How to Stretch a Fitted Baseball Cap (Avoid those Headaches!)

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Fitted hats give a specific look that you may be after. Not to mention, that in theory, they seem completely low key and comfortable. The only problem that you could run into is finding yourself with a fitted baseball hat that is too tight. That will leave you with an aching head. That is why you should learn how to stretch a fitted baseball cap.

Know Your Sizing

Before reaching the point where you need to know how to stretch a fitted baseball cap, you need to have one in your possession. That means, you either got one as a gift or went and picked one out for yourself. If you got one as a gift and it didn’t fit, there is really nothing you can do. Going to pick out your own hat and choosing the wrong size is a different story.

Don’t just assume that once you get to the store, it will suddenly become evident which fitted hat will suit your head. You need to be prepared with information ahead of time.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Find a flexible tape measure.
  2. Wrap the tape measure around your head, above your ears, and as close to where you think you want your hat to sit, as possible.
  3. Measuring around the widest part of your head is a good idea because many hats fall there naturally.
  4. Don’t squeeze the measuring tape too tightly, as that will give you an inaccurate read, and lead to picking hats that are too small.
  5. Measure a few times to be sure of the circumference.

Once you’ve measured your head, you can go straight to the store and ask an associate for help, or you can search for sizing charts online that match head circumference to brand sizes for fitted hats.

Before buying a hat, try it on to feel the fit. If you’re in between sizes, and the larger size feels too loose, you can choose the smaller size and plan to stretch out your hat later.

How to Stretch a Fitted Hat

If you do find yourself with a fitted hat that is just too snug for comfort, there’s nothing to worry about. Stretching fitted hats is possible and not as difficult as you may imagine.

Just follow these steps:

  • Remove any tags or stickers from your fitted hat, and clean the area where the stickers were.
  • After everything has been removed, choose from one of the following methods to stretch your fitted cap:
    1. Just Wear It: the reality is that if you just wear your tight fitted hat, the natural humidity will eventually force the hat to loosen your head shape. The drawback is that this can take a lot of time during which your head will likely be in pain.
    2. Wet the Crown: boil water, cover the crown of the hat (avoid the bill) with water. Let the hot water cool a bit. Wear the hat until the water dries completely. You may need to do this a few times to get it stretched as much as you need.
    3. Pull from Two Sides: lay your fitted cap down so that the opening is facing up. Put a hand on each side of the hat, and pull slowly. Listen for the slight ripping of the seam, but be careful not to pull too hard.
    4. Use Your Knee: this is similar to the previous method. Instead of using your hands to stretch and pop the seams, you will put your knee into the head opening. Hold one side of the hat, and push with your knee until you hear a pop.

Remember that all hats are made differently, especially from brand to brand. Be patient when trying to stretch a fitted hat. Take your time to see which method will work for each individual hat you want to stretch. That way you can avoid damaging your fitted hat beyond repair.

How to Break in a Fitted Baseball Hat

Once you have stretched your fitted hat so that it is sitting comfortably on your head, it’s time to break that baby in. Breaking in a baseball hat can mean different things to different people. Whatever it happens to mean to you, there is definitely a way you can achieve the look you prefer.

Try breaking in your fitted hat with these techniques:

  • Constant Wearing: the most basic way to break your fitted hat in is by wearing it a lot. By a lot, we mean, every day for a good amount of time. If your hat sits at home too much, it will retain its new and unused quality.
  • Wash It: since you’ll be wearing it so much, your hat will probably start to be covered in sweat stains or smell. You’ll need to wash it, and that process will also help give your hat the look of having been broken in.
  • Dirty It Up: if you’re into the really used and rugged look of a fitted hat, then you’ll need to take some more extreme measures. You may need to go as far as running over your hat with your bicycle, or rubbing it in the dirt and stepping on it. It sounds out there, but once you wash it again, all you’ll notice is the desired worn outlook.
  • Sandpaper: another serious solution to breaking your hat in, sandpaper will give it a worn and used look in a short amount of time. Just make sure to go at a slow pace so you don’t make it look more used than you want.
  • Sunlight: if you let your fitted hat sit out in the sun for a few hours each day, the color will slowly start to fade. When you see that it has reached the point you want, you can bring it back inside.

Breaking your hat in isn’t difficult at all, it just takes technique.

Final Thoughts

Your fitted baseball cap may be your go-to accessory each day. So make sure it is comfortable and has the look you want.


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