Why do Men Like Long Hair? – A Psychologist Explains the Truth

What makes a man attracted to a woman? Is it her personality, her intelligence, or maybe the way she looks? Believe it or not, there is one aspect of a woman’s appearance that most men find irresistible: long hair.

Why do men like long hair? Men like long hair on women because long hair is traditionally linked to femininity. Long hair is beautiful and sensual, adds extra feminine flavor to a woman and looks sexy against a white pillow.

Longer-haired ladies were seen to be in better health, especially if they were less appealing women, according to male participants in a research study conducted by Norbert Mesko, a psychologist.

Do Guys Really Like Long Hair?

Guys are no doubt attracted to long hair. There are a lot of reasons why guys dig long hair. Here are a few of these reasons:

The length of a woman’s hair is, without question, one of the most important aspects of her attractiveness. According to many men, women with longer tresses are generally considered attractive. This isn’t always the case. Long hairstyles will undoubtedly improve your appearance.

Long-haired women seem more beautiful and charming. A guy is far more likely to pay attention to a woman with long hair than one with short hair. It’s worth noting that males are more inclined to be attracted to a physically attractive lady; as a result, ladies with long hair are considered more appealing by men.

Because long hair makes people seem womanlier, men favor females with lengthy hair. Longer hair is connected to femininity, while short hair is associated with manhood. There’s nothing wrong with growing out your hair or even chopping it shorter on occasion as a girl; it’s fashionable and popular among many males.

According to a study conducted by Michael Kimmel, an American retired sociologist specializing in gender studies, long hair is associated with femininity, which may account for why men find it attractive. Men are biologically inclined to be attracted to women who are feminine, thus long hair is seen as female and appealing by them.

The University of Western Ontario (UWO) conducted a study to determine whether men prefer models with longer hair and greater attractiveness. Male participants indicated a preference for models with longer hair and higher levels of beauty, according to the results of this study.

Longer hair can hide away the less attractive aspect of a woman’s face. Simply said, a longer hairstyle makes everything appear flawless, in contrast to short hair that doesn’t reach down to the shoulders.

The ideal impact of lengthy hair cannot be overstated. Long-haired ladies will always appear to be flawless, spotless, and unvanquished. With their beautiful features and well-proportioned cheekbone, it’s unquestionable that the face takes on a new form when long hair is fully adorned.

This is not to suggest that short hair lacks beauty. It simply indicates that ladies with long hair seem near perfect on a good day. Longer locks conceal faults and promote elegance.

Some people feel that females with lengthy hair are more sexually attractive to heterosexual males than those with shorter hair. Men adore a woman’s physical appearance. As a result, it is critical for a lady to maintain her body in good condition to attract the appropriate guy.

Here is a little video break down into some other scientific reasons behind why a woman with long hair is considered attractive to most men.

What Hair Length Do Guys Find Most Attractive?

Long hairstyles are associated with femininity, and it’s thought that most males prefer them on ladies. According to a poll of 3,000 males by The Daily Mail in 2008, an overwhelming 43% of men preferred a long and wavy hairstyle. Long and straight came in second place with 13% of the vote.

According to research by Tamas Bereczkei, a professor in psychology, which sought to establish evolutionary hair length preferences at a cellular level, men favored women with long hair because they believed they looked healthier. As a result, the woman becomes more appealing from an evolutionary standpoint.

This effect was most noticeable for plain women, according to the same research. For women with attractive faces, little changes in hair length had an impact on their appearance. 

Your face also includes a wide range of features, such as wide forehead and eyes, narrow jaw and chin, long nose and little lips. Your hair is the draperies you use to decorate your window to your character, or your face. Some women with beautiful round faces create the illusion of a zit by having lengthy locks and long bangs.

Consider Meg Ryan, who looks best with short hair. Her long hair made her seem little at the start of her career. Long flowing locks are necessary for Cher, who has a long face and a pointed chin.

A wonderful hairdresser can provide you with advice on what would be ideal for your face. Then the body after that. You need volume at the top, a shot or a long but quantity, or else you appear like a person with a tiny dolls head. When it comes to men’s preferences, there is no doubt about it: they will love it if you give them the right hair style.

Are Men Unattracted to Super Long Hair?

Yes, men prefer women’s hair to be average in length (waist-level), neither overly long nor exceedingly short. A woman who has super long hair can only brag about her locks. It won’t appeal to males.

Super long hair is usually associated with femininity and beauty. With the right cut, it can be very attractive on a woman. However, men are not as receptive to super long hair if they have other preferences in women’s appearance.

Women have been wearing their hair on the long side for decades, but it seems that men are starting to feel less attracted. There are a number of reasons why this may be happening, but one of them is because they see super long hair as being unattractive and unmanageable.

The first reason men are unattracted to super long hair could be that it is a pain to maintain. The daily time spent on brushing and washing can drive men crazy! Men are not really into taking care of hair as many women or at least they do not want their woman spending all that extra time caring for her hair either. Which is why getting a high quality and strong bristled hairbrush is so important for long term hair maintenance. The company SHASH offers a Nylon Boar Brush, which doesn’t sacrifice any quality for its beauty and functionality. Take a look at its Amazon here for more information!

The attractiveness of long hair is determined by the health of the hair, which must be robust, moistened, free of dried-out spots, and have a small number of split ends. It may look good regardless of how lengthy it is when properly cared for. Most individuals who have healthy, long hair like it this way because they have virgin locks that they’ve never dyed with permanent color. They might use a temporary color only occasionally before their hair washes out permanently.

There’s no point in forgoing good health for extra length. Super long implies that the ends are frayed and thinned out at the end, necessitating a trim. It’s preferable to blunt cut it wherever possible so you don’t get that thinning appearance at the end.

Here Is a Table Highlighting Highly Favored Women’s Hairstyles:

Favorite hairstyles on womenPercentage of total results
A hairstyle that was very sought seemed to be straight-styled medium-length hair.22.73%
Another sought-after hairstyle is the “Long-hair Voluminous Loose Curls” styling.13.64%
Long straight loose hair is a common, and hairstyle that requires very little effort to put together.9.09%
A lesser common and more classical hairstyling is the “Short, Straight, and Tucked” style. An example of this look is worn by the actress Chelsea Kane.4.55%
Although it’s hard to achieve, the “Short and Wavy Ombre” style is one many people find enchanting and desirable.22.73%
Though less popular with women, data reflects that people love seeing “Medium-length Braided” hair.18.18%
Another hairstyle that people find admirable but isn’t worn as often is the “Medium-length and Curly” styling. 9.09%
Data derived from Fashion and Beauty forums

Does Hair Attract Guys?

Hair is a strange thing–it can be seen as both feminine and masculine. It’s also an indicator of health and hygiene, which means it could have effect on people’s attraction to one another. But in terms of attracting men specifically, hair does seem to play a role!

In a recent post on Huffington Post Women, hair expert Lucinda Ellery explains the significance of long hair for women across time.

According to Ellery, hair has long been viewed as a sign of femininity in history. During the Civil War era, when women were not allowed to fight, she explains how they would cut off their hair to hide their identities. Biblical times saw women viewing their hair as a “crowning glory,” according on her.

Some men enjoy the wonderful scent emanating from a woman’s hair. To certain individuals, a woman with a pleasant-smelling shampoo smells attractive and appealing. Some other individuals already have an idea of the sort of hair perfume they want to smell around you. This immediately turns them on, making you seem attractive.

Men adore touching and playing with a woman’s hair, it is now an open secret. This might be a public display of affection. If you have a shorter hairstyle, though, this behavior will never take place.

The male brain is fascinating. Men naturally desire female company, and long hair is a prominent symbol of feminism. Just as other woman’s body parts attract males naturally, so does the hair.

Do Guys Like Short or Long Hair?

According to Joan Juliet Buck, an American writer, short hair takes away apparent femininity and offers a unique style.

It’s true that short hair makes people see you as having decent bones, resolve, and an agenda. Your face isn’t a flatscreen behind a curtain any longer: the world sees you in three dimensions. It seems that your haircut sets up expectations for how successful you’ll be.

This is the type of attitude that will always capture attention, regardless of hairstyle. Hairstyles, like every other form of style, will reflect back on you.

The more daring you are with your haircut, the sexier you’ll make yourself appear in social or dating situations.

Decades of examples from popular culture and evolutionary psychology back the notion that men find women with long hair to be a more appealing partner.

According to Nobert Mesko, a psychologist, short hair is merely linked to various, but not worse, aspects of female attractiveness. Long-haired women are perceived to be “healthy” and “intelligent,” while short-haired women are seen as “caring” and “feminine.”

It comes down to personal choice at the end of the day, but there are several additional reasons why some men prefer women with short hairstyles.

Short hairstyles stick out from the crowd, so males are constantly drawn to them. Many men who prefer women with short hair claim that short hair is less prevalent than long hairstyles, making it more unique. Pixie cuts can make a woman seem irresistible and intriguing, so if a lady can wear one well, she can be certain of getting attention.

Short hair isn’t for everyone. It takes real guts and, most importantly, self-assurance to try something different like this. Men are immediately drawn to women with a high sense of self-esteem and choppy hair.

Long hair is more attractive to both men and women, according to some studies. This implies that females with long hair are perceived as more attractive than those with short hair, according to certain research. However, this may be due to a variety of reasons.

According to certain researchers, men are more supposedly inclined to women with long hair because it indicates that a woman may offer more for her offspring. In this regard, males are inclined to prefer females who have the potential for higher fertility rates.

However, other experts believe that men are equally attracted to women with lengthy hair because they are seen as more feminine. To put it another way, males consider long hair to be feminine and attractive since it is associated with femininity.

In many cultures, long hair is associated with women. Because they are designed to be attracted to females that are feminine, men find lengthy hair attractive because they perceive it to be feminine.

How Important is a Woman’s Hair to a Man?

A woman’s hair can be many things. It can represent their culture, religion, class, and how they feel about themselves. For some women it is a symbol of strength and beauty while for others it creates an insecurity about the way that they look to other people.

The effect that a woman’s hairstyle has on men may not be as drastic as one would think at first glance. A man may find someone attractive because of her hair but what really matters in his eyes are the qualities she possesses inside and out rather than just her physical appearance.

When it comes to a woman’s hair, many men have different opinions. Some prefer women with long flowing locks while others are more attracted to the woman who wears her hair in a short and stylish cut. Either way, the importance of keeping your hair healthy cannot be understated. For this reason, making sure to give your hair the care it needs from the get go. Try out the PURA D’OR line of hair products and ensure that your hair will remain youthful and thick. Look at the Amazon selection here, for more information.

Most individuals would agree that physical attributes, such as height or weight, are the most crucial factors when looking for a partner. For some people, attractiveness may be defined by certain body types with rounder or longer faces, or perhaps with specific hair length.

However, as it turns out, it is not only a question of personal preference. Genes are instead involved in the decision-making process. Consequently, some people see lengthy hair as a sign of youth and fertility, which are qualities some individuals look for in potential partners.

It’s also worth noting that certain hairstyles have an impact on physical attraction. This does not imply that ladies with shorter haircuts are less attractive or more masculine. In fact, regardless of their hair length, women are equally attracted to males in their own unique way.

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