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A critical component of weight loss is supported. Take Weight Watchers, for example. Around for fifty years, the company is thriving. People want back up; they want to vent, and they want someone to encourage them and reassure them that they’re on track. Weight Gurus has an incredible solution to that problem. A smart scale that connects to an app on your phone where you will get the support you need on your journey. This Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale review will tell you all you need to make a decision about whether or not to buy one.


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First, what, you may be asking, is a smart scale. Well, what Weight Gurus did, is invent a proper scale like you’re used to, backlit screen, accurate weight measurements, and build in the extras. You’ll get to input your own personal data. How tall are you? How much do you weigh now? Are you younger or older?

When you step on the scale, you’ll get back not only your weight but also your body fat percentage and your muscle mass. The scale will tell you how much of your weight is water weight and how dense your bones are. Yes. It’s that serious.

This scale is not simply here to tell you if you’re fat or skinny. Anyway, we don’t use those terms anymore. What Weight Gurus is trying to get you to do is rethink the way you think about weight and weight loss. You should be thinking in terms of overall health.


Then, the company takes it even further by integrating Bluetooth technology into your scale, so you can connect your smartphone to your smart scale. You’ll then download the Weight Gurus app and set up the connection. Once you’ve done that, every time you step on the scale your data will be uploaded starting to the app on your phone.

The scale is also compatible with other common weight loss and health and fitness apps like Map My Run, Fit Bit, Apple Watch, Health Kit, and more. So if you go for a run, that information will synch to your Weight Gurus app as well. This makes it even more seamless when working with a support team. They can tell what you have and have not been doing that may be leading to or taking away from your success.


As if that’s not enough, you then have a team of health and fitness experts to provide you with encouragement, feedback on your gains and losses, and tips for improvement. The team is available around the clock, so you don’t have to worry about time zones. And as an added feel-good bonus, part of the money from your purchase goes to fight trafficking and survivors. How’s that for a healthy heart?


Now that you know what the company is telling you, it is time to hear how this machine functions in real life. One of the greatest things about products on the market today is that unless you are the very first customer in line with a new product, you will get to hear what previous users think.

To begin, you must know by now that this scale comes highly recommended from users across the board. Some are simply looking for basic weight loss, other for muscle gain, and still others for a combination of both. The vast majority of users love this scale. Here’s why:

  1. Weight Gurus Scale Accuracy
    1. There is nothing worse than stepping on a scale and getting different measurements each time you step on, within seconds of each other. The Weight Gurus scale is highly accurate. Not only will it tell you how much you weight, down to the ounce, but it will also give you the option of reporting how much you have lost, also down to the ounce.
    2. You can rest assured you won’t fall into the trap of thinking everything is in order only to find at the doctor’s office that your scale has been lying to you for months.
  2. Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale Manual
    1. So you’ve got your fancy new scale, and you are super pumped to set it up and get started. But you have no idea how to work the thing. How often does that happen? All the time. The manual is no help, you have to call customer service, and by the end of it all, you are miserable.
    2. Fortunately, that is not the case with Weight Gurus. The manual explains everything in detail, and you will find online instructional videos to support your set up. It should not take you more than five minutes to set up the scale, download the app, and sync the two, including syncing any other apps you use for health and fitness.
  3. Weight Gurus Wifi Scale Review
    1. So here’s a rundown of the biggest points people bring up when reviewing this scale: it is highly accurate. It is easy to use. The scale is more than thorough enough in factoring in all elements essential to weight loss, age, height, etc. And the support team is top notch.
    2. The greatest thing about this scale has to be that support team. Not only are the health and fitness experts helpful, but any problems with the scale can be brought to a customer service team that will back you up in a heartbeat. One guy even broke his scale when he stepped on it and had the entire thing replaced!

Wrap Up

This one seems like a no-brainer. If you’re in the market for a scale, and you’ve got the money to spend, the scale is where to go. Be sure to read Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale review, since the one downside that we found with this scale is that unless you enter all of your information and create a profile, you won’t be able to use it.

So, if you’re planning on having weigh in parties, don’t do it with this scale. Be sure to run on over to Costco and get a simple, straightforward scale for that.


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