Should Males Shave Their Armpits (3 Reasons We Say Yes)

Manscaping has been increasing quite a bit in popularity over the years, and the surge of men that want to take care of their entire body has been great to see. The idea might seem a little odd or peculiar at first, but having a body that’s as clean, fresh, and handsome as possible can only be achieved with a bit of hair removal. However, knowing which hair you should and shouldn’t remove has raised some questions — such as, “should males shave their armpits?”

This is a question that we get asked a lot from our readers, but despite so many guys trying to find the answer to this problem, very few reliable ones exist. For every hundred guys asking, “Is it normal for guys to shave their armpits?”, you’ll find maybe one helpful answer.

We understand your frustration with the lack of clarity surrounding this issue, and we’re here to put an end to the debate once and for all.

To shave or not to shave

If you’ve already dabbled a bit with the concept of manscaping, you’ve likely considered shaving your armpit hair once or twice. The idea may have seemed wild to you at first, but we’re here to reassure you that you aren’t crazy!

Over the years, a number of different studies have been done regarding this matter, and the overall agreement seems to be that shaving armpits does come with a handful of valuable benefits.

We understand that not every guy will be comfortable with the idea of getting rid of their armpit hair for masculinity reasons, and we completely understand that.

However, if you’re open to the idea of cleaning up your underarm hair and want to know exactly what benefits come along with it, the three reasons below should help shed a bit more light on this subject matter.

1. Does shaving armpits reduce sweat?

Kind of sort of.

You see, no matter how much of your armpit hair you decide to cut off, you’ll never be able to completely eliminate sweat that builds up in that area. It’s natural and healthy for your body to produce sweat under your arms, and as such, you’ll never be able to stop it completely.

With that said, some guys have reported that they’ve noticed less sweat under their arms after shaving their hair in that area.

So, does it actually work?

Shaving your armpit hair won’t technically make your pits cooler or force them to start producing less sweat, but what it will do is help to make sweat stains on your shirts less noticeable than they are with hair.

When you sweat with armpit hair, your sweat has a tendency to stay on the said hair. With this hair protruding from under your arm and onto your shirt, you get more pronounced sweat stains. So, by cutting your hair and removing the amount of surface area for that sweat to move to, you cut back on the stains.

The results that you see here will vary depending on your body and lifestyle, but enough guys have seen substantial results in these regards for us to promote it as a legit reason you may want to start cleaning up your hair down there.

2. Shaved armpits just look better

This is, without a doubt, one of the most argued points of contention when talking about shaved armpits.

On one end of the argument, you’ve got guys who are under the impression that a shaved armpit will reduce masculinity and make you less attractive to the female counterpart.

On the flip side, you’ve got people who agree that a shaved armpit looks cleaner and more attractive than wild hair that’s sticking out everywhere.

Which side is right?


Seeing as how everyone has different tastes and preferences, we can’t rightfully say that one look is ultimately better than the other. What we can say though, is that there’s always room for some sort of grooming with your armpits.

If you’re okay with getting rid of all of your hair, having a clean and shaven look appears professional and well-taken care of. Take a look at the modeling and sports industry, and you’ll notice that most guys here side with the camp of shaving pit hair.

Then again, if you still want to hold onto some of your hair for masculinity reasons, just make sure you at least trim it up a little bit so it doesn’t get too wild and out of control. The last thing any woman wants to see is a gigantic pile of hair sticking out of your arms, so a little TLC will go a long way to making your hair much more presentable and attractive.

3. It’s extremely easy to shave your armpit hair

While on the subject of armpit hair, we noticed that a lot of men wanted to know how to trim armpit hair with scissors. A lot of guys are wondering if this is a viable way to go about things, and in all honesty, it really is!

Regular Pair of Scissors

Between a regular pair of scissors, a razor, electric shaver, etc., you can use pretty much any grooming tool to clean up and/or shave your pit hair. You’ll most likely want to use a proper shaver if you’re completely getting rid of your hair, but if you just want to clean it up a little bit, a pair of scissors will suffice.

Trimming away at your pit hair is easy enough, but if you decide to use something as simple as a pair of scissors, you’ll still want to make sure that you’re taking enough time and being careful with the whole process.

Uneven patches of pit hair doesn’t look any better if there are long, overgrown sections, so just be sure to treat it with as much care and attention as you would when shaving your face or other part of your body.

Final Thoughts

So, should males shave their armpits? As you can now see, we have to give this question a resounding “Yes!” There are a number of benefits that come with shaving your armpits, and doing so only takes a handful of minutes. If you aren’t ready to go fully-shaven just yet, try trimming your hair first and seeing how you feel about that. If it really won’t work for you, don’t worry about it. If you end up liking it though, shave everything else and start living pit hair-free!


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