TRYM II Review (Keep Your Look Sleek and Fresh)

Keeping up appearances can be important, and a neat and stylish look when it comes to your facial hair is a big part of that. Electric razors are the easiest way to maintain an updated look, but storing them conveniently can be a challenge. Once you read the TRYM II review, your opinion on that matter will change, as this razor has your ease of use in mind.

Our Rating

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After taking a lot of time with this TRYM II review, learning about its features, and considering their practicality, we have given this razor a rating of 4 out 5 stars. It’s a strong product that will be a satisfactory addition to your hygiene equipment collection.

Review: TRYM II

Overall, the TRYM II is an electric razor that will provide you with a clean cut and a simple experience, which is why it received 4 stars. For a very reasonable price, you get a comprehensive razor, complete with extensions, which will fit in any bathroom and is even practical for traveling.


  • TRYM II Attachments: when it comes to styling and creating the look that really suits your personality and makes you feel confident from day to day, it’s helpful to be able to use your razor for different types of cutting and shaving. You can do just that with the four attachments included with the TRYM II. The TRYM II guards come in different sizes (1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm) to fulfill your various purposes.
  • TRYM II AC Adapter: one of the most illogical things about many electric razors, is that they work with an attached electrical cord. While there are usually outlets in the bathroom, that doesn’t mean that using an electrical device is especially safe. Not to mention that the cord can be a hassle in terms of flexibility in movement and where you shave. The TRYM solves that problem by using a rechargeable base and an AC adapter which can be attached to the base when needed.
  • Full Kit: the TRYM II comes with a full kit, including blade oil and a cleaning brush, so that you are ready to properly care for your razor once you get it.
  • Flexible for Travel: if you need to travel and want to bring your TRYM II with you, without the bulk of the base, you are in luck. The razor can be charged directly to the AC adapter, making it a lighter pack for trips.
  • Powerful Charge: when you fully charge your razor, the battery will last for about 2 weeks of use before you need to recharge.
  • Affordable Quality: finding an electric razor that will do a quality job while still fitting into your budget can be tough, but the TRYM II does just that. It’s very affordable and you will feel like you paid much more.
  • Multipurpose: while designed for use on facial hair, the TRYM II also works well on body hair, so you get a multipurpose tool for a great value.


  • Dry Shave Only: the TRYM II is designed for dry shaving only, so if you prefer wet shaving, this razor won’t be your best option.
  • Battery Issues: if you choose to use the TRYM II, make sure to be extra careful about charging only until full, and unplugging the AC adapter right away. The battery has a tendency to die over a shorter period of time if you ‘overcharge’ it often.
  • Plastic Attachments: the guards that come with the TRYM II are made of plastic, which you need to treat with care to avoid them breaking.

If you’re ready to invest in an electric razor to change your level of convenience in your grooming routine, the TRYM II could be the right option for you. Simply keep in mind that you will need to treat your new tool with care and mind the battery, in order to experience its optimal performance.


Pure Enrichment Brand Overview

You may not be aware, but the TRYM II is manufactured by a company called Pure Enrichment, which produces a range of products including air treatment products, personal care items (like the TRYM II), medical products, and items for use in the home.

Pure Enrichment is a brand that is focused on providing simple, yet high-quality standards in all of their products. They have strong customer services, and if you find yourself in need of assistance, they will be there to help you.


TRYM: Other Useful Products

The TRYM II is just one of the shaving products manufactured by Pure Enrichment. Here are another two, which are just as functional.

1. TRYM PRO Premium Hair Trimming Set 

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If you’re more interested in having a portable electric razor to carry with you on travels, then check out the TRYM PRO Premium Hair Trimming Set. It includes the handheld razor, which runs on a rechargeable battery, which you will charge using the included power cord. A full charge will keep you shaving for an hour.

This razor offers flexibility in where you shave, as it can be used cordless or while attached to the charging power cord. The kit includes seven different sized combing attachments and a thinning attachment for your total customization abilities.

2. TRYM Nose Hair Trimmer with LED Grooming Light for Precision Trimming 

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The answer to a question about how to reach and trim those small spaces comes in the form of the TRYM Nose Hair Trimmer. You can use it, as its name says, for your nose, but also for smaller areas like your ears and eyebrows. The battery-operated trimmer is compact and will fit into any travel or standard toiletry bag.

Designed with an included LED light, you will be able to see your small areas well for precise work. The trimmer comes with a cleaning brush to keep it in good condition and a cap to avoid any nicks when you reach into a bag to take it out.


Final Thoughts

The TRYM II is an electric razor that will add convenience and ease to your grooming process, while simultaneously adding a sleek aesthetic to space you keep it in. If it turns out to be the right razor for you, be sure to check out Pure Enrichment’s other shaving tools.


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