What does Beard Oil do Exactly and Should I Use it?

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Men have been wearing beards for thousands of years. When we think of the beards of our primitive ancestors, we may have the image of a wild and crazy, tangled ball of hair hanging half way down the chest resembling more a tumble weed than a beard.

Actually, many indigenous people, especially Native Americans, have a long history of using different types of naturally occurring plant oils such as jojoba oil to soften up and care for their beards. Maybe it is time we take some advice from the elders and learn how to care of our beards.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

The main purpose of beard oil is to hydrate and moisturize the skin that is underneath your beard. If you live in cold or windy climate, you have probably noticed your skin gets chapped and flaky. The skin that is hidden beneath your beard usually suffers more from these climatic conditions. Since we do not see that skin every day, it can be easy to neglect it.

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Using beard oil on a regular basis helps keep your beard looking smooth and soft. It also offers a shiny gloss that can add to attractiveness of a beard. The vast majority of beard oils on the market are made from 100% natural oils.

Beard Oil Ingredients

All beard oils contain two essential ingredients, carrier oil and one (or several) essential oils. Carrier oils can include argon oil, jojoba oil (what the Native Americans used), coconut oil, grape seed oil, rosemary oil and hempseed oil. These oils are similar to sebum, the natural oils that are produced by the skin and that get mixed up in your beard. In addition, certain oils can be used to treat different conditions you may be experiencing with your beard.

Rosemary oil can help with problems of itchiness while jojoba oils also contain natural antibiotic properties. Using coconut oil for beards can add an extra shine or glossiness as well as extra moisture for people who deal with dry skin. “Beardruff” or beard flakes is actually dandruff from dry, flaky skin underneath your beard. All beard oils help to cure this condition.

The essential oils that are often the filler ingredients for beard oils serve two purposes. Firstly, they can add scents to the beard oil to help keep your beard smelling great. Many times, a good scented beard oil can replace the use of cologne or aftershave.

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However, if you are not attracted to the idea of having your beard smell like roses, unscented options are also available. Essential oils also can add certain vitamins and have other medicinal properties. Many essential oils are infused with Vitamin E, which helps maintain your skin fresh and rejuvenated.

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To apply beard oil, simply squirt about a dime size of beard oil into your hands and mix it in thoroughly. It is usually best to use beard oil after showering, as your skin pores will be open and the hair follicles as well. After applying the beard oil, a quick, comb of the beard usually helps as well.

Beard Oil Before and After

It is interesting that beard oil, though used by the Native Americans, was practically unused until just 10 years ago. Certain studies show that before 2006, almost no one was searching the internet for beard oil. Since then, however, interest in beard oil has grown steadily and now hundreds of websites offer different types of beard oils for every type of beard.

A beard left untreated without beard oil will usually begin to resemble a more grizzly, rough and scratchy appearance. Facial hair tends to grow in all sorts of directions, and a beard left to itself will follow that trend. In addition, beards will tend to dry out and develop split ends over time.

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If you are going for the rough, un-groomed look, then let your beard go. If your wife or girlfriend is constantly complaining about your beard scratching or tickling her, then beard oil is right for you. A beard that is treated regularly with beard oil and combed every day will become easier to manage, softer and more acceptable by most women's standards.

Some Final Words of Wisdom

If you have ever wondered what does beard oil do, then you have probably had someone complain about your scratchy, wild-looking beard. Using beard oil every 1-2 days will help you maintain a more respectable and professional looking beard. Unfortunately, beard oil is still unknown to many men and considered a boutique product.

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However, a simple internet search will put you in contact with a number of companies that sell custom made beard oils. Do your wife or girlfriend a favor and buy a flask of beard oil today!





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