Should You Shave Your Buttcrack? (Is It Worthwhile?)

is it normal to have hair on your buttcrack

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Let’s not mince words— buttcrack hair is gross. It’s susceptible to sweat and fecal debris, it probably feels unhygienic, and it looks unappealing.

Anyone who has thought about these downsides to buttcrack hair has most likely considered, from time to time, shaving it off.

You’ve probably imagined that you’ll feel cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable without the burden of hair where it doesn’t belong. So, should you shave your buttcrack?”

Some of your preconceived notions about shaving your buttcrack are false, and we want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into before you decide whether or not to shave that part of your body.

Why Do People Shave Their Buttcracks?

The most common reason people go to the trouble of shaving this body part is that they believe it improves hygiene.  Others do it for aesthetic reasons. A cleanly-shaven butt, they believe, will not only look nicer than a hairy one but will also gather less debris.

For some men, shaving their butt hairs can make them more confident when engaging in sexual activity, and some men simply dislike the feeling of dislodging dingleberries after every bowel movement.

Whatever your reasoning for doing it, we are going to strongly caution you against it, because we believe that the harms of shaving your buttcrack outweigh the benefits.

“Why Shouldn’t I Shave?”…

Initially, you may think that you can apply the same technique you use when shaving your facial hair to shaving your buttcrack, but you’d be mistaken. First of all, facial hair is visible, predictable, and accessible. If you have a mirror in front of you, it’s difficult to mess up.

Shaving your buttcrack hair is, unfortunately, a different situation altogether. The only way you’ll even be able to see that area is by putting a mirror on the floor, and even then, you’ll have to contort into some pretty uncomfortable positions in order to be able to see it.

Put simply, shaving your buttcrack is not easy, and it will take practice before you get it right, which probably means you’ll make a few uncomfortable mistakes along the way. Are you willing to take that risk?

Even Butt Hair Has a Purpose

We have significantly less hair on our bodies than our evolutionary cousins, the apes, which means that almost all of our leftover body hair serves some type of purpose. Eyebrows, for example, keep sweat out of our eyes, and the hair on our heads help protect us from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Likewise, the hair in your buttcrack, gross and useless as it may seem, helps create friction when you walk and wicks moisture away from your anus. If you shave it off, you may notice that your butt cheeks become significantly more “slippery” and feel more susceptible to sweating.

If you don’t wipe thoroughly and completely after using the bathroom, this moisture can mix with leftover fecal matter and create an unpleasant, odorous mixture.

Though it may seem hygienic to shave your butt crack, you will not necessarily feel any “cleaner” than you did before.

If You Shave…

You’ve heard the reasons we recommend not shaving your buttcrack, but we realize that everyone’s circumstances are different and that some of you simply feel that you need to shave your crack, or at the very least try it once.

After all, how bad could it be? If you’ve read the risks and still wish to proceed, we have a bit of advice for you that will hopefully make your shaving experience go as smoothly as possible.

Use a High-Quality Razor

Don’t compromise by using a disposable razor— if you really want to shave your buttcrack, you should invest in a good electric razor as well as a high-quality manual one.

Also, make sure that either the razors are new or the blades have just been changed. You can’t afford to nick yourself with blunt or crooked blades– you’ll be uncomfortable for days.  Trust us, it’s not worth it.

Use Shaving Cream, Not Soap

Once again, this is for your own good. Shaving cream will create a much cleaner shave than soap will, and it’ll also be less likely to irritate your skin.

Use a Mirror

Don’t attempt to shave blind—it will not work, even if you’re experienced at shaving other parts of your body. Make sure you position a mirror at an angle that makes it possible for you to see exactly what you’re doing.

Shave One Cheek at a Time

Don’t try to save time by shaving directly down the middle, because if you do, you will be quite literally cutting corners. Shaving one cheek at a time will allow you to position the razor at a neat angle and cut the hair evenly. Shaving both at once will not only leave you with an incomplete shave but also some nasty, uncomfortable razor nicks.

Final Thoughts

There you have it—our answer to the question, “Should you shave your buttcrack?” which is a definitive, “no.” As inconvenient as that hair can seem, it’s there for a reason, and if you eliminate it, you will quickly learn why it was there in the first place.

Though shaving may seem like the hygienic thing to do, your butt hairs actually improve hygiene by wicking sweat so that it doesn’t gather on your butt cheeks.

Due to its angled nature and the inability for you to get an easy look at it, your buttcrack is also one of the hardest places to shave, and unfortunate mistakes can make the next few days—or even weeks—of your life uncomfortable.

We’ve provided you with some tips to minimize discomfort and reduce the chances of nicking yourself in the case that you do shave your buttcrack, but that does not mean that we recommend it.

Even following these tips is not an absolute guarantee that nothing will go wrong or that you will enjoy the results. Take the things this article tells you into account, and use your best judgment. But we strongly advise against shaving your buttcrack.

Hannah Marie

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