenopausal women. After interviewing over 1000 breast cancer patients and almost 500 women without breast cancer, the study did not uncover any evidence of a link between increased risk of breast cancer and higher frequency of wearing underwire bras or any bras for that matter. In summary, in-depth studies have not proved that wearing underwire bras (or any bras) increase the risk of breast cancer. Instead, factors associated with breast cancer include physical inactivity, obesity, family history, sex, age, and more.

Plus-size women can still wear padded bras, though. We recommend Leading Lady Plus-Size Bra (Amazon).

How to choose a padded bra

There are various designs from when it comes to padded bras. For instance, there is the option where the padding is sewn in, and there is also the option where the padding is removable.

You will also notice some difference when you compare the size of regular bra to that of a padded bra. Consequently, you have to be sure about the correct bra size to ensure proper fitting, especially when buying online. An online bra size calculator is a useful tool to help with this exercise.

All in all, nothing beats physically trying on the bra. Be sure to have a shirt on when doing this. Furthermore, the advantage of visiting a physical store is that there is always a professional ready to offer you personalized assistance.

Did it ever hit you that your area’s climate also determines whether or not a padded bra would be a perfect fit for you? Well, it does. For instance, if your area has a warm climate, padded bras made from pure cotton would be your best bet, since they help to prevent all sorts of inconveniences such as sweaty bust lines.

You should also pay a great deal of attention to the price. Since padded bras are likely to be more expensive than the other types, it helps to budget in advance then choose the best quality bras in your price range.

Some of the first things you should take into consideration are whether the bra fits you correctly and whether you are comfortable in it. The brand choose should be trusted for topnotch quality and material. Whatever you do, avoid cheap bras that are both uncomfortable to wear and ill-fitting.

After ticking all the relevant boxes, you can go ahead and play around with colors. What is your favorite color?

Related Questions

Is it safe to wear a padded bra?

Yes, it is. The claim that wearing a padded bra increases the risk of developing breast cancer is unfounded and unsubstantiated. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, no evidence exists to support such a claim.

When should I start wearing a padded bra?

No standard set age exists for when you are supposed to start wearing a padded bra. It is your personal decision to decide when you feel it is necessary to do so. It could be because you want your breasts to appear larger, fuller, or firmer.


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