Why Do My Feet Sweat Even When They Are Cold

Many people think that sweat is something gross and that, in a way, it’s unnecessary. This is one of the reasons why we do our best to minimize or get rid of it completely. The cosmetic industry is full of products to help you do that.

Now, sweating is an essential function of your body that helps regulate many things including its temperature. Still, there’s such thing as too much sweat. We’re talking about the kind that leaves traces when you walk barefoot.

So, you ask yourself, why do my feet sweat even when they are cold? The likely reason is that your body is cooling off. That’s why your feet are cold. So, your feet aren’t sweating because it’s cold, it’s cold because it’s sweating. Unless you have a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis, the sweating is normal.

With that said, it’s important that you pay attention to what comes first. It’s your feet cold before or after the sweating begins. As said above, sweating is just your body cooling off, so it’s perfectly normal to feel your skin a little cold.

Now, if the cold is the one causing the sweating, then you might need to investigate this further. If you continue to read this article, you’re going to learn the possible reasons and the best ways of treating each one of them.

Pay attention to the symptoms and see what applies to you. It can help you find a better explanation for your problem.

Anyway, below is a detailed answer to your sweaty feet situation. Just keep mind that you shouldn’t do self-diagnosis, it’s just so you can make sure everything is okay. If you have a problem with foot odor, I recommend that you try the Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak by FineVine (click to see pricing on Amazon).

Sweat Is Your Cool Down System

The human body, like the other mammals and the birds, has the ability to self-regulate its temperature. This is known as thermoregulation. This means that your body can keep its own temperature within certain boundaries.

Now, to be able to do that, it has to activate certain body functions. The main one is the ability of perspiration. In it, the body sweat, so it can bring the temperature down.

This is why you sweat during hot weather but you’re not likely to under a cold weather situation. At least, not under normal health conditions.

So, while the body is sweating to cool itself down, certain body parts, maybe even your entire body, will be cold.

For this reason, your feet are cold when you’re sweating. This is the most common reason and probably your case.

Now, there are other situations where you could be cold, and then, sweating. This would mean that your lower body temperature is being caused by something other than your perspiration. This would also mean that the sweat is an effect and not the cause.

Hyperhidrosis Is The Usual Culprit

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that causes your body to sweat more than the normal quantity. These are the cases that you know that people get sweaty hands and feet. It’s normal to see the footprint caused by your sweaty feet.

In many of those situations, the hyperhidrosis can be caused by either emotional or weather conditions, but in many cases, it happens to perfectly healthy individuals throughout the day with no apparent reason. This means that with or without heat or mood swings, people still sweat.

Now, if your sweat seems uncontrolled and constant, you should go see a physician about the possibility of it being hyperhidrosis. Also, it’s important to point out that hyperhidrosis usually appears during the age of 13 years-old.

So, if you’re an adult, the chances of being late hyperhidrosis are smaller. Still, you cannot completely discard it, until you see a doctor for it. There are many simple, yet effective treatments that will get it under control.

Stress Produces Excessive Sweating

All these reasons for your feet sweating even when they’re cold, take into consideration that you were not doing any physical activity. Otherwise, the reason is obvious.

So, stress is a big factor to consider. A large percent of the population does sweat when they’re stressed. You’ve seen it in comedy shows and even procedural dramas. People do sweat when they’re under pressure.

So, stress caused the sweating. The reason is that stress produces hormones that force the body to get into action mode. This means that your body feels that it’s in danger and needs to be alert for a fast response.

In turn, this causes your body to sweat. The adrenaline and the other hormones increase the body temperature to make the muscles ready for action.

So, even if you were not exercising, you could still be sweating. The stress would generate an immediate response, which could cause your feet to be sweating even when they’re cold.

Your Thyroid May Be Deregulated

Sweating feet may be another symptom of something larger. One common reason for sweating even when your body is not moving is hyperthyroidism. This deregulation in your thyroid gland can cause your body to have cold sweats.

Out of the many symptoms, hyperthyroidism can cause anxiety and rapid heartbeat. Those two symptoms are important because they usually are followed by cold sweats.

So, if your feet are sweating after you had an anxiety attack or you felt that your heart was beating way too fast, this can be the reason. Obviously, you must see a doctor to make sure if this is the case, but you can already be aware that it’s a possibility.

Hyperthyroidism is diagnosed through a blood exam, and you can have your diagnosis quite fast. Then, the treatment usually involves a hormone dosage to balance your body functions.

It’s obviously not nice to have a medical problem, but with the current treatments, you won’t have much to worry about. Again, the most important thing is that you pay attention to what is happening when you notice your cold feet.

Iontophoresis Cures 91% Of Patients With Hyperhidrosis

Iontophoresis is one of the best treatments if your case of hyperhidrosis happens with your feet. In the case of palmoplantar sweating, some treatments like Botox injections don’t help a lot and surgery is not recommended.

The treatment consists of using a medical device to give your mild electrical shocks. It sounds scary but it’s actually quite the contrary.

The medical device will transport electricity through water and the surface of your skin. This will hold and eliminate the sweat.

The method is incredibly effective and free from any serious side effect. It should stop all the sweating from hyperhidrosis if you maintain the treatment regimen that your physician will recommend.

Now, iontophoresis is usually recommended after you’ve experimented with antiperspirants and prescription drugs that should end the symptoms. Only after that, the physician will recommend this treatment.

Antiperspirants Are the First Choice for Sweaty Feet

Antiperspirants are great no matter what is causing the sweaty feet. You can get really effective over the counter antiperspirants that will solve the problem. A great one that recommend is ZeroSweat Antiperspirant (click to see pricing on Amazon).

Now, it’s important to check that the product you’re getting, it’s not a deodorant only. Deodorants eliminate the bacteria that cause a bad smell, but they don’t prevent the sweating.

If you want to prevent the sweating, you must get an over-the-counter antiperspirant. Also, apply it twice a day, especially before bedtime. Clinical tests proved that applying antiperspirants before bedtime made them more effective.

Another tip is to apply the antiperspirant only when your feet are completely dry. You can use a hair dryer or wait a few more minutes to make sure that your feet are dry. Then, apply the product while massaging your feet for better results.

Powders Are Great For Stinky Feet

If besides the sweating feet, you can stand the smell, you should consider foot powder. They’re the best solution if you have stinky feet. They kill 99% of bacteria and also prevent sweating.

Now to mix the antiperspirants with foot powder, you have to apply the powder inside the shoes and not on your feet. This is another great method to make your shoes last longer. A foot and shoe powder that I recommend is by Foot Sense (link to Amazon).

The science behind it is quite simple. Excessive moisture production causes the sweating on your feet.

The foot powder has properties that will cause a chemical reaction to the moisture in your feet, thus preventing it from happening.

Related Questions:

How to stop feet from sweating in shoes?

You can apply products with antiperspirants properties to stop your feet from sweating, but the best solution, in this case, is foot powder. It will stop your feet from sweating in shoes and will make them last longer. All you have to do is to apply some inside the shoes and on your feet.

Why do my feet sweat so much and stink?

The sweating may be caused by hormone deregulation, hyperhidrosis, mood swings, or just heat. Now, the stinky smell is caused by bacteria on your skin and not the sweating. The best way to end it, it’s to use antiperspirants or foot powder. Apply it twice a day, and your feet won’t smell anymore.

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