Wahl Chrome Pro Review (The Best Clipper You Can Find)

This Wahl Chrome Pro review should really be called a rave review. This trimmer comes with everything. Everything. Perhaps the only thing missing is a kitchen sink. But give them a few months; they might throw that in too. These are the best Wahl clippers you can find on the market, and it isn’t just because they come with so much. This trimmer is built to cut well and last long.

Our Rating

5 Stars



This Wahl Chrome Pro is designed to give you an old-school barber cut, close where you want it, faded where you need it. The blades are permanently aligned, so you won’t have to spend time constantly adjusting them over time after wear and tear. You can also take them out frequently for cleaning and oiling. Not to worry; taking the blades out for cleaning will not affect the alignment.

The trimmer is strong enough to cut thick hair and agile enough for thinning hair. You can shave your hair completely off, or use it just to trim around edges. It is designed specifically to meet all your haircutting needs.

The nice thing about it is that you can use it for yourself or use it on others. You may be a professional barber or stylist. Or you may be looking to go pro now and investing in your first trimmer. Either way, you can rest easy that these clippers will get the job done.

Guiding Combs

In addition to the trimmer, this set also comes with ten guiding combs. This variety means you can guide your way through a long or shortcut. You can also fade like a real pro. Guiding combs allow you a fearless cut every time. They take some getting used to of course. So take care your first time.

But once you get the hang of these combs you can take on any client out there. Or you can rest assured that you can give yourself or your family members any cut in any magazine.

More Combs!

You won’t just be guiding with your combs though. You also get a barber comb, a flat top comb, and a pocket comb. The barber comb will allow you to comb longer hair, pull it out to cut it or adjust it to get a look at your handiwork. The flat top comb is perfect for your crew cut guys. The fellas looking for a perfect angle to their flat top will be grateful you have all the gear for their perfect cut. The pocket comb is nice to have on hand for shorter hair. You can comb down a fade or comb it up to check for stray hairs that need to be cut.


About those stray hairs… You will find a handy pair of barber scissors in your kit to cut those stray hairs that stick out. The scissors are really nice to have because clippers can be really imprecise when it comes to a few stray hairs. Where a trimmer does a great overall job, the little things really need individual attention. These scissors will deliver.

Extra Trappings

Then there are all the extras that come along with these Wahl professional clippers that you would otherwise have to buy separately. You get two hair clips. Hair clips are essential for cutting long hair. Just try to fade some guy’s sides while his ponytail flops around his head. You need hair clips to pull back the hair and keep it out of your way and your client’s (or your own) face. Especially if you are cutting your own hair, you will want a pair of hair clips.

You’ll also receive a cape. If you’ve ever had your haircut without a cape, you know how essential this is. In fact, if you’ve even ever had a haircut with a cape that wasn’t fitted to your neck, you know how uncomfortable it can be to walk around itching, little freshly cut hairs all over your skin until you can get home to shower. This cape is worth its weight in gold.

About those fresh cut hairs: you’ll be getting a neck duster too. A neck duster is a great addition to all the pros out there. You don’t want to send your clients away with hair itching them until they get home. You’ve heard the expression. People remember how you make them feel. The last thing you want a haircut client feeling is itchy. Use the duster.


The blade is super sharp! Why the heck is this a con? Well, in most cases it isn’t; you want a sharp blade for an expert cut. But – if you are not an expert barber, and I’ll assume you’re not, you can push to hard when you’re trimming and end up irritating your skin.

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Final Thoughts


In case you thought that was it, you are wrong. This kit also comes with an instructional video. The video will walk you through proper care and cleaning of your clippers and some basic haircut advice. What other company do you know that does that?

No Wahl Color Pro review is complete unless you can throw all your gear into a zipper pouch and call it a day. Well, with this one, you can.  So if you are a professional, you can travel. You may operate out of different shops, a friend’s garage, or even at a local mall. You can pack up your gear in once pouch and go. It is also always nice to know where everything is, in one zippered place.




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