Are you Fed up? : Trying to Grow a Beard but it Itches

You may have told you someone close to you that you are trying to grow a beard but it itches. Perhaps you have redness on your face that others may perceive as a skin condition.

Besides the pimply look to your face due to your beard, you tend to scratch constantly underneath your chin and flakes of skin sail down from this area. Talk about embarrassment. It is as if you have dandruff on your face.

trying to grow a beard but it itches

Why does my beard itch in the first place?

Luckily an itchy beard is just temporary. It happens in the beginning stage of growing out a beard which is why someone that shaves daily does deal with itchiness on a daily basis.

The beard baron explains one reason for the start of the beard irritation. He states that as your beard begins to grow, the whiskers are going to start to lay down or to curl as they become longer.

The point on a whisper is sharp because you had previously sliced off the top with a razor before you had started to grow your beard. It is these pointed whiskers that dig into your facial skin.

This stage of beard growth can be alarming because your face may even develop a rash or red patches. Again, there is no need to worry. As your beard becomes longer, the itch and other skin issues will slowly disappear. Nevertheless, this period of growth can last four to six weeks.

Another explanation for the irritations of the beard is that some of us use razors that tend to pull on the whisker in order to give a cleaner shave.

After this type of razor releases a whisker, the whisker can retreat below the top layer of facial skin. As this whisker pushes through the surface of the skin during the growth stage of a beard, the itchy beard syndrome happens once again.

Why does a whisker growing through the skin hurt so much? states that there might be dead skin that is clogging up your follicle that is creating the environment of itch. The whiskers are growing into the skin instead of sprouting straight up and out because they are curly.

This curly whisker is actually something that one can inherit. There are certain races that tend to have hair that is not totally straight in nature: Latinos, and African-Americans especially. After trimming their beards, the shaved area will be filled with tiny bumps or red sores.

why does my beard itch
The chances of someone of the black or Latino decent of developing such sores and itchiness is as much as 50 percent higher when compared to other races. It sounds scary, but it can be treated.

There actually is a medical name for this type of irritation. It is called Pseudofolliculitis barbae and it mostly found in the beard or genitals area.

This condition can become worse if you scratch the area too much. The pimply area can become populated with pustules or papules if an infection sets in.

Besides the genetic component that can cause an itchy beard, there are treatments to the facial area with products that can create redness and irritation of the beard.

Men sometimes use harsh soaps that are drying out their beard areas. They rub away vigorously and fast to get that job done. The dried skin may become itchy and irritated in the beard area.

Another cause of the drying out of the face is the lack of moisture in the cold air of winter. The relative humidity is super low during this season. If a man is outside a lot and his face is exposed to this type of air, the moisture might be sapped from his face causing dryness under the beard.

How to reduce beard itch quickly

If you are one of those beard growers that tends to have a rash on your beard area that itches, I have some tips for getting rid of the itch.

  1. My first tip might seem odd to you, but it is very simple. When you are growing out your beard, each morning spend some time combing it with the cheapest comb that you can buy. As I stated above, whiskers tend to curl as their length increases. By pulling a comb through your beard, you will be straightening out the whiskers which decreases the chance that they will poke into your facial skin.
  2. The pointed whiskers that can irritate the skin are created when you cut off the whisker tips with a razor. My next tip to get rid of the beard itch is to shape your beard using an electric razor instead of a harsh manual razor. Not only will this reduce the itch, you will speed up your morning beard trimming session.
  3. I found a great morning beard treatment tip on the site called They suggest that you use hair conditioner on your itchy bristles. Conditioner will softer those rough bristles and even the follicles will become smoother. You will be able smile again in the morning knowing that any grimace will not cause an itchy face.
  4. We all need to smile and getting frustrated with the initial irritated beard is not needed. The itch will subside. This last tip for those trying to grow a beard, but it itches too much, involves just waiting it out. You need to let time pass and to allow our dermis to get used to the beard as it grows out. After a few weeks, the itch will subside and you will then become a happily bearded man.

Bye Bye to the Beard the Hurts and Hello to Beard Itch Relief

Becoming aware as to why your beard is itchy to begin with is powerful. Is there a simple solution or is it genetic in nature? Using skin conditioner as mentioned could be your ticket to a smooth and comfortable beard. Nevertheless, do not let yourself become too discouraged, work on your personal solution and you will be able to grow that soft and comfy beard.


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