Invest in a Vacuum Hair Cutter: Less Mess!

“What can go wrong?” You may ask yourself. “What can possibly go wrong?” You borrow your buddy’s trimmers and you cut your own hair. Or worse, you let your buddy do it. Then you look in the mirror and find your sides unequal, hair is sticking out where it shouldn’t be, and your length on top is not what you were hoping for. A vacuum haircutter can save you all that grief.

Why Vacuum?

Vacuum hair cutting technology will save you time and money. With a vacuum hair cutter, you simply place your hair into the funnel and your hair is drawn into precisely places blades. You get a clean cut every time. The design works because you are pressing the device against your head, so your scalp will guide the blades.

When you have to trust a barber or stylist, you are trusting someone’s eye, which can easily lead you wrong. There’s a reason the term ‘bad hair day” is a commonly coined one. With a regular trimmer wielded by your brother in law, you could end up with a bad hair week.

Self Cut

And that is the beauty of a vacuum hair cutter. You don’t have to rely on someone else. You don’t even have to rely on yourself. The cutter does all the work for you. Most manufacturers of this device are so sure of the technology that they will even offer you your money back if you are unhappy or you feel it doesn’t work the way it was marketed.

Now, this is not to say that you can’t have someone help you. If your bother in law really wants to help you out, let him. Now, with this cutter, you can be sure you won’t ruin a relationship over the deal. He thinks he’s giving you a great cut, and you know it’s just the vacuum. Don’t tell him that though. Just say thank you and buy him a beer.

How to Choose

We’re including the top five cutters on the market here, and you can choose based on a variety of factors. You may need a smaller device that can be stored away. On the other hand, you may be one of those men whose hair grows like a weed, so you’ll want to keep the cutter on your bathroom counter for your own convenience. Either way, you’re in good shape with any of the vacuum technology devices we have listed here.

Find Your Best Vacuum Hair Cutter

1. Remington Cordless

  1. Of course, a company like Remington is going to come out of the gate full force with a package that includes everything you could ever hope for in an automatic vacuum haircutter. You’ll get the vacuum technology along with an actual trimmer, so you don’t have to decide.
  2. It comes with an array of trimmer combs, trimmer oil, and a range of sizes of blades. It is also lithium powered, so you can charge it and expect it to work for four hours. You could set up shop and wow your neighbors and friends with your precise hair cutting skills.

2. Bumblebee

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  1. The Bumblebee looks like what you would think of when you talk about futuristic technology that is cutting edge. It comes with a long vacuum hose, to suck up all your hair, and a nozzle at the end that makes you think of the dentist office.
  2. This hair cutter is ready to go on a dime; you just have to have an outlet. It comes with a two-year warranty, so if you break it, they will send you a new alien contraption to keep you cutting precisely for years and years into the future. Perhaps you’ll be able to buy a hoverboard to match.3.

3. RobotCut Vacuum Haircutter

  1. This is the vacuum we’ve all seen after two in the morning when we’ve been out too late and we’re exhausted, but still, somehow we find ourselves fascinated by this mom cutting her kid’s hair with a vacuum hose. It seems like this was the first vacuum haircutter on the market.
  2. If you don’t have memories of this gadget on way too late night television, you haven’t lived. Again, it has the hairline protector, and you get the laser blades for a precision cut. You can even get or give a buzz cut with the RoboCut vacuum haircutter. Who doesn’t love a good buzz cut?

4. Air Cutter

  1. Here’s another “As Seen On TV” vacuum hair cutter. The Air Cutter looks more like a blow dryer than a vacuum, but the end result is the same. With this one, you’ll insert your hair into the nozzle of the “dryer” and the laser blades will cut your hair from inside.
  2. You get a precision cut every time, the gadget comes with five blade attachments, and you get to say you got one of those 2 AM air dryers that you and all of your buddies have seen on TV. It is a win-win purchase all around.

5. Flowbee

  1. Finally, there’s the mother of all vacuum cutters, the Flowbee. This is not just any vacuum air cutter. It actually attaches to your vacuum. You just hook it up to your vacuum cleaner and you can give yourself a perfect haircut.
  2. This wonder machine comes with special spacers to you can preset your hair to get a cut up to six inches long, and then simply place the device over the spacer, et voila, your hair is perfectly cut. You can even feel confident cutting around your ears and be trimming a perfect hairline. If you want to know where it all began, look no further than the Flowbee.


Yes, it takes a leap of faith to buy innovative technology, and trust your hair with it. But the automatic haircutter has been around long enough for you to be confident you won’t go bald or get some kind of wild shaggy dog. The devices are affordable, and if you’re here, you’re obviously interested. Just give it a try.


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