The 5 Work Boots that Breath Correctly: For Stomping and Romping

Whether you are in construction or farm work, whether you’re a mechanic or a line cook, you need two things to happen at the same time: you need good work boots, and you need those boots to breath. You stand on your feet all day, you are putting in long hours of backbreaking work, you cannot also be expected to suffer through hours of pain and sweat in your feet. Invest in a pair of work boots that breath correctly, for your overall body and mind health.

Foot Health

It is odd how poorly so many people treat their feet. As if your feet don’t do so much work for you day in and day out. Without good foot health, the rest of your body will slowly break down. Your feet keep you upright, moving, and stable. You stay ground on healthy feet. Proper care of your feet is essential. Trim your toenails (or have someone do it for you), spray regularly to ward off athlete’s foot if you are standing in hot shoes and socks all day. The last thing you want is a rash to add to your discomfort. And make sure you clean and moisturize your feet every day.

It seems silly, right? You’re a guy. Guys don’t have to take care of their feet the same way women do. Hey, you don’t have to pick out a color and add decals to your pedicure, but you still need to feel great about your feet.

The Foot Bone Is Connected to the Back Bone

Yes, poor foot health can lead to awful, painful, miserable back pain. Poor posture will lead to lifelong back problems. And uncomfortable, painful, hot sweaty feet will definitely lead to poor posture. You’ll find yourself not only in a nail salon but also in a yoga studio trying to correct years of abuse. Your feet and the way you stand, the way you treat those feet, are directly connected to your spine, which is connected to your neck, which is connected to your head.

All of this means that not being comfortable on your feet can be detrimental to your back, your neck, and your head. You know what you certainly do not want out there on the construction site? A migraine.

So browse here and invest for your own self-care. You work hard. You deserve it.

5 Work Boots That Breath

1. Ever Boots

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This is a long lasting pair of leather boots with a rubber sole. They come in a deep brown color with a soft toe. So if you need black or you need a steel toe, this shoe is not for you. But what you can count on is comfortability on the job. The leather is a great fabric for work boots as they will learn your style. Leather bends and flexes to conform to the wearer, so have patience breaking them in, and then have fun wearing them as they become your best work investment yet.

These boots have hook and eye closures at the top of the boot for fast put on and take off, they are certified safe for most worksites, and they have a removable option for the nonslip part of the rubber sole. These boots run big, so be sure you take that into consideration when clicking and buying.

2. Condor

Here is the steel toe black boot you may be looking for. Another 100% leather product, these boots are ideal for any site that requires a reinforced toe. They come up pretty high on the shin also, so you’ll have further protection there from any back splashing of hot liquids or low level tumbles from heavy equipment.

These boots are slip resistant and have a soft cushioned sole. You are guaranteed comfort, or you’ll get your money back within 12 months. This is what is great about leather: you can be comfortable as the fabric adjusts to you, and cool as the leather lets the coolness seep in on hot days.

3. Irish Setter

These boots are a real investment. They will have you making all your coworkers jealous as you step onto the scene in imported leather and rubber outsoles. They come in a rich burnt sienna color that just whispers “class” as you strut around your work site.

They are also electrical current safe and heat resistance. The soft toe boots will let the air into breath with your feet while also protecting you from the kind of extreme heat that can cripple you for life.

4. Stanley

There is just something about a shoe that doesn’t require lacing up. Like rain boots or galoshes, you can just pull these soft toe leather boots on. They are great for any worksite with their rubber outsole and slip and acid resistant exterior.

A bonus with this boot is that it requires no break in period for the leather. Often you have to suffer before your leather shoes will really feel comfortable on you. Not with these ones. That alone might sell the boot as the best on the market.

5. Timberland

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Yes, yes, of course, we had to include Timberland in any conversation about work boots. These classic style work boots are super comfortable and extra breathable to boot. They are leather and imported, with a soft and flexible rubber sole. You get a durable shoe with mesh vents for extra breathability.

With Timberland, you get a Powerfit Comfort system, that promises to keep you a loyal customer for years to come. And as an added bonus, this boot comes with an anti-odor system. Yes, we definitely saved the best for last.

Final Thoughts

A man’s boots say a lot about him. What his style is, what his work day looks like, and how he feels. While Timberland is certainly a top of the line boot, you may be on a budget, or you might like a more classic look than the rugged looking Timberland.

Each of these boots will keep you comfortable and your feet cool.


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