Should You Shave Before or After a Shower; Expert Reveals:

Most men shave when they are either going to take a shower or after a shower. It makes perfect sense because the environment is entirely feasible, and it saves them time for doing this on another occasion when you have to get ready again from scratch. 

Should you shave before or after a shower? You should shave after a shower because the pores of your skin open after taking a shower, thus helping you have a better shave. If you were to shave before a shower, there is more a chance that you will pull on your skin since the beard follicles are tighter. 

The after-shower shave is more efficient, and if you are planning to shave with a traditional razor, you should shave after taking a shower. It also helps you if your skin is sensitive. It saves you from razor burns on your skin. If you want to save a little time and trim your beard properly, you can also opt before shower shaving.

It must be kept in mind that there are no wrong or correct answers to this question. It depends on your preference and the quality of your skin. To some, a shave before the shower suits most, and to some, after shower shave agrees with them. The only correct answer is your preference to shave it, whether before or after taking a shower.

Furthermore, in this article, we will discuss the feasibility of shaving before or after a shower.

  • According to experts, the likelihood of getting a razor burn by shaving before taking a shower is more than shaving after. The skin is dry, rough, and coarse before a shower and is more prone to getting a razor burn. It is a significant problem for those with sensitive skin. And according to a 2012 article, when asked by guys, most of them preferred shaving after taking a shower because they said their neck area is very much prone to get razor burns if they shave before taking a shower.
  • Experts say that, according to a 2016 study, you must use a moisturizer before shaving. It is because it softens the skin and the hair follicles. On top of that, it will also help the skin loosen up a little bit to welcome a good shave. After a warm shower, your skin gets a little dried, and you can get razor burns while shaving. These hydrating lotions and moisturizers help remove the dead cells from the skin and help you get a proper shave.
  • Experts reveal that trimming and setting your beard should be done before you have taken a shower. It is because the hair of your beard stands out if they are dry, thus making it easy for you to trim them. You can use an electric trimmer to set your beard and remove hair from your neck. 
  • Another factor that plays a vital role in shaving is the time factor. If you are time struck and, in a hurry, you can avoid taking a shower and shave, but you will miss the critical part of hydrating your skin using moisturizer or a lotion. Shaving before taking a shower is also less messy because you get to clean any leftover foam or a cut when you take a shower afterward.

Electric Shave Before or After a Shower:

There are two scenarios in this condition. If you are using an electric shaver, then you must shave your beard before taking a shower. It is because the hair of your beard is still brisk before shaving and stands out, which makes it easier for you to shave or trim them.

But in the case of using a razor blade, you should shave after taking a shower because you want your hair wet and clean them using a razor blade which makes it easier if you have already taken a shower.

These factors should also be considered while using an electric shaver are that it is a long-time investment, and you can opt for the best electric shaver according to your choice. You do not need to buy razors and blades every time you want to shave.

It is a quick and time-saving method, and to top that, you do not get any cuts from an electric shaver, unlike a razor blade. They do not cause nicks, burns, and ingrown hairs. Electric shavers are better for sensitive skins because they do not cause cuts or razor burns on your skin. Also, there might be irritation caused by electric shavers, but they are less likely to cause any other problem and are better for sensitive skins. A highly recommended option for those wanting to go the electric shaver route, can be found within the Braun Electric Razor. Not only is it waterproof and easy to clean but it’s charge will continue for up to 1 hour and 45 minutes uninterrupted. Check out its Amazon listing here!

The other side of this same coin is that electric shavers do not cut the hair thoroughly, i.e., it is not a close shave compared to shaving with a razor blade. Electric shavers are often extremely hard to use in tight spots because they cannot reach them, considering their enormous size. They also need time to charge, and it can be a little frustrating if the batteries are out of order because it certainly wastes time in that case.

Shave Before or After Shower; Acne:

Razor bumps and acne are two different things. You must know the difference. A razor bump is when you cut your hair, and it starts to grow inwards, which causes swelling or redness on your skin. Acne is caused by clogging the pores on your skin due to excess oil or dead skin cells. If they break out after shaving, then they are usually razor bumps.

Different ways can cause acne on your skin while shaving. Using an old and dirty blade that contains bacteria and enters your skin when you drag the razor on your skin can cause acne. So, make sure you use a new knife every time you shave.

Shaving products can also cause swelling or acne to break out on your skin. If your skin is sensitive, make sure you purchase a shaving kit or products that are compatible with your skin. If you are not sure of that, you must visit a dermatologist to consult the best shaving products for your skin to avoid causing acne or any problem. Precaution is better than treatment.

Not washing your face properly after a good shave can cause acne to break out too. It would help if you rinsed your face with cold after a shave to close the clogs and pores that can contain dirt or debris, which can cause acne on your skin. Make sure you rinse your face with cold water and not warm water.

Using soap dries your skin and can cause razor bumps if you shave after using a bar of soap to clean your face. Make sure to use a medicated face cleanser that hydrates your skin and does not cause any dryness, which might give birth to a razor bump.

Take a look here for a video from Gillette and get some quick tips in your pursuit of better shavers in the shower.

The Table Below Compiles Useful Items That People Use When Shaving in the Shower:

What do you use to shave in the showerPercentage of total results
Fogless shower mirrors are an essential item for those planning to shave in the shower.21.43%
A very useful tool few men use in the shower is shaving soap, used to lather a smoothen out your hair.7.14%
Non-electric razors are the preferred shaving device for men in the shower, of course, this includes straight-razors14.29%
Typically, an electric razor is not recommended to be used in a shower, but if the appropriate waterproof device is purchased, you can really save yourself a hassle.3.57%
Using a preferred shaving gel in the shower is highly recommended and can do wonders in the right hands.10.71%
Although it may sound already implied, using a preferred brush in the shower can be extremely helpful.7.14%
It may sound simple, but many have found that warm water and lots of steam can soften up your hair and allow a cleaner and easier shave.25%
A cream lather can be very useful when trying to soften up your beard in the shower.10.71%
Data derived from multiple online shaving forums

Should You Shave Your Legs Before or After a Shower:

Experts are of the view that you should shave your legs after taking a shower. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is said that you must hop into the shower and rinse your body for 10-15 mins which will soften up your skin, thus making it easier to shave. If you take a shower any longer than the specified time, it will wrinkle up your skin, making it more difficult to shave as compared to shaving your legs before taking a shower.

Use exfoliation and conditioners on your skin while you are taking a shower. It will help your skin become more acceptable to shaving, which will reduce the risk of any nicks, cuts, or ingrown hair. It will also prevent your skin from getting any razor burns.

Shaving your legs while they are dry is a BIG NO!!! It will only cause problems for your skin. When the skin is dry, it will be more acceptable for razor burns and cuts. According to AAD, you should never shave your legs while they are dry.

If you are shaving your legs, you must shave them in the direction of the hair growth. Doing it otherwise will only be bad for your legs. You can prevent razor burns and cuts if you shave in the direction of the hair growth.

Should I Shave Before or After a Shower; Women:

Women have facial hair, too, and shaving them off is one way of getting rid of them. Beautiful women like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn also shaved their faces to get rid of their facial hair. Facial shaving can be used to remove hairs from the face.

Women’s skin is more sensitive than men’s skin. It is thus more prone to razor bumps, burns, cuts, and ingrown hair. The best way to avoid these things is to shave your face or any other part of your body after taking a warm shower which will open up the pores and clogs on your skin, thus making it easier to shave.

Use exfoliators and conditioners to hydrate your skin to get a better experience of shaving. They are a must-use before shaving if you want to avoid any troubles for your skin. One such highly recommended choice is ProactivMD, which can be used daily with its gentle formula made with protection against irritation. Click here for more information about pricing from Amazon. If you are on the fence or have severely sensitive skin, contacting a dermatologist so they can guide you towards the best and gentle options for your skin would be ideal.

Most women prefer shaving in the tub rather than the shower. It is indeed a more manageable way, but it is not the best way. According to Heather Wilson, an esthetician and director of brand development for InstaNatural skincare products, when women stay in tubs for long, their skin gets swollen slightly, thus not providing them the close shave they wanted. Once they get out of the tub and skin normalizes, only then do they realize that the skin is stubble and not smooth and completely shaved as they wanted.

Shaving before you have taken a shower is not fine at all! You might think that using shaving cream or exfoliator will do the work but do you want to drag a blade or razor through your dirty skin, which can cause many skin problems? So make sure you take a warm shower before shaving.

Can I Take a Bath After Shaving?

According to Nivea Men, if you want to take a bath after shaving, you should switch to an electric shaver instead of using the traditional razor blade. If you are adamant about using the razor blade, switch to the widely recognized and better way of shaving after a warm shower.

Shaving after a shower has another advantage. You get to clean all the mess that would have taken time otherwise. You can clean the leftover shaving cream, conditioner, and a cut by taking a shower afterward. It will also clean the dirt and debris that might have gotten into your skin and cause problems like acne and pimples.

Ensure that you rinse your body with cold water if you are adamant about shaving before taking a shower. That cold water will help close the pores and clogs that otherwise welcome the dirt and debris.

Finally, showering after shaving also saves your time by not having to clean all the mess you would otherwise have. So, if you are time stricken, then you can take a shower after shaving.

Final Thoughts:

The discussion between the possibilities of shaving before and after a shower are well founded. As both are correct in different ways but shaving after a shower is what most people prefer because of its more advantages than shaving before a shower, whose most dominant advantage is that it saves you some time. 

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