Tabac Shaving Soap (For When You Want A Real Shave)

As a guy, a real shave is a process that can often feel priceless. Tabac shaving soap helps this process along quite nicely. Many guys these days are using electric shavers on their faces. Others will just use a quick disposable razor. But I’m here to tell you that self-care is not just for the ladies. This soap is the epitome of self-care.

Tabac Shaving Soap Pros

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All the finer things in life cost money it seems, doesn’t it? The truth is, yes, Tabac shave soap is a bit pricier than a can of Gillette shaving cream. But you have to be willing to pay for quality. Tabac shave soap, also known as Tabac shaving cream, is a top quality shaving product. Every board you find about shaving will refer to this soap. Men and women alike sing its praises. And for a woman to show up on a shaving board for men, you know she must mean business.

The Scent of a Man

Typically, what women will say about his product is that it smells like a man. There is a light lingering scent to this soap that reminds one of Scotland Yard. You expect some rugged Londoner to step into the room in his overcoat and interrogate you about the whereabouts of the queen’s jewels.

Say what you will about cologne or scent in general, but it pays to smell nice. You will feel better about yourself if you feel crisp and clean, and there is nothing better to remind you of how crisp you are indeed than a nice smelling face soap. The scent will linger with you long after your wife or girlfriend nuzzles your face for one last kiss before you head out the door.

Puck Not Cream

While some may refer to this soap as a shave cream, it is essential to note that it is in fact what looks like a bar of soap. Some call this a puck. You must wet your brush, maybe even the puck itself, and work up a lather on the puck. The soap will foam and lather up, like a thick bar of soap, and come off on your shave brush ready to apply.

Once you’ve gathered plenty of creamy soap onto your face, you are ready to shave. Take the instructions literally when they say “apply liberally.”

Masculine Moisturizer

There is nothing worse on your body in terms of personal care than dry skin. It doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t look good, and it can lead to so many other problems, like extra cuts and scrapes you just don’t need.

Tabac shave soap, and any refill you get to replace it will keep your skin moist and soft. Again, you can be as macho as you like, but at the end of the day, even Clint Eastwood has got to be moisturizing. No woman on earth thinks about how handsome a guy’s ashy skin is.

Rugged is one thing, ashy is another. Apply Tabac liberally and shave carefully. Indeed, if you are going to invest the money in a good shave soap like this one, you had better be investing good money in a solid razor as well. You may even want to go old school with a single blade. Talk about a man’s man.

The Trappings

This soap comes with a bowl to store your soap, so you needn’t worry about buying one separately. The bowl can sit sink side with the soap inside of it. Just be sure your daughter doesn’t come it and use it for her dolls bubble bath. Your wife or girlfriend won’t get anywhere near it. Don’t worry. The scent of a man is all over this soap. It won’t be mistaken for woman’s face wash.

The bowl is the perfect accessory for your bathroom. It is a crisp white, so it will go with anything; your wife won’t complain that it doesn’t match her decor. And once she kisses your face for the first time, the bowl will be the last thing on her mind.


Tabac Shaving Soap Cons

Tabac is a high quality soap, which means it needs to be well taken care of. This can be a con for many low maintenance men. But, if you are low maintenance, you probably aren’t looking for an expensive high maintenance shaving soap.

This could be a big con. The soap needs to be kept dry, so that it doesn’t end up caking up and rinsing away down the sink within weeks. It also needs to be kept clean. So you can’t let dust gather on your soap puck between shavings, or your skin will feel it.

The bowl needs to be cleaned frequently. The wet soap will cake up regularly and start to leave a slick residue on your bowl. Remember, you are looking for the finer things in life, not grime on your soap bowl.

Once you invest in a brush as well, remember to always hang it upside down. This way, the water runs out of it and doesn’t collect inside the brush and mold. Also be sure to clean your brush frequently with water and soap. Again, clean it facing downward. Do not spray into the brush or you will risk fraying the strands.

Product Line

  1. Tabac Original Soap (puck)
  2. Tabac Shaving Soap (stick)
  3. Tabac Bowl Refill
  4. Tabac Shaving Soap Bowl
  5. Tabac Soap Stick Refill

Final Thoughts

Like any refined gentleman (that’s you now), you’ll want to have the perfect lather for your brush with your Tabac soap. While it may seem simple a first, the technique is a particular one, as shown in the video.

Take good care of yourself, and you can start with one of the last truly masculine of activities. Make sure to have a good supply of Tabac shaving soap, and be sure to have a set of elegant shaving utensils into your morning. Start your day with Tabac Shaving Soap, and you will surely finish strong.


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